Welcome Home

” Thanksgiving traditions are very different as we are so unique to each other, each tradition is so very special to us all” 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                         *** BowlingChef*** 

           The very first Thanksgiving dinner never included turkey, as it had Water fowl like duck and geese, venison, corn etc…. These are the products that the Native American Indian and the Pilgrims came together and bartered with, as they sat down together and had a grand feast with each other. The turkey didn’t come til much later, like 1816 during the Abe Lincoln Presidency, when he requested turkey to be served for Thanksgiving dinner. This later became a tradition throughout all America for many American families. We all have our traditions, there is no wrong traditions, the only wrong thing is not having a tradition to look look forward of,  or forcing on one another a tradition that may not be wanted by some. A tradition is something special for which we hold dear, something we look forward to, something that helps us move forward to be better and stronger moving forward. 

              Thanksgiving has always been as long as I remember, the special time of year for so many to come home, from where ever their path may have taken them. To come back home to their families renewing the strong family bond and visiting old friends from their growing up days. That night before Thanksgiving has always been the best night all year, for all the local watering holes, as throughout all the towns across America, their local watering holes are packed with old friends, coming home and rekindling their lives together, while catching up on their lives here in the present.

                Thanksgiving has always been that time of year for us all to reflect and be thankful for not just all we have, but for all those who surround us and keep us moving forward better and stronger, as we walk our paths through this journey of life. Even if you think or maybe you don’t realize? We all have something or someone to be thankful of. Being thankful and saying thank you are two different things,when you say thank you when someone does you a favor or service is just a way to be polite, being thankful of something or someone, gives you a warm feeling of love deep within your heart and means a whole lot more not just to you, but to all those around you, not too mention, when we are all thankful and it spreads throughout all of this journey, then all our paths become more peaceful, full of happiness always. 

                 There are all different modes of transportation used by each of us to come home, that is the second best part of the journey coming home, as nothing will ever beat the ” Welcome Home” part of the journey. Whether taking a road trip, flying, or taking the train, it’s exciting for this part of the journey, then as you reach your destination, then the excitement is followed by beautiful emotion, as you rekindle the bond of what family is all about. True we all have to go out and live our lives and a lot of times it’s away from those we hold dear, but the true meaning of Thanksgiving, will have us all taking the journey home, to rekindle the special times of our pasts, so we than can move forward better and stronger always, throughout this journey of life.

                   The biggest thing for all of to never lose sight of is, some never take the journey back home, especially those within our military, these men and woman put themselves in harms way everyday, so you and I can take the journey home to rekindle our family bonds and the bonds of friendships past. So let’s never forget these brave souls as we say grace, giving great thanks to these Individuals before we feast on this Thanksgiving day, we all have so much to be thankful for throughout our journey through life, so on this day of Thanksgiving, as we rekindle with each other, let’s also give a big thank you to all those who have served, who are serving, showing the ones that will serve, that their time will never go unnoticed and we will always be thankful, throughout this entire journey through life.

” Thank you Jesus Christ for all you have done, so each of us can walk this journey in peace and happiness always”

” Thank you to all the men and woman of our military, so I can be free to do all I do throughout this journey”

” All traditions are different, it is not wrong to have a different tradition than another” 

” A tradition is something we hold dear, it various from person to person” 

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