The Broken Stump with no Roots……


Just as this stump became detached from it’s roots and looks aged with no signs of life, we to as Humans will become the same, if we don’t maintain  who we are, while we keep our roots nourished with nutrients and stay at their strongest always.

This stump over time has broken off from it’s roots, leaving it high and dry on the shores of the pond, without it’s strong roots now you have a, once vibrant tree, turned into a broken stump, simply because the tree has become separated  from what was the strongest part of the tree.

Within today’s Society you can clearly see that some, have totally become broken from their roots, leaving them like a fish out of water, with no roots to guide them as they walk their journey through life. Anything…… When you have no roots, there is no foundation, to which to build on and become better and stronger, moving forward.

The roots of anything will always branch out in many different directions, which then leads to much prosperity and health as you move forward along this journey, sometimes the roots may look like they go nowhere, but it is the roots that, guide us as we build a strong foundation and then, move forward with strength.

Before the roots take place, there is a seed that needs to be planted and get nourished with nutrients, so the roots can then become set, to build a strong foundation and then venture out, into many directions of prosperity.

Sometimes roots can become blocked from extending out, or develop a disease that causes it to become distorted, this can also bring much pain and hurt, much like a root canal in our mouths with our teeth, yes this pain can be great, which is why we visit a Dentist, so he can relieve us of the pain, but when we walk our paths of this journey and the pain becomes so great sometimes, we don’t have the luxury of a Dentist to deaden the pain,  so we either try to go around the obstruction, or we then go back and try another path, to continue setting our roots and building a strong foundation.

The old dried up stump, that has been cut off from it’s roots, is very much like this broken Society, as everything needs nutrients to survive and become strong moving forward, when we are not nourished properly and our roots haven’t had a chance to develop a strong foundation, we will then become like this stump and be within a broken Society in need of some major nutrients, with no growth moving forward, along our paths of this journey through life.



” The roots of life are what is needed to be vibrant and strong moving forward”

” Roots are planted from a seed, to be nourished with nutrients, to build a strong foundation, moving forward along a journey”

” The broken root like a broken Society needs some extra care and nutrients, fix what is needed, to move forward better and stronger”

” Not everything is perfect, not everything is forever, everything needs constant care, to move forward better and stronger”


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