The Natural Flow


The natural flow of the water within this pond is so invigorating,

On this day the water looks so calm and invites for some kayaking pleasure,

Yes there are days this same water can be as rough as the Oceans water,

The natural flow of the water within Mother Nature can be unpredictable,

We take for granted all the bodies of water around us,

As water can come to us and be a very destructive force,

Simply look no further than what Hurricane Harvey has done in Texas,

We don’t think of the waters destruction with each drink from the tap,

When there is too much water in a short amount of time.

Coming from a Hurricane and making the shores of the rivers over flow it’s banks,

Now you have a body of water over flowing towns with no where to hide,

Homes being swamped, vehicles becoming stranded in there place,

People becoming homeless with no where to turn,

Water can destroy all that is around when Mother Nature opens the valve.



Water like within this pond can be deceiving at times,

but for the most part ponds like this are a great place for our boating enjoyment,

Go out in the kayak and explore all the inlets of the pond,

maybe even watching a Moose or Deer or maybe even a Bear,

Come to the waters edge within the inlet for their daily splash or drink,

Then their are the islands along the pond that are uninhabited,

Islands that you can paddle to, get out and walk around,

so you can explore all the beauty that is around you,

There is so much to a body of water, the last thing on our minds,

Is the destruction that the water will bring during a natural disaster,

There are also the fish and other amphibious animals within the water,

These animals survive and thrive in the water along their journey,

Every living breathing thing on this planet survives somewhere even we the humans,

We are not alone, which is why we all need to unite during the wrath of mother nature,

Mother Nature has so much beauty within her,

But yet she can also become so violent at times as well,

Which is why we should never take anything for granted,

As when we do, it can be taken away as quick as we received it.


The wrath of Mother Nature is like no other on this planet,

Which is why we always need to respect her and all that is around us,

When we pull together in unity especially during the toughest of times,

There is nothing that can come between us,

Nor can anything keep us from moving forward along our paths,

through this journey of life plus become better and stronger with each step.


” Everything in life is temporary and can be taken from us at a moments notice”

” Water is more than just filling a glass from the tap, it can destroy all in it’s path”

” A body of water like a pond can be relaxing for us to embark along it’s shores, but never take for granted any body of water within Mother nature”

” The beauty of being out in the pond on the water can turn to being quite scary when Mother Nature turns up her wrath”


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