The Walk of Silence………….


We all have our issues and struggles as we walk through this journey of life, some are of our own fruition, as some are brought on by those who we come across as we walk our paths through this journey. What is most disturbing about this and living within a Society that feeds off of pain and hurt, is the fact that, we have lost our true empathy that is within us, as we then move forward in this Society being engulfed within all this hatred and ugliness.

Another disturbing part of this equation is, even though we all go through the pain and hurt of our issues and struggles, we become so afraid to communicate of our issues, simply because we fear the part of being made fun of, which then brings the pain and hurt to an all new high. We then will do anything to relieve ourselves of the hurt, so we then hide it so deep within ourselves, that it then changes who we truly are, this is why our Society of today is so full of this hate and ugliness, which further proves that, if we the people would only show more empathy and love of one another, then we all could, quite possibly walk our paths of this journey in the peace and happiness, that Jesus Christ showed us, when he came to us and walked his path through this journey of life.

A path like this picture within Nature, to me is my happy place, when things get so overwhelming, I take to a path like this not to be just one with my thoughts, but I let the quiet serenity of Nature soothe my soul and cleanse me of all the ugliness that may be around me. To some walking a path in nature or a path up a mountain may be too much work, I don’t look at it like work, I look at it like, clearing my head from all the ugly thoughts and replacing them with, the natural thoughts of the true beauty that is around me. We walk a path through this journey of life once, why should we walk it full of hatred and ugliness, which will totally rob us from being of truly who we are, when we can walk this journey in peace and happiness, while we show our true love and empathy for all that may be around us. Being sad, in pain and not of who we are makes no sense to me, when we can be happy and care free, while we truly be of who we are, sharing the love of God that is within us all, with each other and showing true empathy of each other always.

Sometimes finding that quiet space is what we need to heal us from our issues and pain, for me it is being one with Nature as I walk within it’s beauty. When I look around at this Society full of hatred and ugliness, only says one thing, the fact that we the people don’t take the time to find that quiet place, so we then can heal ourselves from our issues and the pain that comes from them. Within this fast paced Society, we take no time for ourselves, to heal ourselves from the ugliness, we then objectify everything and everyone around us, which then has us becoming further engulfed within the ugliness around us. To truly change this Society for the better, we first have to look no further than we ourselves, as we walk our paths, through this journey of life.


” To walk in the silence of nature is to be one with yourself and the beauty that is around you”

” When the issues and struggles are not fixed properly, they will bring much pain and hurt to us all”

” The pain and hurt will have us bury who we truly are deeply within our souls”

” God gave us the beauty of Nature for a reason, time we truly find the reason and heal ourselves properly from all that is around us”


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