The hands of time as we walk our paths through this journey


We all walk a path throughout this journey of life, there are no guarantees as we walk these paths, the only guarantee is, how we carve out the path, so we can walk smoothly, with no slippery slopes or bumps that will bruise us.

There are many obstacles we will encounter along our paths,  like maybe building a bridge to get over the obstacle, so we can continue to move forward with each step. These paths are just that………… A path, until we cut our way through it and make the path as smooth as we can, plus maybe make a few improvements  along the path, to personalize the paths for which we cut. This journey through life is no bed of Roses, unless we plant the Roses along our path, we can do whatever we want to these paths for which we walk, We can build a bridge, maybe even pave the path to make it a bit more smooth, or quite simply…………. We can just leave them as simple as we like, so we can move forward as best we can throughout this journey.

Throughout the history of Mankind, we have started out as primitive as this path in the picture, just that over time and how Mankind evolved, we ourselves and the paths we walk, have been built up and modernized to the point of, we take so much for granted, that we have forgotten just how primitive the paths used to be. Everybody has their version of a successful path, here lies the problem? Not every path that is good for one, is necessarily good for the other. As we have evolved over time, so has the Societies we walk our paths in. With each Society and the many people that make up a Society, you now have many different ways to look at, to make improvements along your path, or maybe just see what works for one, so you then come up with a version of that, to make your path as best you can to continue moving forward.

A path like the one in this picture, have been carved out for us and maintained, so we than can climb the mountain to reach the summit, or maybe it is a path that we walk as we take to the outdoors for a daily trek, none the less these paths have been carved and well maintained to make our walk that much more smoother, the problem then lies with us, as we then take for granted the path which we walk, we don’t truly look deep into what we see, nor do we take the time to appreciate all that is around us. It is also true that things happen as we walk these paths, sometimes these things comes with much pain and hurt, which then has us wandering along the path, without doing any real work to make the paths better. These things that come to us and try to block our paths we walk, will only succeed in the blocking, only if we give up and don’t work hard at keeping the path maintained and cleared of all the obstacles. These paths of this journey through life are ours to work hard at cleaning up, work hard at the maintenance of the path, so we than can keep moving forward through this journey, as we than can walk with confidence, and be at peace with much happiness. We all walk a path through this journey of life and when we walk the path correctly, we then can be at peace, full of happiness and with a well maintained path, we can accomplish all we set out to accomplish.


” The hands of time may seem to be speeding up as we grow older, but in reality time stays the same as it is us that think it speeds up, with the way we walk our paths”

” The obstacles along our paths can help us be better as we walk our paths but they shouldn’t control our destiny along the path”

” We build a bridge to get over a gap or things along our path, we should never take for granted that bridge we build”

The beginning of Mankind was very primitive and simple, as the hands of time moved forward so did we and the way we walk our paths”


The unknown Wilderness


The eerie darkness of the unknown within the depth of this thick forest,

What could be lurking at each turn of the path for which you trek,

it seems so quiet as you look in from the boat on the water,

the thick green branches of the pines keeps you from seeing inside,

trekking through not so familiar land makes for and interesting journey,

but a journey well traveled as you explore deeply the land,

is there Moose, Deer or maybe a Bear, probably so as you near the shore,

your thinking more of the exploring than meeting up with any wildlife,

your cautious at first as you jump at every snap of a twig,

as you walk along the shore to go for your trek,

the sounds of the water  slapping the shore and the crackling of the leaves beneath your feet,

this has you becoming relaxed so you can fully enjoy what will be around you along your trek,

the different kinds of plant life growing so vibrantly and everywhere,

the tree’s with some being very tall while others look like the children of the tree’s,

unlike the city the wilderness is so open and free, as you relax and get lost within the wilderness,

sometimes you will meet up with the resident of the land,

but when you do be careful they may not like your intrusion.

We are free to walk our paths of this journey how ever we like,

just as free as being in the wilderness and exploring all that is around us,

The mountains. off in the distance offer another beauty for us to explore,

like the wilderness they to offer the quiet beauty of the unknown.

although the trekking up the mountain comes with some work, which leaves you breathless as you think of the climb to the summit.

Our everyday life within the grind has nothing on the walk within the wilderness,

just as the wilderness is nothing like the grind we walk daily,

we walk through this journey of life, whether it is within our daily grind, or we are trekking within the different terrain,

the journey is the same as the trekking is what keeps us exploring along the journey we walk.


” Walking through the unknown is how we explore and learn of all that is around us”

” The darkness of the unknown may seem Eerie at first glance then as we explore it, then it will become familiar territory”

” Trekking through the unknown may be scary and Eerie, but with familiarity the scary and Eerie goes away”



For Whom am I truly……..



” He said to them, ” But who do you say that I am?” Simon Peter said in reply,, You are the Christ, the son of the living God.”

Mt 16:15-16


With the complete faith in ourselves and in God, as well as his son Jesus Christ, we shall never lose sight of who we truly are, we shall always walk our path along this journey of life, not just in the peace of Christ, but within the confidence of who we truly are.

There is way too much ugliness and hatred among us today, which truly shows just how lost we are today and how lost we are………….of knowing who we truly are. We may say we are confident in who we are, but are we truly? Or are we so consumed with being someone we truly are not, that we can not walk our paths of this journey in the peace of God, where we can be truly happy and care free.

We all want to succeed and be successful in everything we do, but just how successful can we be, especially when we are not truly of who we are. ” True success is not measured by how much money or things you have”, ” True success comes from the inner peace within your soul”, True success is measured by the smile on your face and how truly happy you are as you, walk your path through this journey.

Having faith and knowing of who you truly are, will give you a silent confidence within your journey, but when you don’t know of who you truly are, will then have you wander aimlessly along this journey of life, with no direction or will have you lack the tools needed, to set a course and achieve all that you can and all that you can be as well.

God created us all so we can flourish and be happy along this journey, he created us all as Humans, yes we may look different with different colors, religions, creed, sex, ethnicity, but this shows nothing more than just how unique we are to each other, as we are all the same and we are all equal to each other, just that some may try to have us look differently at this uniqueness. Some who are lost within themselves may also bring this hatred and try to harm others with this hatred, but this shows nothing more than just how lost some are within their souls, how lost they have become with no faith in themselves or Jesus Christ. When we have faith in ourselves and in Jesus Christ, there really is nothing we can not do, as we then have true success, while we walk our paths along this journey of life.


” True success isn’t measured with things we have, true success is felt deeply within with happiness and peace that gives us all a glow and a smile”

” For whom are we truly? The answer is deep within all our souls along with the love of God as well”

” This hatred around us comes from having no faith in ourselves, which then highlights the ugliness and not the goodness”

” True success gives us this silent confidence to walk our paths of this journey better and stronger always”


Peace…… Not hate is what we need



Time for my little friend to make an appearance once again and he will keep doing so, til we all smarten up, end all the violence, the hatred of each other and the ugliness goes away.

This is Martin Richards, a young, vibrant and full of life little boy of eight years old, before he was innocently taken from us at the Boston Marathon. He was with his family enjoying a beautiful day, with no idea of what was about to happen, Two sick Individuals decided to make these home made bombs and plant them in two locations along the finish line route of the marathon, well one of these were placed right at the feet of young Martin Richards.

This is the kind of ugliness that is uncalled for for any reason, this is the kind of ugliness that you just don’t know when it will strike? Why? Why target innocent people? Why not stand toe to toe with who you want to become ugly towards? Simply because these sick Individuals are Cowards and can’t stand up to anything, not even and innocent young eight year old boy, with a great message of, ” No more hurting people………… Peace”.

May we never forget times like this and the 9/11 terror attack in New York city as well, as by remembering this can not only help us heal, but it will also help us become stronger and better moving forward. We don’t have to dwell in the past, but use the past to become better moving forward, which is why with all these statues being taken down of people in our past is so wrong, not only that but, a lot of these people that were made into a statue, did more good then harm, just that people of today only see bad, so all is bad then. What’s next the taking down of mount Rushmore? Come on now people!!! Let’s use our brain for once and stop all this hatred before this hatred destroys all that we are and who we really are.   I believe 100% in what President Trump said, ” We are not rebuilding a nation, we are killing Terrorists”. These are the sick Individuals that will think nothing to ending our existence, these sick Individuals are the ones bringing this hatred to this Society, so it is time for, ” an eye for an eye”, end them before they end us.

God didn’t create us so we can hate on each other as we are, God created us to love one another, with the same love he has filled our hearts and souls with. ” It is a lot easier to love than to hate”, ” hate is a learned process from one to another”.

We all walk a path along this journey of life, yes these paths may need some work, as they will bruise us when we fall, but it is not on how we fall, it is more about how we get back up and move forward better. There are also cross roads that will come along our path, sometimes we may make a bad choice as to which way to go, but it is on us to correct that choice and move forward not backward, what we shouldn’t do is blame another for the bad choice we have made, own up to the choice, so we could learn from it and be better for it. Peace comes from love, and through hate nothing good will ever come from it, so let’s walk our paths with love along this journey, so we all can be at peace moving forward together.


” That warm feeling within your heart and soul, that is the love of God within us, to truly feel and share with one another”

” We need the past not to dwell and get stuck there, but to learn from our mistakes and misfortunes, so we can be better and stronger moving forward”


Change for spite really brings on negativity with bad results……..


ESPN is a sporting news channel that, when it first surfaced it was a great source for all your sporting needs, with scores and highlights of all the teams within each sport, plus deliver to you, of just how your favorite team did, right at your finger tips. Although now…………. This sporting news agency has become like all the other news agencies and has gone so far to the left, that what they say and do, is nothing but creating more and more drama, in this already drama ridden Society, for which we live. Now because one of their sportscasters has the same name as a Confederate General, is no reason to pull him from one area of telecasting a team and placing him somewhere else. Come on ESPN!!!!!! Go back to what you at one time did great and that was, reporting all the sporting news and scores, for us all to see, when we were too busy or working, to see any of our favorite games.

Just maybe it is time for we the People to start Boycotting any and all of these types of news agencies? With all the ugliness and the crap we see around us today, we need not look no further than all the news agencies, bringing us the news and filling us with more drama, as they not only fill their pockets with Greed, but bring us way too much drama, just to keep their agendas going. I mean really!!! Look at X-Infinity or formerly Comcast, this cable provider has such a big monopoly, that they just keep going up on the price of their service and really giving nothing back in return that really warrants the up rise in price, the problem here is we the People keep paying for the service, instead of going with another option, or simply getting rid of it all together? True without cable then we won’t have as many channels to surf or to choose from, but in the old days, there was an antenna  on the roof, hooked into your television set and we watched whatever came into our TV’s. Now with all the cable channels, watching a simple television show, has become all about greed as well, so all these cable companies can rob us further, of our hard earned monies.

With cable today and all the different stations to choose from, unfortunately we have to weed out the crap and keep searching for the good channels we know and like, these stations especially the news stations will do nothing but bring us more drama then we care for, they all have their agendas and will stop at nothing to keep their agendas going, just to try to keep us all addicted to the drama and tuning in to get more drama.  Right now all these stations have all the power and control, simply because we let them have it, so we can keep our addiction going of receiving of this drama.

Now there is an epidemic running through the NFL, with players not standing for the National Anthem of this great country, The United States of America……….. Really!!!! With the many that have fought and died, just so you can get paid big money to play a sport and this, is how you show your respect for them?  Respect goes both ways and when you show disrespect, then disrespect is what should be showed back at you. I understand we have what is called ” Freedom of Speech”, I understand we all need to stand up for what we believe in, but when you do so within a game you are being paid big money to play and when you do so, during the National Anthem of the country you are in, playing your sport, that shows nothing but disrespect for the Men and Woman, who have fought hard and have died, so we all can be free in this country and you the player, can play the sport you love and for big money as well. Maybe it’s time we all start using our brains more, maybe it’s time we start standing up for what we believe yes………. but do so in a smart way, by not only picking our battles, but by picking the correct venue to stand up properly for what we believe. There is way to much drama in this Society we live, I think we all should limit the amount of the drama and one way to do that is, limit the amount of the sources that bring it to us, limit the amount of the television for which we watch, or maybe just watch more informational television, like the History channel or the National Geographic channel? Then we can actually learn more, as we walk our paths through this journey of life.


” When we change things out of spite is not the way to true change and will only further the ugliness and the drama always”

” Respect goes both ways and is never a one way street”

” X-Infinity or Comcast, has built such a big monopoly  it has become lost at their true service for each of us”

” Before you take that knee at the singing of our National Anthem, remember first the Men and Woman who have fought and died for you and I to be free within this great country”

” Respect…Dignity…Trust…Values, these are just a few words that truly have a meaning and help us all coexist with one another”


Strong powerful leadership


The American Bald Eagle is a big, strong and powerful bird that rules the sky, this bird isn’t our symbol because it is weak, this bird is our symbol, cause it is a true symbol for those of which it represents.  I love this picture on so many levels, but the biggest thing is, just how majestic this bird is, not too mention of how cool this picture is of the Eagle watching out for all that is below.

President Donald Trump last night with his speech, showed just what a true Leader is all about, someone that is not afraid to stand his ground for all who he serves, someone that knows how to delegate and get the job done. Someone who is not afraid to stand up to a Bully or a Terrorist and someone who is smart enough to give our armed service men and woman, the tools and resources needed, so they can do their jobs correctly. You want to end all the ugliness that is around us all today, it starts with a true Leader, that knows how to lead and has all our best interests in mind with his actions.

You want an example of failed Leadership, you don’t have to look any further, then the failed Leadership of the National Football League, here is a guy by the name of Roger Goodell. This guy collects a handsome salary, but yet lacks the skills needed to lead an organization. Right now in the NFL you have player’s that will refuse to stand to the National Anthem? Really!!! These players are getting paid ridiculous amounts of money playing a game. These players are blessed with a talent and the ability to play a sport that they love, but yet they are so dumb when they use their sport, to highlight their platform. There is a time and a place for everything, just that a sporting event is no place to protest against the music of your country, especially when your getting paid big money within that Country you are playing in. I am aware of this thing called ” freedom of speech”, but when your playing a sport you love and for big money as well, not too mention looked up to as a role model to guide the young and steer them in the right direction, you have to pick your battles wisely and do your protests in other venues. Now if the NFL had a true Leader, just maybe these Individuals who refuse to stand for the National Anthem of a Country, who many have died, just so they can get paid big money to play a sport which they love, will no longer get to play their sport. It’s a respect thing and if you want others to respect you, then you need to respect all that is around you. Just maybe the Coaches of these teams should stand up to these Individuals and simply not let them play and have them become a bench warmer, for those who show respect for the National Anthem of the country for which they play.

President Donald Trump is quickly becoming one of the best Presidents of my lifetime. He is someone that does what he says and says what he means. President Trump is a Business man yes………. but to be as successful as he has been, you not only have to be smart, you have to be able to be a great leader, that can adapt to any situation, as well as know how to delegate to those around you, so you can focus on what you need to focus on, then you can walk your path of this journey through life, to be better and stronger moving forward.


” Some may be born to be a leader, but a true leader is never born”

” The American Bald Eagle……. So majestic but yet so powerful, a great symbol for America showing strength and freedom, while soaring the skies so graceful”

” Failed leadership will never work, as it will only compound the issues and bring out the ugliness instead of beauty”

” To be respected you first need to respect moving forward throughout this journey”


Solitude versus Loneliness


This Birch tree sitting on it’s own little island may seem lonely at first glance, but it is vibrant and full of life as you can see, it has other plant life around it, just that they all use their space wisely and coexist within a tight space.

We within this Society of today, really have no clue anymore the difference between solitude and loneliness. Solitude is finding that quiet space so you can collect your thoughts, turn the negative thoughts into positive thoughts, so we than can walk our paths of this journey, better and stronger moving forward and while being vibrant and full of life like this Birch tree. Being lonely is not having anywhere to turn when in need, not knowing of how to find that place of solitude, so you than can turn your negatives into positives. Not truly knowing of how to deal with others, so you can have a place to lean when the need is there. Being lonely is a place that will have us stew with our negative thoughts, then one day with all the negativity…………Boom!!! we erupt  into someone we truly are not. Loneliness is a place we get into, simply because we think it is safer to bury our feelings, instead of letting them out and expressing ourselves deeply, which then leaves us in a less vibrant position, then the position this Birch tree is, in this picture.

Loneliness is something we do when we want to escape to where we think safety is? Usually it is a place we go and put up this force field not letting anything or anybody within this field. We get so lost within that, not only do we not let anybody in, we then get lost as to how to get out of the loneliness, our negative thoughts then become dominate and we become someone we truly are not. Within this Society of many and when we are all lost within this loneliness, will bring out all the ugliness of which we are living now.

We don’t truly communicate with each other anymore and a big part of that is the Political Correction that engulfs us today, simply because we are so afraid to offend each other, we then move forward in this loneliness, which furthers us deeper into our own little world of loneliness. The Political Correction has forced us into this loneliness, which then has us all stewing deeply with all our negative thoughts, instead of changing the negativity into a positive. There are so many different factors to walking this journey, that if we don’t truly understand all the factors, we will wander through blindness, instead of walking peacefully along this journey through life.

There is so much loneliness within this Society, we need to start addressing it properly, so we all can get to our own places of solitude and then, we can start turning our negatives into positives. Until we start learning the real difference between loneliness and solitude, none of us will ever get to that happy place, which will then leave all the ugliness in the rear view mirror. We can and will get to our place of Solitude, but we first need to, see past all the ugliness, the hurt and the pain, see past all this Political Correction that engulfs us, communicate better with each other, so we than can find true solitude, which will then lead us onto a smooth path to walk, along this journey through life.


” Solitude is a happy place for us to go and mend ourselves of all negativity and fill us with the positive thoughts needed to walk smoothly along this journey”

” Loneliness is a place we go that we think is safe to escape reality and stew within our negative thoughts”

” Sometimes we need to get away from everything so we can recharge, change our negative thoughts into positive thoughts and heal ourselves to move forward better and stronger”

” This Political Correction that has engulfed all we do has hurt us deeply within more than we really think, time to change and end this process before it ends each one of us and our mental thought process”


All the Ugliness needs to end within this Society.


In today’s Society there is way too much drama and ugliness, Whenever someone becomes hurt, there are many that will exploit their hurt just so they can seem more powerful than they truly are. We just like the Animal Kingdom will pray on the weak, so we ourselves can look powerful to those around us. It is a dog eat dog World out there and we the People are the ones totally responsible for letting it get to the level it has reached.

There are many places around the globe that many have settled and have become cramped, as the living spaces for which we live, are as close to each other than they really should be, this only breeds the ugliness further, as there is no true privacy anymore, everybody becomes engulfed in the others situations, we all are guilty of the ” it’s not me” scenarios, just to make ourselves look less guilty than the other. but when we buy into living spaces so close to each other, this gives us no choice but to get consumed with all the ugliness within this Society. With all these close quarter living spaces, it gives each of us more opportunity to hate on each other, simply because there is no space to breathe in  and breathe out normally, so we can relax and take the time to fix our everyday needs. So as we go through this journey of life without the ample time to fix and mend properly, now you have many within a Society burying deeply all their issues, hiding truly of who we are from all the rest of Society and with that, you now have a broken Society that is in need of a major fix, with no true peace and happiness anywhere.

Very true there are many places out there to explore and get lost within true peace, not all roads are cluttered with vehicles to the point you are stopped from moving forward, instead of being closed minded to all that is around you, be more open minded and truly look deeply into all that is around you. there is so much more to this World and Society, then of what we may think in our everyday grind, we are so close minded today, we then let ourselves become consumed with the ugliness, instead of truly being of who we are and seeing everything around us with an open mind. This journey of life is of what we make it and when we are so close minded, then this journey will be about the ugliness and crap we see today, but when we fix what we need to fix, keep an open mind of everything around us, then the ugliness and hurt, will then be replaced with peace and happiness, as we walk our paths of this journey through life.

There are many roads within this Society that are still left to explore, we first have to bury the hate, stop living within the drama and ugliness, so we than can see the true beauty of what is around us. When we see all the true beauty, then we can truly go out and explore, finding that there is so much more to this World and Society, than what we see within the ugliness of today. I get we all want to live in the now, but when the now is full of ugliness and drama, then something needs to change, like we ourselves in how we look at everything around us. This journey through life is all about beauty as God wanted us to see, but the ugliness we have created as people of this Society, has even God disappointed at what we are doing to what he has created for us. The time is now for us all to change, end all this hate of each other, end all this ugliness and drama we have created, so we than can walk our paths of this journey through life, in peace and happiness always, as we see nothing but true beauty, instead of ugliness and hatred.


” End all the ugliness, end all the hate, end all the drama, so we all can walk this journey in peace”

” Not all roads are cluttered that will stop us from moving forward, we just have to move past them so we can open up the roads for safe travel”

” Ugliness and hate will do nothing but keep us all from truly moving forward, time to change totally so we all can see nothing but peace and happiness”

” Time to stop  being consumed by the hate and ugliness, time to see past this crap so we can see all the true beauty around us”


A piece of History……


The delivery of the History lesson and the way the teacher teaches the lesson………… Okay it might need some excitement brought into the lesson, but when you simply go out within Nature and explore, makes for a great way to learn all the History you want to learn about.

Rockwood is a small town within northern Maine at the tip of Moosehead lake toward the north and not far from the Canadian border. It is always fun to learn of these places, where you don’t venture to all that often, so you can see how the town was born, what resources came from this town and who was the first settlers of this town. Maine is one of those States that is full of History, some maybe you do know, but a lot you never knew. When some come here for a visit a lot of times they don’t take the time to truly learn of the History, only they jump into their boats and go so fast, the History goes right over their heads, without them really learning of where they are.

Yes the Ice Age was real and something that truly happened along this journey through life, this life evolves in cycles and each cycle is round, so over time, there are times that keeps repeating itself, just like the life cycle of each one of us, within our cycles there are the up’s as well as the down’s, things happen to us within our cycles for a reason and it is us that needs to find the reason, so we can be better informed as our cycle turns round and round, the same goes for the cycles within the journey as well, they also happen for a reason and unless we understand truly the reason, we will never truly understand any History that is right in front of us.

History has proven time and time again, that the Native Indian here in America was here first, it is us the White man that invaded them and pushed ourselves into their home. We cut down all the tree’s, developed all the land and all simply for the greed, then once we got a taste of the greed, we then let the greed control truly of who we are. Okay there have been some of our elected officials over the History of these United States that actually had a brain and with that brain, they have declared some of the land here a National land or park, where it is protected from any development, so there are is still some true beauty for us to get out and explore, but that still doesn’t make it right that we invaded and developed a good chunk of this land and all in the name of greed.

True that all this land within North America is rich with resources that we need, but there is a difference between taking the resources to make our lives better and taking the resources, just to line our pockets with greed. The biggest problem with the History of this great land of America is, we the People………. We the People have destroyed a big chunk of this land, just for the greed and could care less of any History that the land may hold. Mount Kineo was formed from the Ice Age of over 10,000 years ago, it was a place the Native Americans fished, hunted and gathered the Kineo Rhyolite, which is a durable stone for them to make their tools, this was also considered one of the best finds in all of North America. It is fun to learn of all this History and even more fun, to get out and explore as we walk our paths through this journey of life.

In the 1800’s the Moose river to Moosehead lake became the premier waterways for reaching all the logging roads within the woods of Maine and Rockwood, became the staging grounds for the full scale logging operations. Rockwood is truly a beautiful place and when you really learn of it’s History, makes it even more beautiful a place to visit and get away from the daily grind.

Every State within these United States is rich with their own History and to truly learn of the History, we need to get out and explore, instead of just developing the land, to fill our pockets with the greed, or not truly focusing on the history and getting lost within the journey for which we walk.


” Mount Kineo is one of those hidden gems, that most have no idea of what or even where it is”

” The native American was here first, as we the white man invaded and took their homes away from them”

” There are many places like Rockwood throughout this country, just that we have to get out and explore to see all the true beauty”

” There is much wildlife throughout the area of northern Maine, with the American Bald Eagle taking up residence there as well”

” The American Bald Eagle is such a big powerful bird and is fun to just sit and watch as they fly through the sky with the greatest of ease”


Trust the focus and focus the trust……..


” Peter said to him in reply, ” Lord if it is you, command me to come to you on the water”, he said, “come ” Peter got out of the boat and began to walk on the water toward Jesus”.

Mt 14:28-29


When Peter got out of the boat, he did walk on water as he put his focus and trust in Jesus Christ, but he did start to sink a ways into the walk, as his focus was starting to drift, leaving him to falter with his trust, but when he got back to 100% focus and trust in Jesus, he then began to rise to the top and walk on top of the water once again.

We to as we walk our paths along this journey of life, will falter as Peter did when our focus and trust becomes distorted. Within a broken Society as we are today, with all the crap and ugliness that is around us, makes it very difficult to keep our focus of moving forward, with all the dishonesty and those who will do anything to brain wash you for their benefit, makes it even harder to trust anything/anybody you meet along your path and when there is no focus and no trust of anything or anybody, now we become lost along this journey, with no true direction in which to walk.

Walking through this journey there will be these Life events that will cross our paths, some of these events we can not go around and get sucked in deeper………. Some of these events are brought on by we ourselves, as other events are brought on by others who cross our paths, none the less when these events come to us and we are to focused on the other crap around us, now these events will take control of who we truly are. Then we take to the house of the Lord to help us, but when he doesn’t respond to our S.O.S. Quickly enough, then our focus and trust then falters for him as well, leaving us even more mixed up and out of focus, then we were before. Focus and trust are a big part of who we truly are and without it, then all we are doing is wandering through this journey, instead of being truly who we are and walking passionately along this journey, with meaning and a purpose.

Trust and focus are a big part of who we are as a person walking along this journey. Trust and focus also are big factors in all areas of our life as we walk our paths through this journey. When we want to move ahead in our careers, we first need to focus ourselves on to our jobs, so we can do the best job possible moving forward, then trust in ourselves and those around, to give us the correct information, so we than can apply the information  to make all the correct decisions moving forward. Right now within this broken Society, there is no more real focus or trust, as all we are doing is spewing information, whether it is the correct information or not, plus within this broken Society, we really don’t know who we can truly trust, so we than can focus on moving forward, to be better and stronger as we walk our paths through this journey of life.

Let’s look at when you go buy a car, you would like to focus on buying the right car, so you would like to trust in the source of where you are buying, but to them, all you are is a way for them to put money in their pocket, so now your focus is not there so you can make a well informed decision. Another great example of focus and trust are our Elected officials, these are Individuals that will do and say anything, just so you will vote for them on election day and they then go into office for their own agendas, instead of what they said they would do when you voted for them, which then has your trust become non existent and your focus then becomes on all the wrong things and not on what you need, to walk your path of this journey, to be better and stronger.

Focus and Trust are a big part of who we are as a person and when we don’t have either, now this journey through life becomes cloudy with the clouds of our judgments. When the Trust is gone it is very hard to get it back and with no trust, then we become out of focus of all that is around us. Focus and Trust go hand in hand, like Faith and Hope, with no Faith there is no chance of any hope, as with no trust, there will never be anything in focus along our journey. Jesus Christ came to us and showed us just how to walk our paths, as well as teaching us many things as well, our biggest problem is being so far removed from the time of Jesus Christ, that we have lost our trust in him, which then has us out of focus as we walk our paths through this journey. When we have trust in all that is around us, we then can be in focus and see everything more clearly as we walk our paths, making all of us better and stronger throughout this journey of life.


” With no faith there is no chance of any hope, as with no trust there will never be anything in focus along our journey”

” You first have to focus on the trust and when there is no trust, then there is nothing to focus on”

” When Peter first stepped on to the water his focus was on the water and sinking, not on the true source of the trust which was Jesus Christ”

” Without the trust we then have misinformation, which then gives us something to falsely focus on”