The Holy Family


” The child grew and became strong, filled with wisdom, with the favor of God placed upon him”.

LK 2:40




Jesus came to us, in very much the same way we all come into this World, with the one big exception being, he is the true son of God, as we are all his brother and disciple, who follow in his footsteps. Jesus came and walked his journey with us, to show us just how to walk our paths, while we truly feel the love of his Father deep within our hearts and souls and then sharing that love with each other, in the form of the empathy within us all. Jesus proved to us all with his actions, as he quietly moved forward on his path, throughout this journey of life.

We the people of this Society and all the Societies of the past, share the blame for how this World has become, all the chaos, ugliness and unnecessary drama that surrounds us all, we all think we are better than each other and that ” my way is the only way” is the only mentality that matters to us?   We the people with our actions are to blame for all the negativity around us and we the people, can change of what we are doing, change our actions, to turn all the negativity into beautiful positivity. Jesus showed and taught us of just how to walk our paths of this journey, so we can find that true path of righteousness, the problem then lies with us of this Society, being a Society so far removed from the journey of Jesus Christ, that our Faith has disappeared from our souls and without the Faith, then there will never be Hope for any of us moving forward.

The birth of Jesus Christ comes to us each and every year, it amazes me to see that those around me, are more worried about going to a store to buy a gift for another, than to just sit and not only look at the baby in the Manger, but have complete faith in that baby, as he grows and shares his beautiful love and wisdom with us all. We the people are the problem in this World full of fiction, instead of being the solution in a World full of fact. We have all become so consumed with wanting the biggest and best, that we have lost total faith in our own actions, which has us losing sight of the times that Jesus came and walked his journey here with us. When we all have Faith in ourselves and in Jesus Christ, there will always be hope for us all moving forward throughout this journey, plus when our actions are moving in a positive direction, then we will always feel the love of Jesus within our hearts and souls, which will have us share this love  with each other, as to make all our journeys in the peace and happiness, that God envisioned for us all.


” The baby in the Manger is the most beautiful part of Christmas, just that we have lost faith in the true meaning of what Christmas is about”

” Always remember that, without the faith there will never be hope moving forward”

” The baby Jesus with Mary and Joseph is the family here on Earth, as God is our father in Heaven and when the journey is correct, we all can be full of prosperity and joy”

” It is the actions of we the people, that determine our future and just how much peace and happiness we encounter throughout this journey”











Let there be Peace on Earth………



” Glory to God in the highest and on Earth Peace among those with whom he is pleased”

Luke 2:14



The search for Peace on Earth begins with each one of us, we all have that inner Peace deep within ourselves, just that through all the chaos and ugliness within this Society, we have lost that inner Peace deep within.

God has sent us the signs for us all to see, he has even sent his one and only son………….. Jesus Christ, to show us the way to the path of righteousness, to show us of how to truly feel the warmth of God’s love that is deep within, to also show us when we think all is lost, just how to forgive not only those around us, but to forgive ourselves, so we than can keep moving forward better and stronger.

There are many facets to this journey of life, but none are as important than the way we treat each other along this journey. We ourselves are what is wrong with the way the chaos and ugliness have taken us over. I get the fact that we all will suffer through these life events, I get the fact that the paths will be bumpy at times, but when we don’t truly understand the why’s of why they happen, then they will control of everything we truly are, which will then leave us with someone we truly do not recognize. They say ” everything happens for a reason”, I must say I agree as without these things that happen to us, then life would be boring and we could not move forward better and stronger.

Peace on Earth does not just mean that the Earth is Peaceful? Peace on Earth is that inner Peace within us all, then sharing that Peace with each other. True there are places on Earth we can go, when we need to unwind and destress, these places are magical and full of true beauty, these places have also been created by God and put in place for us all to seek, so we than can have a place to go, to get back in touch with who we truly are. This inner Peace is what paves our paths smooth, from the bumps that may bring us harm and pain, it will also help us truly feel the love of God deep within our hearts and souls, so we than can share this love with all those around us and only then will the chaos and ugliness cease to exist within our Society.

Peace on Earth isn’t just for each of us to lay silent all at once, it is for each of us to truly get in touch with it deep within our being. The problem with this Society and all the ugliness around us is, not only have we lost this inner Peace, but we have let the chaos and ugliness consume us, to which we have all lost of truly who we are, we ourselves and our actions within this Society are where the blame should lie within this Society, so in order to fix what we need to fix, then we first should start within ourselves and the actions we take within this Society of many. Now within this Society of Arrogance, we will always point the finger to where we think the blame should be, but we will never look deep within ourselves to where the blame lies, this is the part we are doing wrong in the eyes of God, this is where we need to change the most and except more responsibility instead of pointing the finger of blame. As we then take more responsibility of our actions, just maybe we all can look deeper within ourselves and find that inner peace, find the true warmth of God’s love within us, then just maybe our paths will smooth en out, so we all can walk in peace with happiness throughout this journey of life.


” May there be peace on Earth so we all can find the true happiness we all so deserve and as God had envisioned for us”

” This planet Earth has much beauty and peace, but the beauty of our inner peace is the most beautiful thing we will ever know”

” When we lose touch with our inner peace, is when we need to dig deep and work even harder, to release the power of our inner peace within us”

” The beauty of Christmas is within our inner peace, so as we release the power of our inner peace, then the beauty of Christmas will be with us throughout the year







Twas the night before…………

early winter

Twas the night before each day full of true cheer and love, for us all to spread this good feeling among each other. As the snow falls and gives us all that feeling of the true Christmas spirit, let us never forget that, this feeling is not limited to just one time a year, it is always within us, to share each and every day of the year, leading into the special day of Christmas.

Christmas is a special time of year for us all to come together, feel deeply the love of Jesus Christ within our hearts and souls, so we than can share this love with each other, as the true holiday cheer surrounds us all. Now some of the non believers out there may try to sway us into what they believe? These are the ones that bring the negativity into this Society, these are the ones that work hard at forwarding the hatred we see around us, these are also the ones that have lost the true feeling deep within themselves, that stops them from feeling anything at all.

We are all Human and we all have these true feelings deep within ourselves, it is just from the different life events, that keeps us from truly feeling anything good, especially at this time of year. We all walk a path through this journey of life, when we walk our paths correctly, then the journey will reward us with good, when we bring negativity around us, then the journey becomes negative. Jesus Christ came to us and walked this journey together with us, teaching us many things, showing us of just how to keep the true feeling of love front and center around us, he showed us of how to forgive and when we thought all was lost? When we truly forgive not just of ourselves, but all those around us, then all the hatred we see, will never survive in a Society full of love and true feelings.

The true Christmas spirit is not about giving the biggest and best gift, it is all about giving one self to all those around you. It is about truly feeling the warmth of God’s love deep within your heart and soul, then spreading that love with each other. We in this Society have totally forgotten of just how to not only spread this love, but truly be in touch with it’s true feeling within us, only because we have become so overwhelmed with all the chaos and the hatred, through what the Media sells us each and everyday. The time is now for us all to get back in touch with who we truly are, get back in touch with the true feelings deep within ourselves, not so we all can have a most precious and beautiful Christmas, but so we all can walk our paths of this journey, in the peace and happiness we all so deserve and as Jesus taught us, when he came and walked his journey with us.


” The true Christmas spirit is within us all, to spread among each other every day of the year”

” The hatred that surrounds us all now, will never survive in a world of true love and a world in which we forgive ourselves and all that is around us”

” Twas the night before everyday for which we truly feel the love within us and spread it among each other”

” Christmas is about the birth of Jesus Christ our savior, who came to show and teach us just how to love ourselves and those around us”

” Hatred is only sold to us by the media, so they can spread all the unwanted drama around us all, to get us away from truly being of who we truly are”









The real true Christmas spirit is within us all


” The true feeling of Christmas is within our hearts, it’s not something you can just turn off”



Once upon a time, back in such a time that, we all truly knew of who we are, a time that we all knew of who was around us, a time we truly cherished and truly felt the warmth of Jesus’s love deep within our hearts and souls. Through the deepness of this love is the true Spirit of Christmas and somewhere along this journey, we have totally lost the feeling of this love. Christmas is not the buying of the biggest and best gift, as within this Society all the stores count on us all, to come in and spend our hard earned money. Christmas is nothing of the commercialization that it has become, as the true Spirit of Christmas lives within us all and not within the walls of a store.

The birth of Jesus Christ our savior is what the true meaning of Christmas is, now some of those non believers may get offended by this, or maybe even go out of there way, to try to disrupt what the true meaning of Christmas  is for the rest of us? It is all good because God our father created us to be unique in this way, but the problem with that is, we the people have twisted and distorted what the true meaning of Christmas is all about. With this uniqueness there are a lot of different nationalities, with their own religions and beliefs, so instead of disrespecting each other by trying to ban ones beliefs, let us all truly feel the love within us, let us all show more empathy and respect toward one another, so we than can move forward, within this journey of life, as we reach out to each other, instead of trying to trip each other up, so we ourselves can get what we think is ahead of one another.

God created us to walk this journey not just with each other, but to walk in harmony with each other, Jesus the only son of our father in Heaven, came to us and walked his journey with us, to truly teach and show us to find that purpose we so long for, to truly feel the warmth of his love within us, while he then takes all that follow and believes in him, down a path to truly be within the path of righteousness. Now it is true that some may never find their true purpose in life, but that don’t mean we should stop others from finding theirs, as this is what gives us all the faith and hope, to walk our paths through this journey of life.

Christmas is the time of year, that we all should carry with us throughout every day of the year, because when we do, then all this hatred of today, will find that it is not needed, with no room at the Inn of this journey, as big and with all the grandeur of this hotel, the Inn of life is even more beautiful and the grandeur is second to none, only that we don’t let it be what it truly should be for us. We get so caught up within all the hatred, we then let the hatred control of who we truly are, instead of truly feeling the love of Jesus within our hearts and souls, so we than can share that love with each other.

Christmas is truly a very special time of year for us all, but to really take full advantage of the spirit of Christmas, we just have to really look deeply within ourselves, truly feel the warmth of the love of God within our hearts and souls, so we than can spread this love with each other. When we do this then all the grandeur of this journey will come back to us, the true spirit of Christmas will shine once again, with no commercialization in sight anywhere, as we then show more empathy and respect to each other and we all can walk our paths of this journey, in the peace and happiness we all so deserve.


” The spirit of Christmas is within us all to share with each other all the love within our hearts and souls”

” The birth of Jesus Christ was for each of us regardless of what religion you were, to unite us all forever in love, peace and happiness”

” The spirit of Christmas is not just for a certain time of year, as it is within us all for everyday of every year”








Empathy for the Victims


Throughout this journey of life, we have all been like this Duck, swimming around with no one around, lost within this journey as we try to move forward away from what troubles us. Some may chose this kind of solitude, as others are forced into this solitude, by what ever life events may cross their paths? There is nothing wrong with solitude, if it is in a healthy manor, but to be lonely with no where to turn, from whatever troubles you, now this is what forces us to suppress deeply our true feelings and emotions, so we can try to move forward as if we have no real pain or hurt to feel, which then has us become someone for who we truly are not, just so we can try to function as normal as we think normal is.

With all this chatter throughout the media today of all the sex scandals out there, the one common denominator that we all forget to even mention or even show empathy towards are, the Victims. The Victims of this abuse are hurting real pain deep within from the actions of the ones who are being accused, not just the media being the problem with all the publicity of these sick actions, but the ones being accused coming out and making it all about them and then pointing the finger somewhere else, just to deflect  any blame away from their actions. Take Senator Franken for one, coming out to resign his post, but never once saying he is sorry and pointing the finger, instead of accepting responsibility for his actions? Looks to me like someone who is rationalizing  away his actions, while being deeply in denial of what he has done. Sex abuse is all about power, gaining power over another, just so you can get a quick feel? Just like with all Politicians, they get elected so they can become powerful (in their own minds), then they get a feeling of this power and now they get addicted to the feeling, which then has them taking action on the power, without thoroughly thinking through their actions.

With all the accusations going on now of the sex scandals, only shows one thing, which should scare the hell out of all of us and that is, we have all lost the true feeling of empathy that is within us all. True empathy will have you put yourself in the shoes of another, right now their is no one in the shoes of the Victims of  this kind of abuse…………Why? cause we are all afraid of this and we are all afraid to look towards others as we are being weak,  it don’t make you weak to show empathy towards others no matter of the reason, it only shows of just how strong you truly are. We in this society would rather make fun of, talk about, or alienate others behind their backs, but as soon as they face you, then you say all good things to them? This is who we have become, simply because of Political Correction. This Political Correction has made us all weak, it has turned us into someone we truly are not and even worse………. It has the true feeling of Empathy within become lost deep within us.

There is nobody that sought out to be a Victim, a victim is created by an Individual who only  thinks of themselves and rationalizes away their actions, so they don’t have to take responsibility for their actions. All these big high profile cases coming out from this kind of abuse, the media is eating up because it fits into their agenda of creating more drama, but seriously!!! What about the Victim who feels real pain and hurt deep within from this kind of abuse? We the people are also responsible because we buy into the drama the media sells us, the time is now for each of us to, get back in touch with our true empathy, so we all can walk our paths through this journey in the peace and happiness, we all so deserve.


” A victim is created by another Individual so they can seem powerful within their own minds”

” A victim is alone in their solitude because they hurt real pain deep within”

” Solitude is good to unwind from the daily grind, but not to try to escape from the real pain and hurt”

‘ the media is all about drama and has no empathy for anything/anyone in the way of that drama”






The competition will always take a back seat to true friendships


”  Throughout the clouds and no matter of how rough the waters, when we pull together, we come together in unity showing our love of one another always”

*** BowlingChef ***


The darkness from the darkest clouds will never last and they will only last as long as we ourselves let them last. We all walk our own paths through this journey of life, but that don’t mean that we can not walk together in harmony and unity, so we than can be better and stronger with every step. We all have our quirks as well as we all become set in our ways, but when we put all that a side, find common ground among each other, the sky is the limit as to how far each of us can not only go, but grow along this journey of life.

We all have our things we not only like to do, but what we enjoy doing as well, it is when we get away from these things that makes us feel incomplete. With the feelings of incomplete, we then become lost within the darkest of the clouds and the waters then churn up and become rough, as travel along the water will then become difficult to navigate. With the rough waters and the dark clouds, this journey of life will seem very difficult, but with clear skies and smooth waters, then this journey becomes as smooth as silk, as we then glide along our paths with no worries or troubles. We all have our troubles and deal with them in our own way, then as we realize that when we find common ground and come together in unity, then there are no troubles or worries great enough, to bring us down and stop us from walking our paths through this journey of life.

Some may look at a sporting event as great competition in which you have to beat another to move on? Okay part of that is true, but what we tend to over look and never look deeply into what we see is, that you can still compete against one another and still be great friends with each other. Competition will only bring out the worst in us, when we don’t look deeply into what we see, as when you can compete against someone and whether win, lose or draw, you are still the best of friends, now you can no matter what and no matter of how hard you compete, still find that common ground of togetherness and unity, in which to thrive always.

We in this Society are so lost within the dark clouds of the storm, that the rough water has swamped us all. we can not compete in a healthy  way against each other anymore, as all we want to do is pretty much hurt each other badly, or we don’t feel like we are competing? True competition will have us wish each other well before we compete and when we are finished, we then shake hands and congratulate for a game well played. True competition isn’t just competing against each other, it is the coming together in unity, for a game well played, as we then walk our paths through this journey of life in the peace and happiness we all so well deserve and as God wanted us to do from the very beginning.


” True competition has no pain as it brings us together in unity and helps us all become successful along this journey”

” The darkest of clouds from the storm are only temporary, the rough waters will never last, as our true spirit of competition will bring us together in unity always”

” Through the dark clouds and the rough waters there is common ground for which to stand, just that we have to look deeply into what we see”

” A Society with no competition is a dull society, but competition done correctly and on common ground with each other”







The Power of Prayer….. With the crown of Jesus Christ



” Walk through the shadow of light, as we pass through the darkness, the light is right around the corner”

*** Bowlingchef***




We all walk a path through this journey of life, there will be things that will cross our paths that will try to derail us, there will be health issues that we go through that will try to knock us down, but when we have complete faith in ourselves, as well as in Jesus Christ our Savior and with the power of Prayer to chat silently with Jesus, we can overcome anything, plus when we are in touch with our true empathy that is deep within us all, we than can help others with the same prayers, as we all move forward along this journey, to be better and stronger and walk our paths in the peace and happiness, we all so deserve.

Within this Society we are so far removed from the time of Jesus walking his path with us that for some, it becomes very difficult to truly believe………. I get that, but when you don’t truly believe in the higher power of us all, that is when you lose complete faith in not only yourself, but in Jesus Christ as well. Whenever you lose the faith, then there is never any hope for anything, we then become clouded within the clouds of our judgments and when we are in the clouds, that is when we let doubt enter into the picture and when doubt comes around, now your path throughout this journey, will become very bumpy and with the bumps, we will be derailed from the train tracks of life, which then will have us stop moving forward, become stagnant with no purpose and everything will pass us by, til we get back up, brush ourselves off, regain the faith in ourselves and Jesus, believe once again in the power of prayer, so the faith will come back and then the hope will be right behind. then we can get right back on the tracks, to continue moving forward through this journey of life.

We take tests in school as we grow up, in life as we walk our paths we get tested daily, but the difference is, in school we can prepare ourselves by doing the homework, in life there are no classes, there are no books and life keeps revolving, if we don’t adapt, have complete faith in ourselves and Jesus Christ, then life will pass us by, as there will be no hope, leaving us to struggle with not finding our true purpose and without that, we then will become someone for who we truly are not. With faith and hope, this journey through life is really not that hard, it becomes hard when we lose the faith and hope, which then has us doubt ourselves, which then makes this journey seem harder than it really is, the problem is we the people making it harder than it really needs to be, With the power of prayer, may we all have true faith, so there will always be hope and then we can walk our paths of this journey, in the peace and happiness we all so deserve.


” The power of prayer is strong and it works, all we have to do is have complete faith and there will always be hope”

” You can’t have hope if there is no faith, they go together like peanut butter and jelly”

” Life will test us everyday, there are no books as we have to adapt and change to keep moving forward”

” Jesus Christ is real and he does listen to our prayers, you just have to truly see the signs that he gives us throughout the paths we walk”