Truly a heart filled tribute



” To some tears may be a sign of weakness, but in reality they cleanse us of our pain to move forward better and stronger”

” Tears are a way for each of us to heal from what hurts us and soothe our hearts and souls”

*** BowlingChef***


Any kind of an award show we watch on television, should be just that? An award show to acknowledge someone or someones of their hard work of their craft. Last night as I watched the Country music awards, it was a good respectful award show that highlighted the Artists, as they worked hard all year on their craft, for all of us who enjoy country music. Especially the part where Carrie Underwood sang a beautiful tribute, to all that have perished this year and especially of the ones that perished at the country fest in Las Vegas, at the hands of a very sick Individual. This part of the show was a tearful one, as with the words being sung by Carrie were not only beautiful, but they had you with tears in your eyes, so we can heal ourselves and move forward better and stronger. This is what a true award show does, not as Hollywood does with their Politicizing of their words and the shoving of their opinions down our throats.

Hollywood has their own problems in light of some of the stories coming out of there in recent weeks, what they need not do is lecture the rest of us, in how we should walk our paths of this journey, when they themselves can’t even walk their paths of this journey correctly. Hollywood is nothing but fiction, as they act a fictitious part, in their fictitious world, then they try to preach to the rest of us, that their way is correct and the rest of us are wrong. All their award shows is all about glitz and glamour, the latest fashion excetra, What they don’t admit to the rest of us is, not only does that fashion come with a high price tag, it is also loaned to them to give back after the award show, all the glitz and glamour is fake and if it weren’t for us spending our hard earned money, their glitz and glamour wouldn’t even exist.

The CMA awards are all about the blue collar worker and the words of their music are very inspirational, as opposed to the Hollywood awards, where they do nothing but bring their fictitious world to the forefront. Some of these Country Artists are millionaires, but the way they dress, they look as if they are just like the rest of us hard working people, not too take away their hard work from their craft, as they do work hard to entertain the rest of us, but they have never lost sight of their true roots, unlike those in Hollywood, that will in order to keep their plush lifestyles, they will become someone they are not and keep the world of fiction alive around them.

The world of Hollywood is exactly what is wrong with this
Society, as those that buy into that world, become someone they truly are not. They will do and say anything just to try to fit into that world and then become brainwashed, away from the true reality, that the rest of us walk throughout this journey. May we all be inspired by the great music of Country, so we all can be true to who we are, cry some tears once in a while, so we than can heal ourselves of our troubles and move forward better and stronger along our paths, of this journey through life.


” Either Hollywood or country music the choice is yours, but a choice you need to live with as you walk this journey of life”

” Tears of joy, tears of passion, tears of sorrow, there are many tears to shed, so we can heal and be truly of who we are”


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