A Society of Chaos and Fiction

Today within this society we all live, you can clearly see that we all are walking our paths of this journey, within the deep, dark and thick clouds of our judgments. We are so consumed with the ugliness, we see no beauty anywhere around us. First we have a so called Actor trying to make up a story, so he can get more money from the networks he works for, or so he says? But the biggest part of this story and the most scariest part is, the fact that all the Fake News propaganda types are taking this story and running it, without checking the facts of the story, simply because it fits right into their ” fake news” agenda. We have become so consumed with this fake news crap, you simply do not know which news to truly listen to anymore.

Why are we so consumed with all this fake news crap lately? Quite simply because it is rammed down our throats and right before our eyes everyday, all the big Media companies want so badly to sell their print, that they have this agenda that does nothing but bring big drama to us daily, which then has us pay them, so we can get our daily fix of the drama. It is kind of like a drug addict, craving his next high, only the high from the drama, leaves us with being surround by ugliness and fiction, instead of beauty and reality. This fake news media is not truly of who we are, the only ones that benefit from this, are the top Executives of this media companies, so they can live their plush exotic lifestyles and the rest of us simply live day to day.

We all walk a path through this journey of life, I don’t care who you are? You are walking a journey here on Earth, just like all the rest of us. Racism…………. There is no such word and this word was made up, by someone living in fiction and not fact. We all bleed red blood, have eyes to see, a mouth to speak, a nose to smell, yes okay we all may be different in color, gender, creed, religion etc….. This is not as much a difference as it is truly, we are quite unique to each other. The problem then lies with each one of us, being so close minded, so clouded within our judgments, that we don’t see the uniqueness, instead someone made up this fictitious word of ” Racism” as an excuse to escape reality and form this fake fictitious world, as we now live.

We need to simply get back to reality and end all this fake news crap, get back to treating each other with respect, while we use our uniqueness as a strength, instead of a weakness, so we all can get back to walking our paths of this journey, stronger and better with each step, then we all can be in the peace and happiness we all so deserve, and the peace and happiness that Jesus showed us, when he came and walked his journey here with us.

” The fake news media we see right through you, time for true change or be gone from this society”

” Instead of flooding us fake news, maybe try being real and showing some real feelings and emotions”

” Jesus showed us how to get to the path of righteousness, the fake news around us now has us going in the wrong direction”

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