Life is about walking a journey, not dreaming a dream

  What is it with these so called Celebrities at their award shows? Why can’t they simply accept their award with grace, while thanking those that helped them get to where they are? All they want to do is preach to the rest of us, of what we should do. I think it is funny

A day for Holocaust Remembrance………

” To watch over, to protect, to serve, all the qualities that are deep within us all”   Throughout this journey of life and with the many Societies that have come before us, there have been much crap that has come to us, there has been a whole lot of ugliness, that you think just

Are Eyes wide shut…………….

  We all walk our own paths through this journey of life, true the journey may be the same, with the way we come and go within this world, but the paths within the journey vary very differently from each other, just like we ourselves are so unique to each other, as we are all

Blinded by their own agendas, rather than looking deeply into reality………..

  ” When there is any kind of shutdown of a Government because two sides can’t work together, with millions of hard working Americans left hanging in the balance, then maybe it is time to change the occupants within the Government”       Government shut down here in America, leaving the hard working Americans

New England Patriots……….( do your job)

    TB12 the brand……… Tom Brady is one of those kind of Athletes that doesn’t come around all that often, much like Micheal Jordan in Basketball, or Bobby Orr in hockey, These Individuals defy the odds, rewrite the record books and come with more raw talent, then even they themselves are surprised by their

Blinded by the words……..

Do things really seem as they look, do our eyes see one thing, as our mind’s eye see’s another? Do we create our own obstacle illusion, or does our eyes play tricks on us? One may perceive something that another does not, which is the true beauty of just how unique we are to each

So called Hollywood award shows…..

  ” The grass is not any differently green, no matter which side you are on”   You think that ” True Americans” really give two shakes of the Donkey’s tail, as to what those Leftist liberal Hypocrite’s really try to sell us at their so called award shows? I mean seriously, first they all

Baby it’s cold outside!!!!!!!

  The last couple weeks here in the North East have been colder than recent years, with some saying we haven’t seen this kind of cold in 100 years, well if it was cold back then, then how can you call it ” Global Warming”? I get the fact that we the people can damage

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