Tunnel Vision

tunnel vision

Tunnel Vision is something we all of this society who walk through this journey are all guilty of, we never look of the big picture instead we tend to graze over what is in front of us, without looking deeply into what we see. There is an old saying of, ” never judge a book by its cover”,  but yet we all do it and why you ask? Your guess is as good as mine, but my best guess is that within this Political Correction society we fear so much not to offend anybody to bring more crap to us, that we tiptoe around the bush instead of cleaning up the bush in order to walk safely around it.

A good definition of this tunnel vision would be a sports analogy, a look back at the year 2001 within the football season, when a young quarterback by the Tom Brady took over for the Veteran quarterback named Drew Bledsoe.   The biggest difference between these two quarterbacks is the fact that when Tom steps back into the pocket he sees the whole field when Drew steps back into the pocket he sees one lane and if he doesn’t have that lane or that target to throw to, well………. the rest is history and you can clearly see who the most effective quarterback is. The same goes for each of us as we walk our paths through this journey when we don’t look at the big picture and when we don’t look deeply into that picture, we will never truly see all that is around us.

When we look through the tunnel of our vision then all else becomes blurred to us, we can not see any of the true beauty around us as we then become so consumed of what is in the tunnel and when the contents of the tunnel are ugly and dirty, then all else becomes ugly and dirty as we can not see anything else. To have true focus like Tom Brady does as he plays the game he loves, you then will see everything around you and you as well as Tom will have great success at whatever you love as well. I understand totally that there are plenty of pitfalls throughout this journey, some may be from our own doing and some may be from others around us, it is these pitfalls that then takes us out of focus, it forces us to only see through the tunnel, but if we do not fix what we need to fix, then we will always be out of focus and not looking at everything around, we will only be looking through the tunnel of life with no true focus. This is so true of this society, we have become so fixated on this political correction, that we all have tunnel vision as we walk our paths through this journey and none of us are truly looking at everything around us, when we do this we then let the power of denial dictate our lives, instead of we dictating our lives, so we can be better and stronger moving forward along this journey.



” Tunnel vision will have us living in fantasy instead of living in reality”


” Tunnel vision is a way of escaping our fears, escaping our reality to where we can try to be safe in our lives”



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