Flow through time…. as you are



I may look like a little stream at first glance, but I flow along the Earth with great miles. I may look and feel wet to the touch, but really i am dry in no need of a towel. You see all the vegetation around me, true they need my water to survive, as I need them also, to keep flowing along my journey.  What a crooked web I weave along the journey I flow, around many obstacles like rocks and tree’s, during the spring thaw when all the Winter’s snow melts, my banks then become swollen, as I become wider, then as the hotter months come without the rain, now I dry up with my banks becoming slim, like as if I was dieting. Along my journey as curvy with many turns, there is not a day that goes by that it is the same, with the same rocks to be splashed.

Sometimes my journey will have many up hills as well as many down hills, with each up hill I then labor and don’t flow as easily, then with the down hills I than can relax and go with my natural flow. Not all the terrain that I cover will ever repeat itself, which is why my journey, has to be in happiness while I look deeply into what’s in front of me. I so need to enjoy my journey, so then my journey I can enjoy, no matter which direction I then may flow.

As I flow along my journey, there is many different kinds of vegetation that will count on and depend on me for their growth and happiness, as they live and breathe the air around, while sipping from my banks. This is why the shores of my banks need to be free and clear of all the clutter, plus not too mention of all the four legged ones that come to my banks for a drink and a splash.

Mother Nature then controls the quantity of the water within my banks, as I am then left with controlling  of my journey along my path throughout the land of this place, so as I then keep myself happy with all that is around me. When I flow in happiness, then I never become angry with many ripples on the exterior, instead my surface becomes as smooth as glass and like a mirror for all that glance into me. When I become mean then all that is around my banks, gets damaged with my fury, as then there comes much change with new growth of the many plant life around me.

Just as I flow along throughout the banks of my shore, so does all living breathing things as well and when we all move forward, out of respect for one another, now we all can flow happily along our paths, throughout this journey of life.


” We all have our struggles, we all have our obstacles, but with respect for one another, then the struggles and obstacles don’t seem as big as we think they are”

” When we stay true to ourselves then we can flow easily throughout the journey”

” Streams, rivers. or an ocean, doesn’t matter of the size, when they flow freely then the flow will always be constant”

” Mother Nature may help with the flow, but ultimately the flow belongs to each of us throughout”

” What a crooked web I then weave, as I flow throughout this journey of life”



















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