The bridges of the journey


This journey through life has many paths to chose from as we walk through,

With each path there will be bridges to cross along the way,

Sometimes the bridges are already there for us to cross with no effort,

other times we come to what we think is the end,

But we find we may need to build a bridge to go from one side to the other,

Or maybe the bridge is in need of some help and we need to repair before crossing,

Sometimes we need the bridge so we can get over the gaps we come across,

Without the bridge we could become stuck from moving forward as we should,

The bridge will always help us overcome obstacles that we may come across,

Then as we cross the bridge may we never ” burn the bridge” for which we cross,

As you never know if you need to cross it again so we can fix what we need to,

then recross the bridge or take a different path moving forward,

Some may cross a bridge just to get to the other side without thinking of why,

While others look deeply into the crossing of the bridge to understand why we cross,

A bridge just doesn’t get us from point A to point B,

A bridge truly helps us move forward along our paths throughout this journey of life,

So we can be at peace and happiness always while we become better and stronger moving forward.



” Life”s journey has many bridges to cross, so we can keep moving forward as we walk our paths”

” The bridge is a lot more than just to get over a gap, it gives us a way to get over the gap, so we can be better and stronger throughout this journey”

” We take advantage of all the bridges that are in place for us, because we don’t want to take the time to stop and smell the coffee of reality around us”


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