nothing is set in stone…………


You can see by this picture that, not even a stone is set in stone. over time as this rock was submerged in water (only God knows just how long), and now for what ever length of time, it has sat long enough in the sun, that it has cleanly broke in two. This proves with out a doubt that there is nothing set in stone, as much as we would like to think.

We walk a path through this journey of life, we would love for these paths to come fully groomed, so we don’t have to work at grooming them, some think that they can follow another’s path, but not every path will suit each and every one of us, as we have to explore and find the path that best fits us, so we then can work at the grooming and then we can move forward better with every step.

The path this rock has taken being submerged in the pond and now being on dry land and split in two, shows that no matter what path you choose, over time many changes will come to you, which will have you working and adapting all the time throughout your journey through life, it shows that there is never anything set in stone and with all the change, will have us try many things and will also change who we are, but what we can control is who we truly are, as some of the changes will try to control this away from us.

The rock in this picture may have changed through the erosion process, but it will always be a rock, whether it is in one piece, or many pieces. We on the other hand throughout our journey, may split ourselves in different ways for what our paths may hold for us, but we are still who we truly are, no matter how many ways we try to walk these paths along this journey through life. We are still who we are even as the many life events that come along our paths, try to change who we truly are, some of these events are brought on by we ourselves, but most of these events come to us by another, who tries to control who we truly are, just so they can feel powerful as they walk through their journey.

We control our own destiny’s and no one can ever take that from us, even though through our weakest times we may think otherwise? Yes we will go through many changes throughout our lives, but none of these changes can ever change who we truly are. We get so caught up with our jobs, to try to keep afloat and live a comfortable lifestyle, that sometimes we forget who we truly are, we also get so caught up within all the ugliness and hatred that is around that we forget who we truly are, these things can happen and make our future changes in a negative way, but if we never lose sight of who we truly are, then all the negativity won’t last and we will always have a positive attitude, that will help us be better and stronger, as we walk our paths throughout this journey of life, so we than can take each step with happiness and peace always.


” Not even a rock is set in stone, change will always come, we just have to stay true to who we are”

” Our path is for us and others that try to follow will never walk the path as we did through this journey”

” We think a rock is a solid substance, but as you can see it to can break from itself”

” We are in control of our own destiny, we should never let another control it for us”

” Change is everywhere, we just have to be better at change and learn to adapt to it, to move forward better and stronger”


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