True light will brighten all the darkness



” Darkness will never get rid of darkness, only true light will do that”

Hatred may seem bleek and dark, but through true love all darkness will be lit up for us all”


With all the ugliness and hatred that surrounds us in this Society of today, it is we the people that can together, when we unite as one, end all this ugliness and hatred that consumes each one of us. True that there may be some sick deranged Individuals out there that do nothing but, bring hatred, ugliness and pain to each of us, instead of being behind all the crap and cleaning up after a tragedy, why not get in front of it, so we can prevent this crap from happening. I mean it sounds good on paper, but what the problem is, the fact that each one of us through our actions, can prevent all this hatred and ugliness, from bringing us further pain in the future. It is kind of like buying a new car, as soon as you drive it off the lot, it depreciates and loses some value, but when you take care of it and do the preventative maintenance to it, you than can extend the life of your car for many years to come, all this ugliness and hatred is much the same, if we only showed more love and empathy of each other, then just maybe the future pain we may feel, just might be replaced with peace and joy, as we walk our paths through this journey of life.

These sick deranged Individuals that bring us this pain through the ugliness and hate, are Human Beings like you and me, they bleed red blood like the rest of us, the difference between them and the rest of us is, we know how to fix ourselves when something comes across our paths and breaks us on this journey, the ones who bring the ugliness and hatred only bury their true feelings so deep, that they feel nothing and then with no feelings, or cares of who they hurt, proceed to bring much ugliness, hatred and pain to the rest of us. Something or someone has made these sick deranged Individuals this way, the time is now to find out truly of where it all came from, maybe reach out to these sick Individuals and let them truly see who they truly are, just like all of us. We need to get in front of all this ugliness and hatred, instead of being behind it and then being left to clean up the mess from the tragedies these sick Individuals make for the rest of us, Now if we together in this Society feel true pain, then just maybe we all can fix what is needed to not only end the pain, but end all this ugliness and hatred, that consumes us all.

Yes we all can see the true light of God that Jesus showed us, when he came and walked his journey here with us. The biggest reason why we in this Society can not see this light is, we are too lazy to want to see it, we are too lazy to work at fixing what we need to fix, so we can move forward better and stronger. Now we may be a Society far removed from the time of Jesus Christ, but that does not mean it never happened, we as a person have to truly believe, have total faith, so hope can lead us to the path of righteousness, then we all can see the light of God, that will bring us all the peace and joy, which will also help us fix our issues and relieve ourselves from the pain they bring. This pain we hold deep within, only keeps us further within the clouds of our judgments, it stops us from moving forward better and stronger along our paths of this journey, through the clouds we then do things we normally would never do, as we become someone we truly are not. Life is no picnic and we need to work hard daily at keeping this pain from controlling who we are, when we can truly feel our true feelings of love and empathy, it will warm our hearts and souls, so that we can feel good of ourselves, then share this love and empathy with each other, which can help all those that want to bring us much pain, so they to can see the light of God within themselves and as we all do this together, then just maybe as we walk our paths of this journey, we can do so in peace and joy, which will make our Society one of, true happiness, instead of all the ugliness, hatred and pain that consumes us all today.


” Life is no picnic but when we work hard daily then we can all eat together and feel the true love and happiness all around us”

” Jesus showed us all the true light of God, now we have to keep the faith so hope can keep the light lit along our paths of this journey”


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