Honor and thank a Veteran


The beauty within this picture really doesn’t highlight all the true beauty that you see with your eyes, as you take this picture of beauty. Then as we truly see all this beauty around us, are we really looking deeply into what we see, or are we being superficial and getting to engulfed in whats around us, to the point that we take for granted those who fought and worked hard, so we can truly see all the true beauty around us.

All this beauty around us and all the freedom we have to see the true beauty, at some point came with a hefty price tag, with those who have served and fought for this country paying the ultimate sacrifice and that is, giving their all including their lives for this country, some have also paid a hefty price, as they actually came back to walk their paths with us, but not at the 100% in which they had left with. These are the Individuals we so take for granted within this Society and I blame we the people for our inaction’s, and our ” all about me” mentalities.

A Veteran is someone that volunteers for a duty, not to bask in the glory, but to make a difference in the lives of all, Someone who shows up for work everyday on time without any complaint, someone who is not worried of how much money they will make, until they can finish the mission with success, A Veteran isn’t hand picked by anybody, as a Veteran could be anybody you see everyday you walk your path of this journey through life, there is no special Individual for this job of a Veteran, anybody can be a Veteran with hard dedicated work and done so very unselfish, thinking of the good for all, instead of ” whats good for me”.

There is plenty of true beauty all around us, for us to truly see this beauty, we first have to thank a  Veteran that fought hard, so we can be free, to walk our paths of this journey through life while being able to truly see all the beauty and while we are in a safe place to do so. A Veteran doesn’t ask for much, nor do they expect much, as all they really want is for a smile on each of our faces, while we walk freely among all the beauty around us. Some may say that the greatest Generation of this country were back in the days of those who actually worked to not only make a better life for themselves, but for all that were around them, truly back then was the greatest generation, but not for these reasons, for the plain fact of, the ones who served this great country and paid the ultimate sacrifice, so all those who followed in their steps within the Societies of their futures, could be free and safe to walk their paths of this journey through life.


” To honor and thank a Veteran properly, just simply stop reach out the hand to say thank you as you shake their hand”

” Through all beauty once was a struggle with some ugliness, but with true change, the ugliness becomes very beautiful”

” A Veteran never seeks any glory, for they only want us to be free, safe and with a smile on our faces”

“Veterans are volunteers and all volunteers are a very special breed of person, that we all have those qualities within us”



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