Trust the focus and focus the trust……..


” Peter said to him in reply, ” Lord if it is you, command me to come to you on the water”, he said, “come ” Peter got out of the boat and began to walk on the water toward Jesus”.

Mt 14:28-29


When Peter got out of the boat, he did walk on water as he put his focus and trust in Jesus Christ, but he did start to sink a ways into the walk, as his focus was starting to drift, leaving him to falter with his trust, but when he got back to 100% focus and trust in Jesus, he then began to rise to the top and walk on top of the water once again.

We to as we walk our paths along this journey of life, will falter as Peter did when our focus and trust becomes distorted. Within a broken Society as we are today, with all the crap and ugliness that is around us, makes it very difficult to keep our focus of moving forward, with all the dishonesty and those who will do anything to brain wash you for their benefit, makes it even harder to trust anything/anybody you meet along your path and when there is no focus and no trust of anything or anybody, now we become lost along this journey, with no true direction in which to walk.

Walking through this journey there will be these Life events that will cross our paths, some of these events we can not go around and get sucked in deeper………. Some of these events are brought on by we ourselves, as other events are brought on by others who cross our paths, none the less when these events come to us and we are to focused on the other crap around us, now these events will take control of who we truly are. Then we take to the house of the Lord to help us, but when he doesn’t respond to our S.O.S. Quickly enough, then our focus and trust then falters for him as well, leaving us even more mixed up and out of focus, then we were before. Focus and trust are a big part of who we truly are and without it, then all we are doing is wandering through this journey, instead of being truly who we are and walking passionately along this journey, with meaning and a purpose.

Trust and focus are a big part of who we are as a person walking along this journey. Trust and focus also are big factors in all areas of our life as we walk our paths through this journey. When we want to move ahead in our careers, we first need to focus ourselves on to our jobs, so we can do the best job possible moving forward, then trust in ourselves and those around, to give us the correct information, so we than can apply the information  to make all the correct decisions moving forward. Right now within this broken Society, there is no more real focus or trust, as all we are doing is spewing information, whether it is the correct information or not, plus within this broken Society, we really don’t know who we can truly trust, so we than can focus on moving forward, to be better and stronger as we walk our paths through this journey of life.

Let’s look at when you go buy a car, you would like to focus on buying the right car, so you would like to trust in the source of where you are buying, but to them, all you are is a way for them to put money in their pocket, so now your focus is not there so you can make a well informed decision. Another great example of focus and trust are our Elected officials, these are Individuals that will do and say anything, just so you will vote for them on election day and they then go into office for their own agendas, instead of what they said they would do when you voted for them, which then has your trust become non existent and your focus then becomes on all the wrong things and not on what you need, to walk your path of this journey, to be better and stronger.

Focus and Trust are a big part of who we are as a person and when we don’t have either, now this journey through life becomes cloudy with the clouds of our judgments. When the Trust is gone it is very hard to get it back and with no trust, then we become out of focus of all that is around us. Focus and Trust go hand in hand, like Faith and Hope, with no Faith there is no chance of any hope, as with no trust, there will never be anything in focus along our journey. Jesus Christ came to us and showed us just how to walk our paths, as well as teaching us many things as well, our biggest problem is being so far removed from the time of Jesus Christ, that we have lost our trust in him, which then has us out of focus as we walk our paths through this journey. When we have trust in all that is around us, we then can be in focus and see everything more clearly as we walk our paths, making all of us better and stronger throughout this journey of life.


” With no faith there is no chance of any hope, as with no trust there will never be anything in focus along our journey”

” You first have to focus on the trust and when there is no trust, then there is nothing to focus on”

” When Peter first stepped on to the water his focus was on the water and sinking, not on the true source of the trust which was Jesus Christ”

” Without the trust we then have misinformation, which then gives us something to falsely focus on”



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