To Explore, it is what we do………



Since the beginning of Mankind, we have always been Explorers. No matter of who you are, where you are from, we have always gone to far away places and explored what we normally do not see. Columbus…….. Magellan to name a couple from yesteryear, these Individuals boarded their ships and explored many places including, what we now know as the United States of America. Exploring is who we are, some may go to an exotic place with sands, sun and fun, while others who are more adventurous, may go to places of uninhabited, where there are no luxuries, or others to pamper them, instead they pitch a tent and build a campfire, then go out and explore the new territory  around them. Once camp is set, then it is time to break out the fishing gear and catch the days meal, to cook over the open fire, when dinner is served, it is time to totally relax to the sounds of Nature.

We of today’s Society don’t do much exploring anymore, as a matter of fact, if we don’t know of where we are going, we then do not go. The thought of walking along the shore of an Island in the middle of no where scares the crap out of most, simply because nobody knows how to truly live of the land anymore, away from our technological devices. The children of today have no clue of what it was like with no cell phone in their hands, if they can’t get to where they want to go, then they stay where they are and won’t even attempt to walk to where they want to go. We within today’s Society have become so used to all the technology, that we have totally forgotten of what it is to truly explore what is around us, throughout this journey of life.

We have to blaze our own paths through this journey and when we have become too lazy to do any blazing, then this journey will pass us by and won’t even look back at who it has left behind. Now a lot of times we get side tracked or stuck in a rut, or maybe one of life’s many events will have us confused, to which we lose our since of direction? This is when we need to stay strong to who we are, dig down deep so we than can keep moving forward, away from what is trying to hold us back, away from the ruts and explore our way around, to truly find the direction for which we want to go.

We all get so consumed in this World of today, like working morning, noon and night just to try to make ends meet, that we never take any ” me” time, or time to get out and explore what is truly around us to the point that, when we do actually take some down time, we either don’t know truly of how to handle it, or we just sit within our comfortable rut, that we never take the time to go out and truly explore what is around us. This journey through life has many avenues within it, also has many directions for which to take us, but if we never take the time to explore any of it, then life itself will pass us by, without even a wave on the way by.


” Step out of your circle or your comfortable rut, get out and explore what is truly around you”

” Technology has made us into someone we truly are not, as we work morning, noon and night to be able to afford it and stops us from truly exploring all that is around us”

” To explore is more than just going to a new Bar for a different kind of drink, it’s stepping out of your comfort zone and to experience things you normally would never explore”

” Explore is what we do, to be stuck in a rut and never step out to explore is not of who we are”








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