Traditional America or the traditions within America

" Spread more love and this beauty will be seen by all"


The seventh century brought a tradition to the American soil, that since has prospered into one of the greatest traditions within this country, The Thanksgiving meal has changed greatly over time within this country, it was a grand feast between the Native Wampanoag Indian Tribe and the Pilgrims who were the visitors and looking for new territory with a fresh start.

The feast from then to now has changed greatly over time, a lot of product has been added since the very first Thanksgiving meal, like there was no pumpkin pies as there where no flours back then yet to make the dough for the pies, so instead there was pumpkin and other squashes brought to the feast. There was a variety of fruits that was grown back then, with cranberries being one of them and yes they did make their very own cranberry sauce as well. Turkey yes was the main dish, with the Wampanoag’s bringing Venison (deer meat) to the feast, plus there were other poultry like Goose and Duck, not too mention seafood like lobster, clams, mussels and fish to the table. Because of the lack of flour back then, there was no bread based stuffing, instead there was stuffing made with onions, herbs and nuts to flavor the bird during cooking, with the venison being cooked over the fire on the spit. This was a whole different feast back then compared to the feast of today.

The very first Thanksgiving feast was altogether different than what we are accustomed to today, as it brought together two very different groups of Human beings, from two very different walks of life. If anything we can look back into a time that, yes when we come together in harmony, beautiful things will become of our paths through this journey of life, as today only shows that, when we are divided, then all hell breaks loose, with much ugliness and hatred like we see today. There is more to this journey than looking at one another on the surface and when we look deeply into what we see, then and only then will we, truly see what we are looking at, with all the true beauty that is around us everyday.

The Native Wampanoag tribe and the Pilgrims showed us how to come together in harmony and work together to be better and stronger. Whatever that may have happened from that time to now, is totally on the us the people, as through time and with all the technology of today, we have become so lazy and stupid, that we can not even enjoy the true traditions, that have built this countries foundation. Right now our foundation of this great country has some cracks, the time is now to seal the cracks, so we all can walk our paths together in harmony throughout this journey in life, so we all can experience true peace and happiness everyday.


” Traditions may vary from person to person, but true traditions of an era will never ever vary”

” Wampanoag Indian tribe were the true natives of America as they came together with the pilgrims who came as the outsider looking to move in”

” Thanksgiving meal has changed through the years, which shows just how change can affect us all”

” Turkey, Venison, fish, no matter of the main  course, it is still a grand feast to be had by all”





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