The tiny passageway yielding great volume



The cool rushing water from the stream, all meeting in this narrow passage, to freefall into the pool below. This particular waterfall was cut out back in the Ice age days, while some in this society would be saying everything melted because of global warming, I got news for you……… during the ice age there wasn’t much living back then and this is the whole part of the cycle of life. Everything has a cycle even we as Humans have a cycle, as we walk our paths through this journey of life. Once things pass along the cycle, it may not return for quite a long time, long enough that we ourselves won’t be around, maybe our children and their children, etc… As they to go through parts of the cycle as well.

The Earth revolves around an axis and as it revolves it moves at great speeds as well, even though we here never feel the Earth moving. We are so consumed within this ugly society of today, we don’t truly see anything around us anymore, we don’t take the time anymore to just stop, sit and relax anymore, as we are so into this corporate world today, now I get the fact that we need money to survive today, but within this corporate society, it is like we are the puppets, they are the puppeteer, who controls everything about us. When corporate says jump, we say how high? So the corporate Execs can make their millions, as the workers get their peanuts for obeying their commands.

With the Earth moving at warp speed, the corporate world trying to keep up and we the people doing 100 in a 55, we are all coming together in a tight space to get through the tiny passages, so of course, there will be a lot of free falls with many tragedies. Now with the cycles of life and our own cycles as we walk this journey and through the wear and through the centuries, you are  bound to have some kinks or maybe even a broken link in the cycle, common sense would tell you time for each of us to stop… take a step back and look back to where things started to go whacky, so we than can fix what we need and replace that broken link, so we than can move forward better and stronger, as we walk our paths through this journey of life.

Right now within this society of today and with all the ugliness, corruption, hatred and the unnecessary shootings of each other, the problem is we the people as we have lost total connection of everything around us, we do not properly communicate anymore because of this political correction crap, with this political correction crap comes, we have zero accountability of not just ourselves but with each other, also there is zero responsibility for anything, as we then point the finger when things go wrong. When you point the finger as much as we in this society, it makes it very hard to fix any links in a cycle, or even take the time to realize what a cycle is, let alone take the time to fix anything at all. When something happens we want to blame someone even if that someone had nothing to do with that something? Only because we all have lost our direction along our paths and as we are lost on our paths, makes for a rough journey with zero direction at all.


” With the tiny passage, there is great volumes of water falling the freefall into the pool below”

”  As the earth revolves around us, so does the cycle of life, with the wear and tear putting a crinkle in all our steps”

” As the links of the chain break, you need to replace the links to be complete once again”



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