The Magic of the Trail

Just recently there was an eighty year old man who just through hiked this trail, May God bless him as this is no easy task, just over two thousand one hundred miles, from Maine to Georgia, This trail takes hard work and dedication, not just the actual hiking of the trail, but the pre planning before you even take the first step on the trail.

This trail is on my bucket list……… okay I have no bucket and there is no list, but this trail none the less, has always been a to-do thing for me. This hike would be not only be full of the unknown, but full of much true beauty with every step. Now I have done a lot of this trail in New Hampshire, some in Maine and Massachusetts as well and up here, the shear beauty along the trail, will leave you speechless with each step, I can only imagine what the rest of the trail holds in store, for a journey well worth the walk.

We all have that one thing we long for, that thing that inspires us and helps us keep going to achieve our dreams and aspirations, for me it is this trail, just the thought of walking into the unknown and truly seeing all the true beauty around me. Yes it is a lot of work hiking up and down the mountains, not too mention the Wild life you may encounter? But with all the true beauty you will see along this trail, the work will not seem like work and will be very enjoyable with each step you take.

The unknown may scare some away from doing something totally awesome, what the unknown should do is, totally intrigue and make you have a burning desire to do something different, heck!!! You just may enjoy whatever the unknown is you seek? Never be afraid to take that first step into an unknown, the fear you have to enter into any unknown, is just your adrenaline telling you to be cautious, it is not saying to not enter, cause when we don’t enter into the unknown, then we will never have any known’s to feel comfortable within.


” The darkness of the unknown, never stays dark forever when we see the light”

” Dreams and aspirations are what inspires us to move forward, never lose sight and keep dreaming”

” A bucket list is just a to do list that we all try to achieve the list at some point”

” Hard work and dedication will always pay off, you just have to trust the process”


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