To Forgive is never too good for anyone


” Peter approached Jesus and asked him, ” Lord if my brother sins against me, how often must I forgive”? As many as seven times? Jesus answered, I say to you, not seven times, but seventy seven times”

Mt 18:21;22



What truly Jesus is trying to say is, there is no limit on forgiving anyone, as we all need to get back to showing more love and empathy of each other. We all walk a path through this journey of life, let us always remember that, we are all going to sin and we are all going to make mistakes, the trick is to not be ashamed of our sins and mistakes, just have the confidence in our abilities, so we can fix our mistakes, forgive ourselves as well as others of the sins, so we than can move forward better and stronger.

Through all the hatred and the ugliness we see daily along this journey, we have all lost sight the ability to truly forgive ourselves, let alone forgive one another along our paths. We all want to go 100 even though the highway limit is 55……… Which has us going so fast that, all the true beauty of this journey through life is going right by and we can’t even see where we are going, let alone to truly see all that is around us. In Jesus everything is in moderation, one foot in front of the other as we walk this path of the journey, if need be, step back, take a deep breathe and totally breathe, so we than can actually take the time to notice what is around us, without going by it in a blur. Basically Jesus is saying to Peter, ” Why be in such a rush when we can only put one foot in front of the other, to truly see all that is before us”.

When we forgive ourselves and each other, we will find that our empathy and compassion, has always been front and center, just that we have buried them deeply within ourselves, that we have forgotten they even existed anymore. No matter of who you are, or what you have become, Jesus loves us all and will always forgive us of our sins and mistakes. Now what the problem for us is, we get so engulfed in this ugliness, we think we have to go faster to escape it? This journey through life is of everything in moderation, nothing is ever out of reach, nor should we ever let life be out of step or force us to go faster and out of our comfort zone, so we can truly see deeply of what we may be looking at, then we can breathe deeply every breathe, without gasping for air and having a hard time breathing, nor should we think we are better then those around us, as we are all equal in the eyes of Jesus, only we are the ones that put ourselves above each other.

True that sometimes our issues and problems will blind us along this journey as well, but if we are doing 100 and not doing things in moderation, no wonder why a lot of us ┬ácan;t truly look deeply into what we see, why we can’t truly fix what we need to fix, to move forward better. This journey through life is not about how fast you go and everything, of what you truly see, so you than can learn as you go, fix what you need to fix, learn to take the step back and breathe deeply the fresh air, so we than can refocus on our path, to be better and stronger moving forward, when we are refocused and re energized, we think nothing and see nothing of the ugliness around us, simply because there is none to think or see, which then leaves us to walk our paths, through this journey in the peace and happiness of Jesus Christ, which in the eyes of God, is why he created this planet for us to live and walk our journeys.


” In the eyes of Jesus Christ, the forgiveness of each other is limitless, as Jesus always taught us the love and empathy of each other”

” The hatred and the ugliness will only last for so long, as the love and empathy is within us all and will be here in Infinity”

” Speed kills as we can only walk properly with one foot in front of the other”

” Breathe deep and slowly let it out of your lungs, to help yourself relax and slow down for one foot in front of the other”


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