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Social Media is the new super highway within the Society of today. You can type something in one minute and the next minute what you typed, will be viral and  around the World before you know it or even of where your typed words have gone, all depending of who you follow? Now some will follow just to say that they will have a lot of followers, but with a lot of followers, now the whole world will know of your every move.

Social media has a lot of positive to it, if you use it in the right way, but when you abuse it, or use it in the wrong way, will bring a lot of negative to your life as you know it. Some may post about everything they are doing, or just maybe a post like, ” going to the store now”? A post like this basically says that no one is home for a crook to come rob you? But at the same time, a good post will be like keeping up with a long lost friend that has moved away, or maybe a family member that is separated by long miles. Social Media can bring a lot of unwanted drama to your already drama ridden life, it is all up to each of us and how we use Social Media, which will deter\mine on just how good or bad, Social Media can be.

With all that said………. The hash tag that has gone viral beyond all viral’s is, the #meto, this hash tag after that knit wit in Hollywood has been proven to sexually abuse others, has created a fire storm of others to come out from everywhere, talking about yes I have been abused as well. The problem of sexual abuse goes so far back, to the point of before all our times of this journey through life, just that back then it was considered taboo to talk of this, so Yes this is the good of Social Media, as it let’s people come out and talk of a very hurtful time of their life, it let’s them speak and release all the pain that has brought them down and numbed them from feeling any real feelings, simply because they have suppressed deeply their real feelings, so they can try to move forward without the pain. This problem of sex abuse has touched pretty much all of us, even the ones that haven’t been physically touched, but do know someone that has, you think maybe we all need to fix this issue now, so we all can heal and be at true peace, as we walk our paths, though this journey of life.

Within this Society of today, we talk of sex and brag of how many times we get laid, but seriously, we never talk of the sex abuse, because we fear of what others will think of us? So we then bury it so deep within, that we lose a big chunk of who we truly are. There are a lot of people hurting real pain within this Society, I think it is time we all address the problem head on, so not only to fix the problem, but so we all can heal properly moving forward, then we all can not only be at peace with ourselves, but we can be at peace with each other, we can also move forward being truly of who we are, showing our true love of selves with each other and totally be better and stronger as we walk our paths of this journey through life.


” #meto has gone so viral, that it shows just how people are hurting a real pain”

” To talk about being sexual abused has been so taboo, that it has stripped us from being truly of who we are”

” Social Media has a lot of good to offer, but it also brings a lot of bad and unwanted drama”

” The World’s new super highway is literally right under the finger tips on the keyboard”


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