The hands of time as we walk our paths through this journey


We all walk a path throughout this journey of life, there are no guarantees as we walk these paths, the only guarantee is, how we carve out the path, so we can walk smoothly, with no slippery slopes or bumps that will bruise us.

There are many obstacles we will encounter along our paths,  like maybe building a bridge to get over the obstacle, so we can continue to move forward with each step. These paths are just that………… A path, until we cut our way through it and make the path as smooth as we can, plus maybe make a few improvements  along the path, to personalize the paths for which we cut. This journey through life is no bed of Roses, unless we plant the Roses along our path, we can do whatever we want to these paths for which we walk, We can build a bridge, maybe even pave the path to make it a bit more smooth, or quite simply…………. We can just leave them as simple as we like, so we can move forward as best we can throughout this journey.

Throughout the history of Mankind, we have started out as primitive as this path in the picture, just that over time and how Mankind evolved, we ourselves and the paths we walk, have been built up and modernized to the point of, we take so much for granted, that we have forgotten just how primitive the paths used to be. Everybody has their version of a successful path, here lies the problem? Not every path that is good for one, is necessarily good for the other. As we have evolved over time, so has the Societies we walk our paths in. With each Society and the many people that make up a Society, you now have many different ways to look at, to make improvements along your path, or maybe just see what works for one, so you then come up with a version of that, to make your path as best you can to continue moving forward.

A path like the one in this picture, have been carved out for us and maintained, so we than can climb the mountain to reach the summit, or maybe it is a path that we walk as we take to the outdoors for a daily trek, none the less these paths have been carved and well maintained to make our walk that much more smoother, the problem then lies with us, as we then take for granted the path which we walk, we don’t truly look deep into what we see, nor do we take the time to appreciate all that is around us. It is also true that things happen as we walk these paths, sometimes these things comes with much pain and hurt, which then has us wandering along the path, without doing any real work to make the paths better. These things that come to us and try to block our paths we walk, will only succeed in the blocking, only if we give up and don’t work hard at keeping the path maintained and cleared of all the obstacles. These paths of this journey through life are ours to work hard at cleaning up, work hard at the maintenance of the path, so we than can keep moving forward through this journey, as we than can walk with confidence, and be at peace with much happiness. We all walk a path through this journey of life and when we walk the path correctly, we then can be at peace, full of happiness and with a well maintained path, we can accomplish all we set out to accomplish.


” The hands of time may seem to be speeding up as we grow older, but in reality time stays the same as it is us that think it speeds up, with the way we walk our paths”

” The obstacles along our paths can help us be better as we walk our paths but they shouldn’t control our destiny along the path”

” We build a bridge to get over a gap or things along our path, we should never take for granted that bridge we build”

The beginning of Mankind was very primitive and simple, as the hands of time moved forward so did we and the way we walk our paths”


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