The Rip currents of life

” Life has its ups and downs, it will knock you down at times, it comes full of many changes and if you can’t accept change, you will never pick yourself up to move forward better and stronger”


This journey through life will throw many curve balls at you, now some of the curveballs may hit you and yes it will hurt with real pain, but if you never adjust what you need to adjust, you will never be able to hit the ball as far as you can. This journey has its own way of teaching us, just how to walk it correctly, but if we do not pay attention to the signs it gives us, then we will never learn how to walk correctly our paths, through this journey of life.

Do you know what the biggest problem in this society is? We the people. It’s we the people that need desperately to change our ways. We will attack each other without even thinking of the ramifications of our actions. Then with all the Technology out there, it has created all these platforms we know as social media, the problem there is, we now have truly forgotten just how to, react face to face anymore, we hide behind our devices and ridicule and attack one another even more than we have done in the past. Because of social media, nobody has the scones to actually chat face to face anymore, simply because they are afraid of offending someone? Well, I have a news flash for you…….. What do you think you are doing, while you are on your platform attacking another? We will never think twice about stabbing one in the back, but we will always take the easy way out, by not even saying what is needed to be said, let alone say it face to face. We the people are totally responsible for the way this society has become, and we the people are the ones that can totally fix this problem, only if we all grow up and get back to truly communicating with each other, and get off the platforms if you only bring hate to another.

We need less of the platforms and more of the true face-to-face interactions with each other, so we can actually communicate in a healthy way. even the emails we send are a form of the platform now, simply because it the easy way out of communicating, we do not want to offend a person face to face? Oh, wait!!! Just send them an email, that is the mentality of today’s society. When you do not truly communicate with another, now you are creating speculation, and with speculation, now you are creating more hatred at every turn along your path of this journey. There is so much hatred out there, that we have lost any kind of love and empathy for one another. Love and empathy are within us all, we just have to acknowledge them, so it can lead us from temptation, and into the peace and joy we all so desperately need. Right now we have buried our love and empathy so deep within, that our hearts and souls have become cold, we buried them simply because, if we do not truly feel them, now we do not feel any guilt while we attack one another, plus the fact that, we all have been hurt in one-way shape or form, so we are putting up a shield, to protect ourselves from further hurt.

Within this society of today, is like trying to swim upriver against the strong current, our bodies have become so tired, that we want to only sit in our easy chairs and be like an armchair Quarterback, we just think we can say something to someone and they will jump at our command? Nobody wants to be a true leader, they only want to follow, like the sheep to the Shepard. Those within our Governments and within the media will only tell you what they want you to know, they will never tell you the real truth, as they all have their agendas, of which we the people are not within those agendas. This society has become about gaining all the power, to have all the control, to then have all the wealth over everything. While achieving all this, the love and the empathy gets buried so deep, it is like it does not exist anymore, and that is very sad of just how this society has become.

When Jesus Christ came here and walked his path with us, he taught us many things, he never taught us how to attack one another, this is totally on each one of us, as we all walk our paths through this journey of life. The Technology we have is awesome, but when you expand it to cover all the fear and hate agendas, now you have turned all the technologies totally against, what they were created to do. We need to stop with the attitude that we ourselves are the only ones in the world, and start walking together in harmony throughout this journey, make a concerted effort to stop the attacking of one another, especially on these platforms, get back to who we truly are, so we can fix the errors of our ways, which will help us once again truly feel the warmth of the love and empathy within our souls, and as the warmth heats up our hearts, then the blood of Jesus Christ will flow throughout our hearts and our bodies, so the cold, dark days of Satan will disappear, as well as all the hate that is around us today.

” Time to break free of the strong currents of life and get back to who we truly are, so we all can walk in peace along this journey of life”

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