The Colors of Nature


The many colors within Nature have a beauty all to their own,

There is so much of Nature we take for granted cause we don’t take the time,

Nature is there for us to explore and unwind from the daily struggle,

Each of the leaves in this picture may have a different color,

But they are also so alike as well, they have veins running through the leaf,

they bud from a tree, okay maybe a different kind of tree,

But a tree none the less as they coincide together in the harmony of Autumn,

These leaves show their true beauty as they come together with other leaves,

They don’t separate from one another as they go about their journey,

Natures beauty is so beautiful because all within it,

comes together in harmony, comes together in unity and,

never lets any ugliness enter within the confounds of Nature.


We within this ugly Society don’t take the time to even notice Nature,

Never mind of what is within Nature itself,

We are too consumed with the ugliness around us we don’t notice the beauty,

We are all so concerned with the attitude of I need it now,

That we don’t take the time to truly notice all that is around us,

We are so focused on the nine to five, that we forget there is more out there,

Truly we are in a broken Society today, but it can be fixed,

Just by all of us coming together in harmony, coming together in unity,

So we then can notice all the true beauty around us,

As we then can take the time to explore and take it all in,

Then we all can walk our paths of this journey in peace.


We all walk a path through a life within this journey,

Sometimes the path has many bumps that will bruise us,

Then as we become bruised we then hurt with real pain,

we try to deal with the pain but as the pain deepens,

We then get lost within the pain and try to bury it deep within,

When we try to bury the pain, we then get lost within the clouds of our judgments,

We become someone we truly are not and try to move forward as best we can,

Then before we know it, we are now caught up in the fake world we created,

Within this fake reality there is no true beauty of anything around us,

Not even Nature with it’s true beauty, will be beauty to us,

This fake reality we created will keep us from seeing deeply of what is around us,

It will keep us in a world of negativity instead of seeing any positive things,

There is a lot more to walking our paths of this journey,

Than just seeing all the negatives and forming our opinions from that,

True peace and true happiness will help us all in noticing all the beauty around us,

As we then can relax totally while we then look deeply within,

the true colors and beauty of all the leaves within Nature.


” The true colors of this journey through life are vibrant and beautiful”

” There are many colors all around us, just look deeply into what you see”

” Don’t be so negative and the colors will be at their brightest all around you”


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