God’s feast is for us all to be happy always…



” Go out, therefore, into the main roads and invite to the feast whomever you find.  The Servants went out into the streets and gathered all they found, bad and good alike and the hall was filled with guests.”

***Mt 22:9-10***



Within this Society that we all walk our paths through this journey of life, this quote from Scripture can be spun in many different ways. This feast could be of inviting one to a wedding, as in the eyes of God, is the coming together of a man and a woman as one, out of their love of each other, while they walk through this journey in peace and happiness always and celebrating this wedding with a grand feast, for all to come together in peace and happiness as the Newlyweds have done.

The feast is not just for one to sit and stuff their face til they explode, the feast is for us all to recognize and except the word of God, recognize and except the journey of Jesus Christ here with us,  so we all can come together as one, not just in peace and happiness, but come together in unity, while showing our love of selves with each other.

Within this Society of many it is very easy for us to become lost along this journey, with all the different directions that we all turn, the life events that cross our paths with real pain and hurt that we try to suppress or bury within ourselves, the obstacles that will bruise us when we fall, then the way for which we pick ourselves up from the fall, This journey to some may seem easy, only that they have never lost faith in themselves, nor have they lost the faith in God or his son Jesus Christ. The feast is not really of a sit down meal  which we think of today, the feast is we coming together in the house of the Lord, so we all can come together as one, come together in the peace and happiness that God envisioned when he created us, which will then let us walk our paths of this journey in peace and happiness always.

We are all invited to the feast of the Lord, it doesn’t matter of who you are, there is no discrimination in the eyes of the Lord, there is no putting one self above another in the eyes of the Lord, all this for which we have become accustomed to within this Society, really does not exist in the eyes of the Lord, only within our own little eyes, do we see this division and the ugliness around us. This journey through life really does not have any ugly within it, as it only has beauty within it, which is the true beauty of God, Jesus Christ and all that is within ourselves. We can’t truly see the beauty within us, only because we have suppressed it deeply within ourselves. The beauty is there. The feast we have all been invited to, all we need to do is, come together as one, come together in unity, share the love of God that is within us, with all that is around us, so we all can walk our paths of this journey through life in the peace and happiness, that is within us all.


” The feast of Jesus Christ our Lord is not about filling our stomachs with food and becoming fat, but filling ourselves with the true love of himself and then becoming better and stronger moving forward”

” With a Society of many there will be misguided information and some that will try to control everything around them”

” The one true freedom of expression is that of, understanding truly of the feast that Jesus Christ has invited us all to, so we all can move forward better and stronger”

” We the people and our little eyes are what sees the ugliness that consumes us today, we perceive many things with these eyes, time to perceive God’s true love that is within us all”

” Let’s see a feast not just of food we eat, but a feast can also be of, all of us coming together as one, in peace, happiness, love and unity”


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