The American Bald Eagle



The American Bald Eagle…… a beautiful bird so big and majestic,

The Eagle sits a top the tree’s and looks down on the land,

The white head, the gold beak with features like no other,

The Eagle is a symbol of the United States showing strength at every turn,

The Eagle flies through the air with the greatest of ease in search of food,

Then the Eagle swoops down and grabs a fish with the powerful Talons,

America is a strong country through all the diversity within the border walls,

It’s only fitting to have such a strong bird to represent this great country of America,

The Eagle flies high and proud as it soars through the blue sky,

Just as an American fighter Pilot flies with great pride for this great country,

The Eagle perched high above the tree top protecting the land,

Just as the United States Air Force flies the skies over this great country,

There is so much beauty within this great country of America,

With the American Bald Eagle adding even more beauty for all to see,

Natures beauty is all around us so we can enjoy throughout this journey,

With a big part of that beauty being the Eagle flying the friendly skies,

We walk our paths along this journey of life,

With the Eagles flying high above us and watching over us,

The Eagle rules the wild blue yonder with it’s soaring grace,

so we all can see the Eagle’s beauty within Natures beauty.



” The Eagle so big and powerful, but yet so beautiful as it soars the sky with ease”

” The American Bald Eagle a symbol of the United States, with great strength as the country it represents”

” Fly high fly proud as the Eagle does and with the United States Air Force”

” The Eagle perches high a top the trees looking down to protect the land within America”




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