The journey upon the water within nature


The sound of the oar passing through the calm water, so soothing and relaxing. The bow of the canoe bouncing over the ripples in the water, make for a beautiful journey, being the one and only canoe as I paddle throughout this lake, makes for a peaceful journey full of serenity and clearing the clouds within the minds eye.
With the canoe gliding through the water with ease and all the open water in front of you, gives you plenty of time to enjoy the surroundings around you. The Eagles soaring the skies above makes for great scenes, the Loons popping up out of the water in front of you may startle at first, then the beautiful bird glides through the water easier than you paddle the canoe, the fish jumping out of the water around you like watching the circus with the animals jumping through the rings, with all this action around you makes you feel like your really not alone on the water and now your within the homes of the wildlife, within the beauty of nature.
There is a lot more to this journey than just what we see in our daily grinds, unless you go out and explore, you may miss out on the best this journey has to offer. With our daily grind comes chaos, corruption, only seeing what’s in front of you and the ugliness that a society may bring, Stepping out within nature will not only show you true beauty, but will heal you from all ugliness that may torture you in the daily grind, not too mention the healing of the mind, body and soul, to soothe you as you relax and unwind. The people within a society can be cruel to each other at times, this can have you become someone you truly are not, this makes even more the reason to step out within nature and get consumed with all it’s beauty.

You never know of what you may stumble across as you explore the great outdoors, there are parts of the high country of Colorado, that you need a 4×4 to navigate the terrain and high altitudes, but when you stumble upon a ghost town from yesteryear and walk through what was once a busy town, now you gain a great respect for this journey here where you walk a path, knowing now that others of the past, also walked a path through this journey, before you even came to this journey. This journey is not just about you, as you now realize there where others from the past also, now you become intrigued and want to learn more of other societies of the past. Do you believe in Ghosts? Maybe as after stumbling upon some of yesteryears little secret towns, you can clearly see people where there and makes you wonder, with these building still standing strong, just maybe there is a kind of permanent resident? But none the less, makes for a great adventure, as you walk your path through this journey of life.

“ The beauty of nature soothing the soul with it’s stunning landscapes”
“ Paddling a canoe is good exercise that helps you look deeply into what you see”
“ Get out and explore as you never know of what you may stumble upon”
“ Ghosts…………… Maybe as others walked their paths of this journey before you”

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