You just don’t know?


We all walk a path through this journey of life, there are no guarantees as we walk the paths. We have to work hard at making these paths  smooth so we don’t trip up on the obstacles, or fall into the grooves and sprain our ankles? There are many things or life events that will come along the path and either stop us in our tracks, or quite simply………….  derail us, leaving us with many scars and battle wounds. Some may give up and become someone they truly are not, just to try to survive, We all go through some kind of pain and hurt from whatever issues that has come along your path, so instead of dwelling on it and bringing it to those around you, fix what you need to fix, so not only you can move forward better and stronger, but the rest of us can be at peace and happiness along our paths for which we walk.

The biggest thing or disease that comes to all our paths and whether you are affected personally, or affected by those around you, is Cancer.  Cancer is that one thing that has affected each of us, whether you have a cancer, or maybe have been affected by a loved one or so some one closely around you.  Any cancer will eat you from the inside out, it will make you very uncomfortable and within some great pain, that you try anything to be free from the pain. Cancer does not discriminate it affects all no matter who you are, even those that don’t get stricken with the disease, as they just as the one with the cancer suffer greatly, simply because no one wants to see anybody go through what the cancer makes you go through.

Places like the Saint Judes hospital do great work and the ones working there are truly Saints, as they see so much pain and hurt, not too mention watching some slowly die, these Individuals are sent from God to do his work with such a tragic disease. Then there are the Foundations like the jimmy fund and Dana Farber, that work tirelessly and raise a lot of money for the research of this dreaded disease, with the millions of dollars raised, yes they have made great strides from days past, but you would think by now, this dreaded disease wouldn’t be so powerful and bring us much pain and hurt? Maybe this is a sign from God that not all things last and everything happens for a reason? But the pain, the hurt and the suffering………… Why would God have us endure so much? Maybe that is in the signs he sends us? Which he then leaves it up to us to find the reasons of why these things happen.

Cancer in no way is a pretty disease, it affects so many of us whether you personally, or someone around you. There are so many things that comes to us along our paths, it gets tiresome to keep fighting your way around them. We all go through some kind of struggle as we walk our path, we don’t communicate of the struggles as we don’t want to burden others with them. You just don’t know what others around you are going through, but yet we are so consumed with all this ugliness and hate around us, we have totally lost the true feeling of Empathy that is within us, we have lost the true feeling of God’s love that is within all our hearts, we have lost what it is to respect each other along this journey. Hate is learned and in no way a part of who we are, or even within us as is the love and the empathy, the respect is lost simply because we only think of ourselves in this society full of hatred, which if we only truly felt the empathy within us, then this hatred we have learned, will then become unlearned and go away from all our paths through this journey of life.


” Cancer sucks, the pain the hurt, we endure so much, that we can become much stronger and better moving forward”

” The love and the empathy are within us all and are truly of who we are”

” The hatred is learned and has never been within us, but yet we let it control of who we truly are”

” The struggles of this journey through life are real and affect us all, which makes it important to always show respect of each other always”


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