Happy Halloween ( I think)


What lurks beyond these tree’s and within this little shack? Could there be a trap door inside, to drop us into a bottom less pit? Maybe under the leaves lies a Zombie, to pop up and scare the crap out of you? Enter if you dare and all in the name of ” Halloween”.

Another Halloween is upon us, the time of year people can get away with not being their true selves, we all blame a day, so we can have an excuse to go out and act in many ways that are childish, yes I said it…….. Halloween is for the Children to be able to play make believe with the World, instead of within the walls of their rooms in their house. Within this Society of today, we have taken the day of Halloween to an all new height, Some may try to get this day as a national holiday, so they can have yet another excuse to not go to work, others will get dressed into something they truly are not, then make like it is all in fun? Halloween is a day for the children to have fun, but the grown ups have invaded and taken the true fun from them.

Within this Society of today, full of Political correction, ugliness and hate, we all today are living everyday as we truly are not, We hide deeply within, a huge part of who we are, simply because we are shamed into this and then putting forth a fake self, so others will think we are normal. Then we move forward with no real responsibility of ourselves or what may be around us. We all have a little child within us and that child grows and matures as we grow and mature within Society, but when we hide deeply within, we never let that child inside grow properly, leaving us all within a fantasy world, instead of living within reality world.

Halloween is suppose to be a fun day, so the children can get dressed up and go out to receive many treats, as they show off their creativity of their costumes. Let the children play and explore, without being forced into something/someone they truly are not. The parent’s are suppose to be more responsible, to help and teach their children correctly, not themselves neglecting their children, so they themselves can go out, dress up, to have some so called fun. All the parent’s are truly doing is, hiding deeper within of who they truly are, so they don’t have to take the responsibility of what they are doing.

Then you have those that become lost within the clouds of their judgments, lost between fantasy and reality, as they have deeply hidden themselves, so deep within, that not even they know of where or who they truly are. These are the Individuals that have brought all this hate and ugliness to us all, because they have no idea of who they are, they then move forward not feeling real feelings and without any empathy of all those around them. These Individuals have never acknowledged the child within them, which leaves themselves lost with no identity, they try to find that identity with the way they dress and present themselves, which has others making fun of them and leaving them further in the clouds of their judgments, then they form this hatred of not just those who make fun of them, but for all throughout Society, simply because they know no better.

Halloween has become a time for all to hide within, as we dress up a part from our imagination, there is nothing wrong with that, except when you let that fantasy part become your reality and dictate of who you truly are, now all our realities become less of, we all get lost within the clouds of fantasy, just to please the ones that need a helping hand, so they can find of truly who they are. If only we all get back to reality, forget about dressing up and just be of who you truly are, just maybe the love, empathy and peace will come back to us all, as the hatred and the ugliness fade away, as the day of Halloween every year, along our paths through this journey of life.


” We lose all reality within a day of fantasy that is the day of Halloween”

” We dress up for Halloween, but in life we don’t dress up when we become someone we truly are not”

” Life has fantasy as it also has reality, it’s we the people that lose sight of both with our actions”

” So what does lurk within the shack in the picture? time to let go and be truly of who you are”


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