Happy Halloween ( I think)


What lurks beyond these tree’s and within this little shack? Could there be a trap door inside, to drop us into a bottom less pit? Maybe under the leaves lies a Zombie, to pop up and scare the crap out of you? Enter if you dare and all in the name of ” Halloween”.

Another Halloween is upon us, the time of year people can get away with not being their true selves, we all blame a day, so we can have an excuse to go out and act in many ways that are childish, yes I said it…….. Halloween is for the Children to be able to play make believe with the World, instead of within the walls of their rooms in their house. Within this Society of today, we have taken the day of Halloween to an all new height, Some may try to get this day as a national holiday, so they can have yet another excuse to not go to work, others will get dressed into something they truly are not, then make like it is all in fun? Halloween is a day for the children to have fun, but the grown ups have invaded and taken the true fun from them.

Within this Society of today, full of Political correction, ugliness and hate, we all today are living everyday as we truly are not, We hide deeply within, a huge part of who we are, simply because we are shamed into this and then putting forth a fake self, so others will think we are normal. Then we move forward with no real responsibility of ourselves or what may be around us. We all have a little child within us and that child grows and matures as we grow and mature within Society, but when we hide deeply within, we never let that child inside grow properly, leaving us all within a fantasy world, instead of living within reality world.

Halloween is suppose to be a fun day, so the children can get dressed up and go out to receive many treats, as they show off their creativity of their costumes. Let the children play and explore, without being forced into something/someone they truly are not. The parent’s are suppose to be more responsible, to help and teach their children correctly, not themselves neglecting their children, so they themselves can go out, dress up, to have some so called fun. All the parent’s are truly doing is, hiding deeper within of who they truly are, so they don’t have to take the responsibility of what they are doing.

Then you have those that become lost within the clouds of their judgments, lost between fantasy and reality, as they have deeply hidden themselves, so deep within, that not even they know of where or who they truly are. These are the Individuals that have brought all this hate and ugliness to us all, because they have no idea of who they are, they then move forward not feeling real feelings and without any empathy of all those around them. These Individuals have never acknowledged the child within them, which leaves themselves lost with no identity, they try to find that identity with the way they dress and present themselves, which has others making fun of them and leaving them further in the clouds of their judgments, then they form this hatred of not just those who make fun of them, but for all throughout Society, simply because they know no better.

Halloween has become a time for all to hide within, as we dress up a part from our imagination, there is nothing wrong with that, except when you let that fantasy part become your reality and dictate of who you truly are, now all our realities become less of, we all get lost within the clouds of fantasy, just to please the ones that need a helping hand, so they can find of truly who they are. If only we all get back to reality, forget about dressing up and just be of who you truly are, just maybe the love, empathy and peace will come back to us all, as the hatred and the ugliness fade away, as the day of Halloween every year, along our paths through this journey of life.


” We lose all reality within a day of fantasy that is the day of Halloween”

” We dress up for Halloween, but in life we don’t dress up when we become someone we truly are not”

” Life has fantasy as it also has reality, it’s we the people that lose sight of both with our actions”

” So what does lurk within the shack in the picture? time to let go and be truly of who you are”


The Magic of the Trail

Just recently there was an eighty year old man who just through hiked this trail, May God bless him as this is no easy task, just over two thousand one hundred miles, from Maine to Georgia, This trail takes hard work and dedication, not just the actual hiking of the trail, but the pre planning before you even take the first step on the trail.

This trail is on my bucket list……… okay I have no bucket and there is no list, but this trail none the less, has always been a to-do thing for me. This hike would be not only be full of the unknown, but full of much true beauty with every step. Now I have done a lot of this trail in New Hampshire, some in Maine and Massachusetts as well and up here, the shear beauty along the trail, will leave you speechless with each step, I can only imagine what the rest of the trail holds in store, for a journey well worth the walk.

We all have that one thing we long for, that thing that inspires us and helps us keep going to achieve our dreams and aspirations, for me it is this trail, just the thought of walking into the unknown and truly seeing all the true beauty around me. Yes it is a lot of work hiking up and down the mountains, not too mention the Wild life you may encounter? But with all the true beauty you will see along this trail, the work will not seem like work and will be very enjoyable with each step you take.

The unknown may scare some away from doing something totally awesome, what the unknown should do is, totally intrigue and make you have a burning desire to do something different, heck!!! You just may enjoy whatever the unknown is you seek? Never be afraid to take that first step into an unknown, the fear you have to enter into any unknown, is just your adrenaline telling you to be cautious, it is not saying to not enter, cause when we don’t enter into the unknown, then we will never have any known’s to feel comfortable within.


” The darkness of the unknown, never stays dark forever when we see the light”

” Dreams and aspirations are what inspires us to move forward, never lose sight and keep dreaming”

” A bucket list is just a to do list that we all try to achieve the list at some point”

” Hard work and dedication will always pay off, you just have to trust the process”


The Past is the Past… Stop dwelling in the Past


It is okay to look back from time to time, so you can fix what needs to be fixed, then we can move forward better and stronger along our paths of this journey through life. But when you dwell within the time gone by, then you are doing nothing but moving backwards instead of moving forward.

All this talk of reopening the JFK files…………. Come on people that was fifty four years ago, time to let go and move forward. Yes that was a huge tragedy within  this country of America, as our President was gunned down in cold blood, assassinated by someone/someones, there have been many conspiracy theories over the years from this tragedy, but with so much time that has gone by since, you think it really matters?   The ordinary Citizen has moved past that time, but those within all the Medias, are still dwelling in the past, so they can continue the conspiracy theories and even worse, keep their agendas going, so they can further the taking of all our hard earned money, and they can keep filling their pockets with our money.

The JFK times was a whole different time back then compared to now, can we still look back to fix what is needed to move forwarded better……….. Sure we can,  but not dwell within that time and continue all the conspiracy theories. not bring back a time that for some still holds much pain, with fifty four years that have past, the ones that were closest to JFK, have learned to heal from this time, some have passed themselves from that time, so just because those within the media are infatuated with this tragic event, really isn’t a good enough reason, for the rest of us to have to sit through all this unnecessary  drama once again.


” Lets keep moving forward to be better and stronger, lets not dwell in the past, to show weakness as we go backwards along our path of this journey”


True we have a huge epidemic within this Society and it is the epidemic of Opioids. Addiction can encompass many things and drugs of any kind will fall deeply into the word of Addiction. We all have an addiction of something which we crave, something we can not be without. Now for someone that has never done drugs, I can totally see how others can be addicted to drugs, but are you really addicted to the drug? Or are you addicted to the high that the drug gives you? These are two questions that a drug addict can not answer truthfully, as they are in the clouds of the drug, for which has them in the clutches of the drug. When your an addict the clouds within your brain become so dense, that the clarity of real life does not exist. Some go to treatment so they can be released from the clutches of the addiction, but what do they do in the treatment? They take more drugs to get off other drugs? You think that is a good way to to handle trying to heal yourself from one addiction, going to another addiction? Caffeine is a drug and is within the coffee we drink daily, now if you want to quit caffeine, you think maybe quitting coffee cold turkey is the way? Very true as the other drink may be a soda or an energy drink, that also has caffeine in it. Okay in your brain you are quitting coffee and now your addiction to caffeine is gone, Wrong…….. as you just replaced one drink for another that still has the drug caffeine in it. An Addict will never think this way, simply because their brain is in the clouds of the addiction for which they have, the only way to rid yourself of the clouds is, to quit cold turkey to get back the clarity of true reality.

To release yourself from the clutches of any addiction, you first have to admit to yourself of the addiction, then reach out and accept the help you need, so you can start the journey of releasing yourself from the clutches of the addiction. The journey may be long, the journey may come with much pain and hurt, but when you admit to the addiction and accept the process that is in place to help, you can conquer the addiction, but when you replace one addiction with another, then you will never be released from the clutches of addiction and you will never, have the clouds of the addiction within your brain, be clear for the clarity of reality.


” Addiction will control who you truly are if you let it, time to be released from the clutches of addiction”

” Cold turkey is the only way to escape the clutches of addiction, not replacing one addiction for another”

” The past is there to learn from, not to keep digging it up and dwelling within it”


Simply think before taking action…….



” To take action before thinking through the results of that action, will almost always bring negativity and pain to your path of this journey”


There is beauty everywhere we look, just that we don’t take the time to look deeply into what we see. In this Society full of hatred and ugliness, we then let our judgments become clouded, as we hide our love and empathy deep within our souls. When our love and hatred are buried deep within, we then look the other way, when others around us are struggling or feeling real pain of their own. There is someone somewhere always going through some kind of struggle, but yet we tend to poke fun at them, so we can make light of the struggles we face and lighten our pain for which we feel. When we hear on the news of all the ugliness, we never once think of the Victim/Victims that the ugliness created? We have all been a Victim of something throughout this journey, whether it’s a Victim of a Bully, or maybe some kind of abuse, or whatever the case may be? we are all Victims of something and because of this, we have all hidden deeply our true feelings, empathy and love, just so we can move forward along our paths of this journey through life.

Then there are the ones within the main stream Media that uses their platform to voice their opinions, even if their opinion is right or wrong? The platform is there for you to do your job to the best of your ability, not to force your opinion on the rest of us. Just like that sports reporter on ESPN, she basically called our president a ” White Supremacist”? Hello!!! First of all he is our President and deserves all our respect, as being President is a 24/7 job, not to mention……….. A leader that is suppose to lead us moving forward to be better and stronger, no matter if you voted for him or not. The problem with the main stream Media is, they think they are smarter than the rest of, only because they have a platform and we don’t, well that platform is owned by the one who signs your paycheck and if you think of the ramifications of your actions, before you take the action of shoving your opinion down our throats, then maybe you wouldn’t of been suspended for your bad opinion. We all in this Society have taken many actions before we think through the action, only to later back pedal and try to make like the action was the fault of someone else. There is way too much finger pointing going on, with no one taking responsibility for their actions, it is time we all not only take responsibility, but we think through our actions, before we actually take the action.

Unlike in Hollywood where they have a script to follow and play a Fictitious part, this journey of life is real with no script and we learn as we go everyday. Yes we are going to make mistakes, yes we are going to feel real pain at different times in our lives, but in no way should this pain or mistakes, determine the out come of our journey, only if we think through our actions and take responsibility of our actions, then we all can move forward better and stronger. In this Society we get so over whelmed with all the crap, we then lose sight of who we truly are, which has us hide our true selves, replace with a Fake self, then try to keep moving forward as normal as we think normal is? But when we do this, we only compound everything, instead of truly fixing what we need to fix, so we than can keep moving forward better and stronger, on the path we chose, along this journey through life.


” We walk this journey once, why not walk it correctly, so we can rest in peace when the journey comes to an end”

” There is beauty in everything we see, we just have to look deeply into what we see to actually see it”

The main stream media abuses their platform, which has us all back pedaling to try to avoid all the ugliness:

” Hollywood may act a part within their fake reality, the rest of us are living reality, with real consequence for our actions”



The Beautiful colors of Autumn




Change is never more front and center then the cool Autumn days,

The red’s the green’s the yellow’s and the oranges so bright and beautiful,

Old man Winter is right around the corner with his white blanket to cover the Earth,

The changes of the Autumn season right there for us all to see,

All we need to do is look deeply into what we see,

We to go through changes just like the four seasons of the calendar year,

If Nature can change and show it’s true beauty, why can’t we do the same,

All change is good when done in the right way.

Some change may bring some pain and hurt,

But when we stay true to who we are, all change is definitely worth it.




The cool Autumn days may bring a chill to your bones with a shiver,

As you build a comfy fire within the fireplace, the shivers go away with the heat,

The summer heat is okay, but the cool Autumn days delivers a brand new outlook,

As the leaves show off their brightness and beauty, the tree’s are exhaling for the Winter cold,

With the cool days of the Autumn air, it can bring us all closer to heat up our paths,

But with this Society as is, the coolness of Autumn becomes freezing cold,

We all walk a path through this journey of life, time to walk together,

So we all can be warmed with the love and peace that natures shows us,

As it too changes from season to season and shows it’s true beauty for all to see.




With Autumn comes warmer days and cooler nights and makes for true beauty,

The Animal kingdom running around getting their lives in order,

fixing their homes and gathering their food for the long Winter months,

These cold days makes for many changes to all that breathe on Earth,

When change is handled correctly, it makes for a smoother transition,

Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall, each season has its own beauty,

With each season brings many changes to us all,

just as our paths bring many changes at the cross roads,

With all these changes and some being good or bad,

Some bringing real pain and hurt to us as well,

but when the changes are done correctly and with confidence,

We all can go through this journey of life,

Better and stronger,   as we feel the love within our hearts,

Then share the love with each other, so we all can,

be at peace with much happiness always.



” The Autumn season is full of so much beauty for us all to enjoy”


” Change comes in so many ways, we just have to have faith and except it”


” he heat of the summer leaves us for the cool Autumn air, as we put on a Sweater to enjoy all its beauty”






True Communication among a broken Society



Robin Williams was a genuine man, he would put all that was around him, before himself and through his comedy, he knew just how to make us all laugh. What Robin hid deeply inside himself was, the fact that he was dying a slow death, from the Depression he suffered from. Depression is the silent killer, as it eats you from the inside out and unless you truly communicate of the real pain and hurt, then all your true feelings get buried deeply within your soul, so deep that, you then become of someone for which you truly are not.

There are many things that come to us and harm us as we walk our paths through this journey of life, but the silent killer of Depression will eat you from inside out. Being sexually abused will also have you hide your true self deeply inside, as you then become someone you truly are not. The bottom line between both of these issues is, ” COMMUNICATION”. We never truly communicate issues as these, simply because we fear what others will think? We become shamed of the fact there may be something wrong with us, because we then don’t take the time to truly understand of what is wrong, we then get the why me’s and think I am the only one with this issue? Well with the way the hash tag #meto went viral, we can clearly see that , there is way too many that have been affected by sexual abuse and maybe now, we should truly communicate of this issue, so we all can heal, fix what we need to fix, so we than can move forward in peace and happiness.

There is a lot to this journey through life, there is a lot that will bring real pain and hurt to us as well, but if we don’t truly understand of what is happening and instead, suppress deeply this real pain and hurt, then as we become someone of who we truly are not, this pain and hurt will never go away, we may think it goes away, only because by suppressing deeply this pain and hurt, we then numb ourselves, to the point we feel nothing, not even a little prick from a Rose thorn off the beautiful flower.

Robin Williams wasn’t the only one within this broken Society that felt this real pain and hurt very deep within, there are many……..many others that feel this pain and hurt also, we will never truly know just how many are hurting, simply because, we all fear of not only what others will think of us, but we also through the fear, will never communicate properly what hurts us deeply, instead we will suppress deeply the pain and hurt, hide within ourselves our true selves and becoming someone of who we truly are not. This is the sad reality within this broken Society, but because we are all hiding deeply within ourselves, we will never truly feel this sadness and until we do, we will never communicate properly our issues, so we can finally relieve ourselves of this pain and hurt.

Depression may eat us from the inside out, but something made us get this way? Maybe we were sexually abused at a young age? Maybe something else happened to us when we were young, that was very traumatic to us? Whatever the case is, Depression came to us somehow, so instead of hiding our true selves deep within, hiding our true feelings and emotions deep within, we need to better understand this disease of depression, better understand all that may happen to us, so we than can fix what we need to fix, instead of hiding deep within ourselves. Communicate better with each other, as we show more love and empathy with each other as well. So we then move forward along our paths of this journey through life, in the peace and happiness that God envisioned, when he created us, and  we  then can be better and stronger with each step, along this journey.


” Depression the silent killer, it eats you from the inside out”

” True Communication is the key that will help us all heal from the issues that trouble us”

” When we become depressed something got us that way, Depression just doesn’t happen”

” If one viral hash tag like #meto gets us truly communicating, then social media has finally done some good”


Social media in today’s World……



Social Media is the new super highway within the Society of today. You can type something in one minute and the next minute what you typed, will be viral and  around the World before you know it or even of where your typed words have gone, all depending of who you follow? Now some will follow just to say that they will have a lot of followers, but with a lot of followers, now the whole world will know of your every move.

Social media has a lot of positive to it, if you use it in the right way, but when you abuse it, or use it in the wrong way, will bring a lot of negative to your life as you know it. Some may post about everything they are doing, or just maybe a post like, ” going to the store now”? A post like this basically says that no one is home for a crook to come rob you? But at the same time, a good post will be like keeping up with a long lost friend that has moved away, or maybe a family member that is separated by long miles. Social Media can bring a lot of unwanted drama to your already drama ridden life, it is all up to each of us and how we use Social Media, which will deter\mine on just how good or bad, Social Media can be.

With all that said………. The hash tag that has gone viral beyond all viral’s is, the #meto, this hash tag after that knit wit in Hollywood has been proven to sexually abuse others, has created a fire storm of others to come out from everywhere, talking about yes I have been abused as well. The problem of sexual abuse goes so far back, to the point of before all our times of this journey through life, just that back then it was considered taboo to talk of this, so Yes this is the good of Social Media, as it let’s people come out and talk of a very hurtful time of their life, it let’s them speak and release all the pain that has brought them down and numbed them from feeling any real feelings, simply because they have suppressed deeply their real feelings, so they can try to move forward without the pain. This problem of sex abuse has touched pretty much all of us, even the ones that haven’t been physically touched, but do know someone that has, you think maybe we all need to fix this issue now, so we all can heal and be at true peace, as we walk our paths, though this journey of life.

Within this Society of today, we talk of sex and brag of how many times we get laid, but seriously, we never talk of the sex abuse, because we fear of what others will think of us? So we then bury it so deep within, that we lose a big chunk of who we truly are. There are a lot of people hurting real pain within this Society, I think it is time we all address the problem head on, so not only to fix the problem, but so we all can heal properly moving forward, then we all can not only be at peace with ourselves, but we can be at peace with each other, we can also move forward being truly of who we are, showing our true love of selves with each other and totally be better and stronger as we walk our paths of this journey through life.


” #meto has gone so viral, that it shows just how people are hurting a real pain”

” To talk about being sexual abused has been so taboo, that it has stripped us from being truly of who we are”

” Social Media has a lot of good to offer, but it also brings a lot of bad and unwanted drama”

” The World’s new super highway is literally right under the finger tips on the keyboard”


God’s feast is for us all to be happy always…



” Go out, therefore, into the main roads and invite to the feast whomever you find.  The Servants went out into the streets and gathered all they found, bad and good alike and the hall was filled with guests.”

***Mt 22:9-10***



Within this Society that we all walk our paths through this journey of life, this quote from Scripture can be spun in many different ways. This feast could be of inviting one to a wedding, as in the eyes of God, is the coming together of a man and a woman as one, out of their love of each other, while they walk through this journey in peace and happiness always and celebrating this wedding with a grand feast, for all to come together in peace and happiness as the Newlyweds have done.

The feast is not just for one to sit and stuff their face til they explode, the feast is for us all to recognize and except the word of God, recognize and except the journey of Jesus Christ here with us,  so we all can come together as one, not just in peace and happiness, but come together in unity, while showing our love of selves with each other.

Within this Society of many it is very easy for us to become lost along this journey, with all the different directions that we all turn, the life events that cross our paths with real pain and hurt that we try to suppress or bury within ourselves, the obstacles that will bruise us when we fall, then the way for which we pick ourselves up from the fall, This journey to some may seem easy, only that they have never lost faith in themselves, nor have they lost the faith in God or his son Jesus Christ. The feast is not really of a sit down meal  which we think of today, the feast is we coming together in the house of the Lord, so we all can come together as one, come together in the peace and happiness that God envisioned when he created us, which will then let us walk our paths of this journey in peace and happiness always.

We are all invited to the feast of the Lord, it doesn’t matter of who you are, there is no discrimination in the eyes of the Lord, there is no putting one self above another in the eyes of the Lord, all this for which we have become accustomed to within this Society, really does not exist in the eyes of the Lord, only within our own little eyes, do we see this division and the ugliness around us. This journey through life really does not have any ugly within it, as it only has beauty within it, which is the true beauty of God, Jesus Christ and all that is within ourselves. We can’t truly see the beauty within us, only because we have suppressed it deeply within ourselves. The beauty is there. The feast we have all been invited to, all we need to do is, come together as one, come together in unity, share the love of God that is within us, with all that is around us, so we all can walk our paths of this journey through life in the peace and happiness, that is within us all.


” The feast of Jesus Christ our Lord is not about filling our stomachs with food and becoming fat, but filling ourselves with the true love of himself and then becoming better and stronger moving forward”

” With a Society of many there will be misguided information and some that will try to control everything around them”

” The one true freedom of expression is that of, understanding truly of the feast that Jesus Christ has invited us all to, so we all can move forward better and stronger”

” We the people and our little eyes are what sees the ugliness that consumes us today, we perceive many things with these eyes, time to perceive God’s true love that is within us all”

” Let’s see a feast not just of food we eat, but a feast can also be of, all of us coming together as one, in peace, happiness, love and unity”


The American Bald Eagle



The American Bald Eagle…… a beautiful bird so big and majestic,

The Eagle sits a top the tree’s and looks down on the land,

The white head, the gold beak with features like no other,

The Eagle is a symbol of the United States showing strength at every turn,

The Eagle flies through the air with the greatest of ease in search of food,

Then the Eagle swoops down and grabs a fish with the powerful Talons,

America is a strong country through all the diversity within the border walls,

It’s only fitting to have such a strong bird to represent this great country of America,

The Eagle flies high and proud as it soars through the blue sky,

Just as an American fighter Pilot flies with great pride for this great country,

The Eagle perched high above the tree top protecting the land,

Just as the United States Air Force flies the skies over this great country,

There is so much beauty within this great country of America,

With the American Bald Eagle adding even more beauty for all to see,

Natures beauty is all around us so we can enjoy throughout this journey,

With a big part of that beauty being the Eagle flying the friendly skies,

We walk our paths along this journey of life,

With the Eagles flying high above us and watching over us,

The Eagle rules the wild blue yonder with it’s soaring grace,

so we all can see the Eagle’s beauty within Natures beauty.



” The Eagle so big and powerful, but yet so beautiful as it soars the sky with ease”

” The American Bald Eagle a symbol of the United States, with great strength as the country it represents”

” Fly high fly proud as the Eagle does and with the United States Air Force”

” The Eagle perches high a top the trees looking down to protect the land within America”




Discovering the America’s




In the day and age of this Society and within all the hate and ugliness that engulfs us all as we walk our paths, through this journey of life, this day celebrating Christopher Columbus, is a day that we should always honor, as only God know’s, what might of happened to this land we call the, United States of America.

With all the disrespect going on and all the tearing down of symbols, that has made all within this country strong today. This is one day that should always be respected cause without it, nobody truly knows of what could of been, of all our legacies today. Back in the days of Christopher Columbus, true they didn’t have all the technology we have today, but they did have maps and they charted their course with those maps ( something of today that most can not do), they had no cell phones, but yet they were very much connected with the World and where they had come from. Life back then was very different and there are some things we could learn of that time, so we here in this Society can move forward better and stronger.

Yes Christopher Columbus is a holiday here in America, but it is a holiday that isn’t celebrated by all within this country as it should be. Columbus day is of very important to all of us, as Veterans day is next month,  both these days have a huge significance in all our lives, as we walk our paths through this journey of life. Columbus set sail in search of a better land for a better life, he had a crew aboard his ship that worked hard daily, they had no engine to power the ship, but the sails up above, captured the wind to power the the ship to move forward in a natural wind energy way. Yes they also had their struggles and bad times back within the Society they walked their paths, just that with all the technology of today, our struggles and bad times have become a lot more sophisticated. Just the weapons alone of their time, they used to defend themselves, were not like they are today, the ship vessels of today are way more advanced and the list goes on. Now very true that the people of that time also struggled through difficult times, but with all the advancements of today, our struggles, I guess you can say………… have also become more sophisticated as well, but….. the struggles are in reality no different, just that between all the technology and the fact that we the people, have become so dependent on the technology, only seems as if we have it harder then they did.

Two very different Societies so we may seem, only because of the technology advancement of today, but these two Societies are very much the same if we only looked deeply into what we see. Now some may say we have it harder today, it is all relative as it is we the people that have made it harder then it really needs to be. In many ways the technology has made our journey here so much easier, then the times of Christopher Columbus, it is we the people and our actions, that have made all our paths of this journey, look harder than it really is. Throughout this journey of life, we all live our lives and there is no life that is more important than the other, just that we the people, think that we ourselves are more important than each other. Back within the times of Columbus, they helped each other more, as today it is a ” me against the world” mentality and we think we are alone with our struggles. We have lost the true feelings of God’s love within us and the the true empathy deep within our souls, some want to take God out of everything we see, but God is everything we truly are, some want to take away our National symbols or disrespect the symbols with their actions, when you show disrespect the symbols of this great country, there are two groups you are truly disrespecting, one being the Veterans that fought and died so we can be free here in this country and the other is, Christopher Columbus and his crew, for discovering this great land. So before you try to take away from the history of this great country, let’s look deeper into what we see, let’s think of the reaction, before we even take action along our paths, let’s respect everything around us, including respecting each other more, show more empathy and love for one another, so we can walk our paths through this journey of life in the peace and happiness we all deserve.


” Christopher Columbus is a holiday that we have lost all respect for the true meaning of this day”

” There is so much disrespect in this society, we have lost what true respect really means”

” Technology yes has made our lives better, but in many ways it has made us all lazy to walking our paths of this journey with any strength”

” It is the actions of some, that make all our actions difficult to make”