Let the music play on………….




When the words are right and full of meaning,

The music will inspire and warm your heart with happiness,

When the music is soft without the screaming,

Then the music will heal us from our troubles,

The music will always heal us with its words,

But when it becomes noise it makes our pain deepen,

Most all Genre’s are good and fill us with emotion,

But the hard core Rap will only fill us with more pain and hurt,

When the music inspires us, it leaves us feeling real feelings,

When the music is bang your head it only surrounds us with more chaos,

The ones that bring us the music seek the awards at their event,

But the event should never be spun political as it takes away from the music,

Music is powerful to us all, when it inspires and soothes us in comfort,

Let the right music play, while the volume is down to truly hear,

With the volume down we can actually hear the words to get inspired,

We all have our favorite song and our favorite groups that we enjoy,

Then we have our favorite Genre that relaxes us into a trance,

When we become that relaxed, we then let all the pain go,

Which it how we energize ourselves and feel the warmth deep within,

Certain music does nothing but bring us more noise all around,

while other music will heal our troubled hearts and fill it with warmth,

The warmth we feel is the love deep within our hearts and souls,

Which in this Society we all need more of to end all the crap around us.


” Music will inspire and soothe us, as we truly feel the warmth of God’s love deep within our hearts and souls”

” The right music will heal us from our troubles, the pain and the hurt”

” When the music is just noise, then it does nothing but amplifies the chaos all around us”



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