True Communication among a broken Society



Robin Williams was a genuine man, he would put all that was around him, before himself and through his comedy, he knew just how to make us all laugh. What Robin hid deeply inside himself was, the fact that he was dying a slow death, from the Depression he suffered from. Depression is the silent killer, as it eats you from the inside out and unless you truly communicate of the real pain and hurt, then all your true feelings get buried deeply within your soul, so deep that, you then become of someone for which you truly are not.

There are many things that come to us and harm us as we walk our paths through this journey of life, but the silent killer of Depression will eat you from inside out. Being sexually abused will also have you hide your true self deeply inside, as you then become someone you truly are not. The bottom line between both of these issues is, ” COMMUNICATION”. We never truly communicate issues as these, simply because we fear what others will think? We become shamed of the fact there may be something wrong with us, because we then don’t take the time to truly understand of what is wrong, we then get the why me’s and think I am the only one with this issue? Well with the way the hash tag #meto went viral, we can clearly see that , there is way too many that have been affected by sexual abuse and maybe now, we should truly communicate of this issue, so we all can heal, fix what we need to fix, so we than can move forward in peace and happiness.

There is a lot to this journey through life, there is a lot that will bring real pain and hurt to us as well, but if we don’t truly understand of what is happening and instead, suppress deeply this real pain and hurt, then as we become someone of who we truly are not, this pain and hurt will never go away, we may think it goes away, only because by suppressing deeply this pain and hurt, we then numb ourselves, to the point we feel nothing, not even a little prick from a Rose thorn off the beautiful flower.

Robin Williams wasn’t the only one within this broken Society that felt this real pain and hurt very deep within, there are many……..many others that feel this pain and hurt also, we will never truly know just how many are hurting, simply because, we all fear of not only what others will think of us, but we also through the fear, will never communicate properly what hurts us deeply, instead we will suppress deeply the pain and hurt, hide within ourselves our true selves and becoming someone of who we truly are not. This is the sad reality within this broken Society, but because we are all hiding deeply within ourselves, we will never truly feel this sadness and until we do, we will never communicate properly our issues, so we can finally relieve ourselves of this pain and hurt.

Depression may eat us from the inside out, but something made us get this way? Maybe we were sexually abused at a young age? Maybe something else happened to us when we were young, that was very traumatic to us? Whatever the case is, Depression came to us somehow, so instead of hiding our true selves deep within, hiding our true feelings and emotions deep within, we need to better understand this disease of depression, better understand all that may happen to us, so we than can fix what we need to fix, instead of hiding deep within ourselves. Communicate better with each other, as we show more love and empathy with each other as well. So we then move forward along our paths of this journey through life, in the peace and happiness that God envisioned, when he created us, and  we  then can be better and stronger with each step, along this journey.


” Depression the silent killer, it eats you from the inside out”

” True Communication is the key that will help us all heal from the issues that trouble us”

” When we become depressed something got us that way, Depression just doesn’t happen”

” If one viral hash tag like #meto gets us truly communicating, then social media has finally done some good”


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