Baby it’s cold outside!!!!!!!


The last couple weeks here in the North East have been colder than recent years, with some saying we haven’t seen this kind of cold in 100 years, well if it was cold back then, then how can you call it ” Global Warming”? I get the fact that we the people can damage the environment over time with our actions and what we create, some of the products that have been sold like hairsprays or whatever kind of sprays  do leak into the atmosphere, but really I think that the real experts aren’t saying the total truth, simply because those above them, have implemented a sort of gag order, so other companies can rob us of our hard earned money, not too mention the fact of controlling everything around them.

” Global warming” is a term just like other terms that have been made up for a purpose, just like we walk our paths of this journey, the purpose is there to be found, so we can find out of our true existence to this journey. Global Warming has been formed by someone who ran for president of the United States, not just so he can look smart enough to dupe us all into thinking he can do the job, but to help companies he had invested in to get richer, as he himself got richer. I mean come on people!!! If this cold we are experiencing now, happened 100 years ago, then what the hell does Global Warming really have to do with it”

There is no such thing as ” Global Warming”. Nor is there anything with ” Climate Change”, What the truth to the matter is, what is called the ” Cycle of Life”. Everything happens in cycles, we as humans evolve in cycles, with a starting point and an ending point, there are ups as well as there are downs, things get repeated and you just have to really look deeply into the past in order to see it, The cycle is made with links just like on a chain, true these links can deteriorate and fall apart, which makes it that much more important for us to totally understand this journey and all that comes before us along it. There are some out there that think they have the answer and the rest of us are all wrong? Really!!! How do they truly know they are correct? There is one person that truly knows and that person is, Jesus Christ, as he has come to us and walked his journey with us, while he taught and showed us, just how to find that true path of righteousness. Those that truly follow Jesus Christ have a good idea of this journey and the Cycle of life , but from time to time Life will throw a curve ball and unless you truly understand, you can only guess as to how the life cycle really works.

Just as we evolve and travel this journey along a cycle, the Earth as well evolves and travels along a cycle, the Earth also changes right before our eyes and unless you truly look deeply into what you see, you may never see of just what changes the Earth goes through? Change is part of life and totally part of all the cycles, you can not get away from change. Some change may be minimal with little pain and hurt, but most of changes comes drastically with great pain and hurt, with reason enough to truly understand, not just of change, but truly understand the Life Cycle throughout this journey of life.


” The cold has nothing to do with the fake term of global warming, it is totally about the life cycle throughout this journey”

” Baby it’s cold outside isn’t just a song, the temperature is truly dipping into the chill zone”

” The earth evolves along a journey, just as we the people evolve along a journey, within the cycle of life”








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