Empathy for the Victims


Throughout this journey of life, we have all been like this Duck, swimming around with no one around, lost within this journey as we try to move forward away from what troubles us. Some may chose this kind of solitude, as others are forced into this solitude, by what ever life events may cross their paths? There is nothing wrong with solitude, if it is in a healthy manor, but to be lonely with no where to turn, from whatever troubles you, now this is what forces us to suppress deeply our true feelings and emotions, so we can try to move forward as if we have no real pain or hurt to feel, which then has us become someone for who we truly are not, just so we can try to function as normal as we think normal is.

With all this chatter throughout the media today of all the sex scandals out there, the one common denominator that we all forget to even mention or even show empathy towards are, the Victims. The Victims of this abuse are hurting real pain deep within from the actions of the ones who are being accused, not just the media being the problem with all the publicity of these sick actions, but the ones being accused coming out and making it all about them and then pointing the finger somewhere else, just to deflect  any blame away from their actions. Take Senator Franken for one, coming out to resign his post, but never once saying he is sorry and pointing the finger, instead of accepting responsibility for his actions? Looks to me like someone who is rationalizing  away his actions, while being deeply in denial of what he has done. Sex abuse is all about power, gaining power over another, just so you can get a quick feel? Just like with all Politicians, they get elected so they can become powerful (in their own minds), then they get a feeling of this power and now they get addicted to the feeling, which then has them taking action on the power, without thoroughly thinking through their actions.

With all the accusations going on now of the sex scandals, only shows one thing, which should scare the hell out of all of us and that is, we have all lost the true feeling of empathy that is within us all. True empathy will have you put yourself in the shoes of another, right now their is no one in the shoes of the Victims of  this kind of abuse…………Why? cause we are all afraid of this and we are all afraid to look towards others as we are being weak,  it don’t make you weak to show empathy towards others no matter of the reason, it only shows of just how strong you truly are. We in this society would rather make fun of, talk about, or alienate others behind their backs, but as soon as they face you, then you say all good things to them? This is who we have become, simply because of Political Correction. This Political Correction has made us all weak, it has turned us into someone we truly are not and even worse………. It has the true feeling of Empathy within become lost deep within us.

There is nobody that sought out to be a Victim, a victim is created by an Individual who only  thinks of themselves and rationalizes away their actions, so they don’t have to take responsibility for their actions. All these big high profile cases coming out from this kind of abuse, the media is eating up because it fits into their agenda of creating more drama, but seriously!!! What about the Victim who feels real pain and hurt deep within from this kind of abuse? We the people are also responsible because we buy into the drama the media sells us, the time is now for each of us to, get back in touch with our true empathy, so we all can walk our paths through this journey in the peace and happiness, we all so deserve.


” A victim is created by another Individual so they can seem powerful within their own minds”

” A victim is alone in their solitude because they hurt real pain deep within”

” Solitude is good to unwind from the daily grind, but not to try to escape from the real pain and hurt”

‘ the media is all about drama and has no empathy for anything/anyone in the way of that drama”






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