For Whom am I truly……..



” He said to them, ” But who do you say that I am?” Simon Peter said in reply,, You are the Christ, the son of the living God.”

Mt 16:15-16


With the complete faith in ourselves and in God, as well as his son Jesus Christ, we shall never lose sight of who we truly are, we shall always walk our path along this journey of life, not just in the peace of Christ, but within the confidence of who we truly are.

There is way too much ugliness and hatred among us today, which truly shows just how lost we are today and how lost we are………….of knowing who we truly are. We may say we are confident in who we are, but are we truly? Or are we so consumed with being someone we truly are not, that we can not walk our paths of this journey in the peace of God, where we can be truly happy and care free.

We all want to succeed and be successful in everything we do, but just how successful can we be, especially when we are not truly of who we are. ” True success is not measured by how much money or things you have”, ” True success comes from the inner peace within your soul”, True success is measured by the smile on your face and how truly happy you are as you, walk your path through this journey.

Having faith and knowing of who you truly are, will give you a silent confidence within your journey, but when you don’t know of who you truly are, will then have you wander aimlessly along this journey of life, with no direction or will have you lack the tools needed, to set a course and achieve all that you can and all that you can be as well.

God created us all so we can flourish and be happy along this journey, he created us all as Humans, yes we may look different with different colors, religions, creed, sex, ethnicity, but this shows nothing more than just how unique we are to each other, as we are all the same and we are all equal to each other, just that some may try to have us look differently at this uniqueness. Some who are lost within themselves may also bring this hatred and try to harm others with this hatred, but this shows nothing more than just how lost some are within their souls, how lost they have become with no faith in themselves or Jesus Christ. When we have faith in ourselves and in Jesus Christ, there really is nothing we can not do, as we then have true success, while we walk our paths along this journey of life.


” True success isn’t measured with things we have, true success is felt deeply within with happiness and peace that gives us all a glow and a smile”

” For whom are we truly? The answer is deep within all our souls along with the love of God as well”

” This hatred around us comes from having no faith in ourselves, which then highlights the ugliness and not the goodness”

” True success gives us this silent confidence to walk our paths of this journey better and stronger always”


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