Whats in a Championship ?


             The make up of a championship team in any sport, is a lot more than the physical ability to play the sport. You have to be able to fit in to the rest of the team mentally as well. You see how these tree’s and plant life with all the diversity and different colors coexist together, as the stream flows through them and around the rocks, this is the team work within nature, interacting together, with their true beauty brought forward, so the championship of nature, shines to each as we walk through this journey of life.

              There is more to sports than just playing the game, having the talent will only get you so far, as within any team sport there is no “I”. Those that make the sport all about them, will never taste the true glory of a championship. Agents of a player may say other wise, but what do they know as their heads are to wrapped up, in the green of the money they get for their sports clients. When you look back in the history of any sport, really look deeply into all the championship teams, you will find very few that won any champioship on just talent and those that have, were simply bought just so ownership of the team can make good on their investment, then the players get separated to other teams, of which we never hear of them again. Look no further than this years Boston Red Soxs, a lot of these guys came from the minor league teams of the Red Soxs, guys that had italent yes, but relied on each other to make a complete team. Not the same guy came through in the clutch from day to day, it was someone different each game, which was one of the strengths of this team, when other teams went out before the trade deadline, to make a splash with a big name player, the Red Sox simply went out and picked up a couple of players, that were good players yes, but first and for most, were players that fit perfectly within the chemistry of the team they had, with that concept we all know now of how that turned out, as Ladies and Gentleman, I give you the 2018 World Series Champions………… The Boston Red Sox.

            To play a sport is one thing, but to become a team player of that sport, is when you become a champion. Sports isn’t the only place where you work as a team to be a champion, this concept is for us all throughout this journey of life, when we all come together is when we become stronger moving forward, it is when we put ourselves above each other, when we become weak, without even sniffing at a chance of any championship. We all have our favorite sports teams, we want them to be a champion, not just in our realities, within our hearts as well, but unless we truly understand the concept of being a true champion……….. we will never experience what it is to be a true champion.

              Not everybody can be a champion, not all teams of a sport get to be a champion each year, there can only be one winner each year, which makes it even more important to be able to lose properly, so you than can learn  to win and be a champion one day, with the dignity and respect, that being a true champion is all about. There is so much more to being a champion than just winning a game, if you don’t fully understand the concept, than you may never become a champion, unless maybe you are one of the best talents in that sport and a team comes to you, pays you big dollars to win a championship for them, then the team splits up at the end, now are you a true champion? Hell no, you haven’t won anything, as the money became more important than any dignity or respect. A team sport is a lot more than finding an Athlete who excels in that sport, it is finding an Athlete with the right chemistry, to play together with all those who make up a team, without this chemistry………. then there is no team and even bigger, there is no championship for anybody to be a champion from.

” Not everybody can be a champion as the make up not everybody wears”

” A true champion never acts as one in any sport for which they play”

” With a championship comes the dignity and respect, that no amount of money will ever buy”

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