The Mountain Stream

The mountain stream winding it’s way along the mountain, over the rocks and through the brush, nothing will stop the stream from flowing it’s cool and clear water, throughout the mountain side. With the stream winding it’s way through the rocks around each corner, it then falls into a basin and forms a little mountain pool and as it fills up, leaks out on the other side, leaving the pool never to get to deep and very inviting to take a dip within the cool and crisp water.

Your own little private swimming hole within Mother Nature, sit under the running water, as it falls between the rocks, then let the pressure rid you of the stress from the 9 to 5, then as you become relaxed, just let yourself float effortlessly throughout the cool crisp pool and as the sun shines upon you, jump up onto the rocks and let the sun dry you and warm your soul, within the clean mountain air, with no city smog filling your lungs. The peace and serenity is all around you, as the sounds of the mountain stream, soothes your aching body that relaxes you, from the outside to the deep inner parts of your soul.

There is nothing like a mountain stream within Nature, to relax in as it soothes your soul from all the crap that the city may bring. The stream is the heart beat of the Earth, as it whispers to all that want to truly listen, as they totally enjoy all the true beauty around it. There is nothing like pitching a tent along the shore of a stream, then lying within the tent in your sleeping bag and letting the sounds of the stream sing you a lullaby, as you drift into a deep rem sleep. The mountain stream is magical and it’s powers are endless, as it works it’s way around the mountain, over the rocks and through the brush.

When the ugliness, the chaos and the hatred within this society get overwhelming, escape within Mother Nature and listen to the heartbeat of the mountain stream, listen to all the wildlife singing you a relaxing tune, lookout at all the beauty around you, without seeing any crap of the city limits. There is plenty to explore within Mother Nature, you just have to get out and truly explore all that it has. As you escape within Mother Nature, you are also escaping into the land of God, the land he created for us all to explore and relax within, now as we become engulfed within all the beauty, the ugliness of the society leaves us, it may be for a short while til we return to the city limits, but it really doesn’t have to be, as the choice is ours to make, to let the ugliness control us, or let the beauty of Mother Nature stay within, so we can shine with true beauty, instead of being dull and boring from being within the ugliness of the society.

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