It’s not so much the prize, as it is about walking peacefully throughout the journey



” The Kingdom of Heaven is like a treasure buried in a field, which a person finds and hides again and out of joy, goes and sells all that he has and buys that field”.

Mt 13:44


Your own little pond within the beauty of nature, we in this Society try to take ownership of everything around us, even though we have never bought what we think we own? There are some things that simply can not be bought, as it is there for all to enjoy and not just you yourself. Sometimes we come across a beauty such as this pond and sell everything we have to buy this hidden treasure and when we can’t buy this for ourselves, we then become negative of all that is around us. God has created all the beauty around us like this pond, so we than can go enjoy a piece of true peace and serenity, like that of which is within the Kingdom of Heaven. So as we walk our paths along this journey of life, we then can have a place to go and relax, pray to God peacefully and not get so consumed with all the ugliness around us.

Within this Society for which we all walk our paths through this journey, whenever we find the hidden treasure in the field of our dreams, we then want to sell all that we have, so we can have this treasure, but is this treasure really for sale? Or better yet is this treasure really worth having at the price of all we have now? There are things we need to survive within this Society like, health insurance, 401k, a car to get to our jobs, to earn money to pay our daily bills etc……. So when we find that treasure in the field, we have to ask ourselves if it is really worth giving up what we have, for what we think is a treasure now?

The only true treasure that should matter to each of us is, the treasure within us, the treasure that is our hearts and souls, that is the love of God within us, this is the real treasure that some have lost and have totally forgotten the true feeling of this treasure. This treasure we don’t have to sell away everything for, as all we need to do is, have faith in ourselves as well as in God, so we than can have the hope that all we do, will help us get back to truly feeling God’s love within our hearts and souls. When we feel this love within us, then we can truly see all the beauty around us and have our own piece of the kingdom of Heaven, right here on Earth.

When the Kingdom of Heaven gets buried in the fields around us, this is when we need to get back to truly being of who we are, this is when we need to refocus on what is truly important to us, this is when we need to take stock in our lives, so we than can get back to truly feeling the love of God, deep within our hearts and souls. God is always there, it is only we that push him away with our actions in this Society. God is the hidden treasure within the field for us to find and we don’t have to sell anything, only truly feel his love within our hearts and souls, so we than can move forward within the true peace and serenity of the Kingdom of Heaven, right here on Earth, as we walk our paths through this journey of life.


” The true treasures within this journey are not for sale and are within each of us deeply”

” We all have a real prize within our hearts and souls, the prize is the love of God deep within each of us”

” Some may not see this pond at first glance, only because they need to truly get back to who they truly are”

” The true treasures of life have nothing to do with the greed we see around us”

” When you think you have to sell everything for what you think is a treasure, time to take stock within your life along this journey”


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