As the seeds come to maturity, they become ripe for the Harvest

” Let them grow together until harvest, then at harvest time I will say to the Harvesters, ” first collect the weeds and tie them in a bundle for burning, but gather the wheat into my barn”.

Mt 13:30


Talking of all the Hate and the Good we see as we walk our paths through this journey of life, God says let them exist for a time together and hopefully we all can see the light of the path of righteousness, then follow that path, as all the Hate around us disappears from all of us, so we can walk further into peace and serenity.

Everything happens to us and around us for a reason, God gives us our space so we can find and understand that reason, before he himself sends us a sign, or sends us a person, to nudge us and push us along, as he wants nothing more than for all of us, to be within the peace and serenity that he wishes and prays  for each of us everyday.

Unfortunately within this broken Society of today, we are all so engulfed in the ugliness, that is hard to see any good of today, plus the way this ugliness is brought to us by the Media and the fact that the ugliness creates drama and the drama creates ratings, shows just where the priorities of the media lie and the fact that they stick to this agenda, so they can become rich, as we become more engulfed within the ugliness.

The good is out there, just that we have to look deeply into what we see, as opposed to looking shallow and seeing nothing but the ugliness around us. Instead of glancing at a person and forming an opinion from the glance of what we think that person is like? look deeply into their soul and really get to know that person, for which you are glaring at, before you form any kind of an opinion. We are so quick to judge one another today, that we totally miss out on seeing any kind of beauty, that the person holds deep within their soul. Trust is a big part in getting to know each one that walks a journey through life, this trust starts with actually getting to know the one for whom you want to place your trust, so we then can see the beauty instead of any ugliness at all. Without the trust you can forget about seeing clearly of anybody around us, as our sight becomes clouded with ugliness and so thick that we can not see anything of beauty anywhere.

The ugliness we see around us only seems to be everywhere, only for the way the media brings it too us, if only they changed their ways, just maybe we can actually see all the good truly around us? There is so much good around us, it is mind boggling that the Media will only bring us the ugliness, I can see that the Media is only interested in keeping their agenda alive, just so they can keep the drama flowing as well as, the money that fills their pockets daily, but you would think the rest of us in this Society would see right through the Media, so we than can eliminate the ugliness and let the true beauty around us grow, as the seeds grow to maturity, showing their fruits to all around them.

The weeds growing within the harvest may be the ugliness around the seeds, but as the seeds grow to maturity, the weeds then die off and become non existent, as the seeds grow tall and shine with the fruits of their growth. We to can shine and let the fruits of our growth outweigh any ugliness around us, just by being true to ourselves and all those around us, when we do this then the trust we so lack in this Society, will come back, while the distrust and the ugliness melt away, like a Snowman, on a humid summer day. The theory of us living in peace and serenity within this Society, may seem relevant at this time, but if we all walk our paths through this journey, as Jesus did and taught us, then the theory can become a reality, as we all walk peacefully with much happiness always.


”   As the seeds grow and become harvested, they truly shine from the fruits of the harvest showing their goodness always”

” There will always be hatred among the goodness, we just have to see through the hate, to truly see the goodness around us”

” Everything happens for a reason, God leaves it up to each of us to truly find the reason”

” Don’t hate the messenger, just see through him, in order to see all the true beauty that is around us everyday”

” The weeds are the hatred around the harvest, but when we see through the weeds, we then see the true beauty of the fruits from the harvest”


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