The Big Disconnect


” The disconnection in this society is showing among us all, with all the chaos, hatred, and ugliness all around us”

*** Bowlingchef***

Being a team sport kind of guy, I like to use a lot of different sport scenarios, that could fit right into this journey through life. With the football season going into the playoffs, being a lifetime Patriot fan and seeing them miss the playoffs for first time in the Belichek era, kind of having me like….. okay, turn to the Bruins as they get set to start their shortened season, because of these troubling times. But!!! As I sit here with my thoughts, let’s look at this from a Writer’s point of view, granted Tom Brady is only one guy and one guy never makes a whole team, but when that guy played his position perfectly, the piece of the team puzzle, is much bigger and harder to fill. Not just Brady, but the Patriots lost a lot of key players this season, for one reason or another, and because of that, the communication on the field was lost right there in the open, as we all witnessed the disconnection among the New England Patriots. It happens to all teams and no matter what sport, just when it is a home town team, this stings just a tad bit longer.

Sports is just one way to become disconnected, and when we within this society become disconnected, now you have a disconnect of enormous proportion. This disconnect unlike on a sports team where you can pick up the pieces and move on, it becomes much harder to just pick up any pieces, because the pieces are too heavy to pick up, so we then walk on by like there is nothing there, we ignore everything around us, even we ourselves, we don’t take the time to stop and look around anymore, we have become so wrapped up in all the chaos and ugliness that the far left liberal media portrays, we have forgotten that we have a path to walk throughout this journey of life, and a path that we need to communicate with everything around us, so we can walk in peace, with great joy and happiness, as within the disconnect it is nothing but hatred, ugliness, and corruption.

Do we really want to go down the road of disconnect? The road destroying everything around us, and even bigger, destroying the great United States of America. We the people of this society are the ones totally responsible for all this crap going on today, we the people have turned our backs on one another, and totally have disconnected with each other, as all the communication lines have fallen of all the poles, like during a tornado, when the power lines fall from the telephone poles. We the people are responsible for this mess, and we the people can fix this mess. We had one revolution in this country already, maybe it’s time for another? As some among us, think they are all high and mighty above the rest of us.

Those within the walls of Washington DC have become the biggest disconnect, they use we the people as their political Pawns and totally turn their backs on one another, instead of doing what we the people put them in there to do. There are so many back room deals going on behind the backs of we the people, I am surprised they keep focused? Part of the back room deals are these ” Pork” sections of the bills they want to pass, just that the wording is described to hide the fact that, the money is really going either in their pockets, or someone in their families pockets, instead of truly helping the American people, as they are sworn in to do, and under oath at that. When these knuckleheads within the walls of Washington DC, swear to uphold the Constitution, they break their first promise to all of us, as they walk away from the swearing in. Now I have probably forgotten more of the Constitution then these so called Politicians even know, which goes to another point that needs to be reconnected, just maybe before anybody runs for any office, whether state, local, or federal, they first have to take a very deep and very difficult test on the Constitution, and like 5,000 questions, then if you get more than 1 wrong, you are disqualified to run for any office moving forward, for 25 years, and then you have to retake the test, with the same only 1 wrong and no more.

The Patriot party? Formed by we the people and take the funding away from the Rhino’s of the Republican party, which will end the Republican party, forming the new Patriot party, formed by we the people, then we strip the party of denial, from all the power, control and greed they work so hard to take from us. May we all walk our paths in peace, throughout this journey of life, as we never become disconnected from anything moving forward.

” Power to the people and let’s form the new Patriot party to end all this crap”

” Communication is key for true success in all we do, with disconnect there will never be any success of any kind”

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