Let the carving begin…….


We as Humans like the water in this creek, carve a path throughout a journey. The water carves it’s path through the most difficult of terrain, as do we as well, sometimes the water will fall over an edge, as do we, but it is not about the fall, it is all about on how you land and pick yourself up from the fall, that determines on how you move forward to be better and stronger. Every living thing embarks on a journey, that they can move forward with strength and learn to adjust, to anything that may cross their path, throughout this journey of life.


Now you may think of an inanimate object is not traveling a journey, but on the contrary, they have been placed in their location for a purpose, maybe they have found that purpose, or maybe they have not? Everything has a purpose, some may find their purpose and still struggle with ever finding their purpose. Every living thing isn’t here to either look nice, or wander through a journey, we all carve our paths throughout a journey. Yes there will be cross roads within all the paths, with trust, faith and hope, these cross roads will keep us grounded. as we make the right choices, to the direction we take. Choices are the components to the journey, that helps us in truly finding our purpose, as the crossroads will keep our choices crisp, while we stay focused on the faith, trust and hope.

There is a lot of carving throughout this journey of life, but none more than the carving we do on Thanksgiving. The carving of the Turkey, some may fear this task as they don’t want it to look disastrous, some make it look so easy which intimidates the ones who fear it, There is no real true way to carving the turkey, or any other kind of meat, it is okay to make a few mistakes along the way, just as long as you learn from what you did and be better for it moving forward. Now the carving through this journey of life is far different, than the carving of a bird for a meal, but the concept of being intimidated and making a mistake is for real, that fears us all and then has us not truly carving a path through this journey, as we then simply just follow a path, without having to carve anything, all this will do is, just keep us from being confident of what we do, as well as having the confidence in who we truly are.

In Skiing we carve a turn, so we can slice through the snow with ease and when we don’t have the confidence to carve the turn, then our turn will be a bit rough, or maybe we will just sink into the snow? None the less, good carving of anything takes practice and the more we practice, the better we are at all the carvings throughout this journey of life.


” Carving is not just a culinary term, as all we do is carve something or somewhere throughout this journey”

” Confidence is the one thing that gives us the strength to do whatever we want to do”

” It is okay to make mistakes, as long as we learn from them moving forward”

” We all fear something, but with confidence it makes the fear less of”



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