That Erie feeling within peace and serenity


          There is always an Erie calm before the storm, a time that the water is smooth like glass, a time where the quietness has you waiting for something or someone to jump out and take you by complete surprise. The calm will help you get back in touch with your inner self, your true feelings and emotions, it will help you get back to who you truly are. In this troubled and fast paced society is very easy to forget who you are, very easy to get caught up in all the ugliness just to try to blend in, while blending in is when you lose sight of who you are and lose sight of all true reality, which is why we get that Erie feeling, when we are in the calm before the storm hits, as the calm is only we ourselves getting back to who we are and the fear from the storm is we ourselves actually feeling our true feelings and emotions.

           Throughout this journey of life there will be many storms, there will be many feelings of erieness which will have us fear many things. The unknown is one of the greatest ways for which will bring the fear of the Erie to us. The unknown not knowing what is to come, or just not knowing what is in front of us, this is where the fear then fills our spirit burying our true feelings and then having us lose sight of who we truly are. There is no pleasure in fear as well as no pleasure in the Erie feelings within us, it is in the calm before the storm if we only looked at it correctly, that heals us from the ugliness and has us truly look deep within, so our feelings and emotions will never become buried from the fear of that Erie feeling.

          In today’s world we are dealing with the fear of the unknown and none more than this virus that has encompassed us all. We have learned so much of this Corona Virus but yet we still fear it, we fear most that even if you have no symptoms that we can still be a carrier of it, then what we fear most is, the fact that we can infect those we love and who we are so very close to. We are all effected by this and all our jobs have closed except those essential in fighting this virus, we are in a fight with an invisible enemy and this enemy if we don’t fight back correctly will end us, this unknown enemy is robbing us of who we are and forcing us to close ourselves off from all that is around us. The one thing that we fear most is, after this virus becomes controlled and we all get back to living, it is the hidden fear of PTSD that then we must battle, as now the virus has left its scar deep within as we try to move forward better and stronger, as we get back to walking our paths through this journey of life.

          We must always travel through the darkness to get to the light, just that the darkness will bring us in contact with our fears, in the darkness we get blindsided from reality and it’s not til we see the light that we then get in touch with reality. We all fear something even if we do not admit to the fear, only because we think fearing anything is a sign of weakness and in this society, weakness will bring on the storm stronger than we can handle. The fear is always at its mightiest in the darkness, then in the light it hides deep within us, as it pushes our true feelings and emotions further away from us, so as the calm comes to us, it should never frighten us, only the calm can heal us from the ugliness if we truly see what we are looking at. We all walk through the darkness of this journey, we all walk in the darkness of the shadow of death, the fear grows stronger in the darkness of the unknown, but when we see the light the fear then disappears, as we then get within the calm of the light, so we then walk this journey in peace, with no fear moving forward into reality, instead of moving backward deeper into the fear of the darkness.

” as we walk in the fear of the shadow of darkness, let the light bring us to the calm and who we truly are”

“The calm before the storm brings us to the Erie feeling of the darkness, in the light there is peace instead of the Erie feelins”

” The corona virus fear is the unknown feeling from not knowing if your a carrier or not, so you don’t infect those closest to you”

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