The Deeper you reach, the less shallow everything becomes 

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February 14, 2018…………. A day for each of us to truly look and feel deeply within ourselves, as first beyond anything, this being Ash Wednesday,  where we go before the Alter of God and receive the Ashes put onto our forehead, by the Priest, in the way of the cross. Then there is What we call Valentine’s day, a day full of the color red, as the roses and the chocolates get passed between us, both the Lenten journey and Valentines are special and unique to each other, just as we are special and unique to each other as well, the common denominator between the two is, Love.

With Valentines there is Love in the air, with the beginning of Lent there is Love deep within our souls, that totally and truly needs to come out and be shared. Now within this Society we don’t think about the Lenten journey being the journey within the journey, as a matter of fact if you asked one hundred people, they would say today is Valentines day, without even giving the Ashes of the Lenten journey a thought. Valentines day has become way too commercialized just like Christmas, as all the television commercials and the stores want us to believe, with the Ashes of the Lenten journey not even given a thought, or worse not even giving the respect and dignity it so deserves.

In some cases………. definitely not all, the love on Valentines day is superficial and fake, while the love within the Ashes of the Lenten journey is, within us all deep in our hearts and souls, the love of the Lenten journey is real, all we need to do is, open our hearts to Jesus Christ, so we than can truly feel his love for us and then share this love with each other.

When we completely open our hearts to Jesus Christ, there then comes an explosion of feelings to us, now we may not be used to this and try to set these feelings aside? But these feelings are real and they will never go away, no matter how deeply we try to suppress them, no matter how much we try not to acknowledge them and when we don’t acknowledge or suppress these feelings, will only have us become someone we truly are not, as you can see by all the crap we see around us today.

If we only put the Ashes of the Lenten journey first and the day of Valentines second, then just maybe we could celebrate Valentines a little different, as instead of the arrow from Cupid giving us this superficial love, we than can rip open our hearts to Jesus and truly feel the love he gives us within our hearts and souls, so we then can share this love with each other, for each of us to help make this World a better place for us all.

The Ashes of the Lenten journey and the the day of Valentines are two totally different Worlds, but if we truly bring them together, more importantly bring the love of the two together, just maybe each one of us can get back to, truly feeling the love of Jesus Christ deep within our hearts and souls. The love of Jesus Christ to us all is as deep as it gets, Jesus will never look away at anybody and love us all just as equal from one to another, unlike we the people of this society to one another. When we rip open our hearts to Jesus, totally feel the warmth of his love deep within us, then there will never be anything superficial that will come between us, so we than can come together in unity and walk our paths of this journey through life, in the Peace and happiness that we all so deserve.


” The 40 day journey of Lent, is the journey within the journey, to the true peace and happiness of the path of righteousness”

” Jesus showed us how to walk this 40 day journey, now is the time we show him we were listening and watching”

” The deeper you reach within your heart and soul, the warmer you find the love of Jesus and the more you want to share with those around you”

” Valentines we celebrate one day a year, but the love from the Ashes of the Lenten journey, we should celebrate everyday throughout this journey of life”



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