Twas the night before…………

early winter

Twas the night before each day full of true cheer and love, for us all to spread this good feeling among each other. As the snow falls and gives us all that feeling of the true Christmas spirit, let us never forget that, this feeling is not limited to just one time a year, it is always within us, to share each and every day of the year, leading into the special day of Christmas.

Christmas is a special time of year for us all to come together, feel deeply the love of Jesus Christ within our hearts and souls, so we than can share this love with each other, as the true holiday cheer surrounds us all. Now some of the non believers out there may try to sway us into what they believe? These are the ones that bring the negativity into this Society, these are the ones that work hard at forwarding the hatred we see around us, these are also the ones that have lost the true feeling deep within themselves, that stops them from feeling anything at all.

We are all Human and we all have these true feelings deep within ourselves, it is just from the different life events, that keeps us from truly feeling anything good, especially at this time of year. We all walk a path through this journey of life, when we walk our paths correctly, then the journey will reward us with good, when we bring negativity around us, then the journey becomes negative. Jesus Christ came to us and walked this journey together with us, teaching us many things, showing us of just how to keep the true feeling of love front and center around us, he showed us of how to forgive and when we thought all was lost? When we truly forgive not just of ourselves, but all those around us, then all the hatred we see, will never survive in a Society full of love and true feelings.

The true Christmas spirit is not about giving the biggest and best gift, it is all about giving one self to all those around you. It is about truly feeling the warmth of God’s love deep within your heart and soul, then spreading that love with each other. We in this Society have totally forgotten of just how to not only spread this love, but truly be in touch with it’s true feeling within us, only because we have become so overwhelmed with all the chaos and the hatred, through what the Media sells us each and everyday. The time is now for us all to get back in touch with who we truly are, get back in touch with the true feelings deep within ourselves, not so we all can have a most precious and beautiful Christmas, but so we all can walk our paths of this journey, in the peace and happiness we all so deserve and as Jesus taught us, when he came and walked his journey with us.


” The true Christmas spirit is within us all, to spread among each other every day of the year”

” The hatred that surrounds us all now, will never survive in a world of true love and a world in which we forgive ourselves and all that is around us”

” Twas the night before everyday for which we truly feel the love within us and spread it among each other”

” Christmas is about the birth of Jesus Christ our savior, who came to show and teach us just how to love ourselves and those around us”

” Hatred is only sold to us by the media, so they can spread all the unwanted drama around us all, to get us away from truly being of who we truly are”









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