Are Eyes wide shut…………….



We all walk our own paths through this journey of life, true the journey may be the same, with the way we come and go within this world, but the paths within the journey vary very differently from each other, just like we ourselves are so unique to each other, as we are all a Human being walking within this journey, with many different choices we make along our paths.

With each step we take along our paths, there will be many ups and downs and with the ups and downs comes a wide range of emotions that flood us feverishly, to the point it confuses us and distorts our sense of direction, the downs will knock us down, but if we don’t pick ourselves up properly, then we begin to doubt ourselves and with doubt comes…………a thought process that is not truly of who we are, we then start to let the pitfalls dictate as to where we are going, of which we then start a journey full of, real pain and hurt, that we then will do anything to relieve ourselves from the pain.

With the up side of the journey, now the spectrum has changed drastically, with the way we perceive and view things, we feel good of ourselves, everything is like a dream, where we never want to wake up from. Life may then become what we seem is perfect, but is there really such a thing as a perfect life? This journey is not perfect, we are not perfect, nothing is perfect in this world, everything has a flaw and everything has their ups as well as their downs. It is just on how we fix our wrongs, fix our falls, so we can move forward better, as we walk our paths of this journey, we than can become stronger, as all that is around us, is as we want them to be.

We work hard throughout this journey of life, to make things as good as we want them to be, we get frustrated when our hard work either goes unnoticed, or maybe the work we may think goes for not? But then out of the blue we get rewarded for our hard work, which then puts a big smile on our faces, yes this makes us very happy, but in no way should we stop what we are doing for this moment, as the most important part and the hardest is, to keep moving forward along our paths, to be even better and stronger, as we travel through this journey of life.

This journey through life has many obstacles as it has the ups and the downs, there will be many times that we will be tested along our paths and many life events that will try to control of who we are, but when we stay true to who we are, never get to involved in the moment and fix all we need to fix, then this journey through life will from time to time reward us with good, as much as it will bring us the bad and the ugliness that we see around us today. We are Human and we are unique to each other, we hurt with real pain when we are scorned, we feel excitement when we get rewarded with good, then as we fix properly what we need, this journey through life will reward us all with good along our paths, so we all can walk in the peace and happiness, that we all so deserve.


” Are the eyes wide shut, or are the eyes wide open, the choice is yours to make”

” The journey through life has its ups as well as the downs, but it should never define of who you truly are”

” It is never on how you may fall, it is always on how you pick yourself up from the fall”

” Nothing is ever perfect, nor are we perfect either, but when we travel this journey correctly, we can get as close to perfect as we possibly can”










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