The Power of Prayer….. With the crown of Jesus Christ



” Walk through the shadow of light, as we pass through the darkness, the light is right around the corner”

*** Bowlingchef***




We all walk a path through this journey of life, there will be things that will cross our paths that will try to derail us, there will be health issues that we go through that will try to knock us down, but when we have complete faith in ourselves, as well as in Jesus Christ our Savior and with the power of Prayer to chat silently with Jesus, we can overcome anything, plus when we are in touch with our true empathy that is deep within us all, we than can help others with the same prayers, as we all move forward along this journey, to be better and stronger and walk our paths in the peace and happiness, we all so deserve.

Within this Society we are so far removed from the time of Jesus walking his path with us that for some, it becomes very difficult to truly believe………. I get that, but when you don’t truly believe in the higher power of us all, that is when you lose complete faith in not only yourself, but in Jesus Christ as well. Whenever you lose the faith, then there is never any hope for anything, we then become clouded within the clouds of our judgments and when we are in the clouds, that is when we let doubt enter into the picture and when doubt comes around, now your path throughout this journey, will become very bumpy and with the bumps, we will be derailed from the train tracks of life, which then will have us stop moving forward, become stagnant with no purpose and everything will pass us by, til we get back up, brush ourselves off, regain the faith in ourselves and Jesus, believe once again in the power of prayer, so the faith will come back and then the hope will be right behind. then we can get right back on the tracks, to continue moving forward through this journey of life.

We take tests in school as we grow up, in life as we walk our paths we get tested daily, but the difference is, in school we can prepare ourselves by doing the homework, in life there are no classes, there are no books and life keeps revolving, if we don’t adapt, have complete faith in ourselves and Jesus Christ, then life will pass us by, as there will be no hope, leaving us to struggle with not finding our true purpose and without that, we then will become someone for who we truly are not. With faith and hope, this journey through life is really not that hard, it becomes hard when we lose the faith and hope, which then has us doubt ourselves, which then makes this journey seem harder than it really is, the problem is we the people making it harder than it really needs to be, With the power of prayer, may we all have true faith, so there will always be hope and then we can walk our paths of this journey, in the peace and happiness we all so deserve.


” The power of prayer is strong and it works, all we have to do is have complete faith and there will always be hope”

” You can’t have hope if there is no faith, they go together like peanut butter and jelly”

” Life will test us everyday, there are no books as we have to adapt and change to keep moving forward”

” Jesus Christ is real and he does listen to our prayers, you just have to truly see the signs that he gives us throughout the paths we walk”









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