When the Burden becomes overwhelming…

Tranquility, Serenity, Peace, these are the keys to lessening the Burden we put onto ourselves. God, Jesus and Mary………… Having complete Faith in these three as well as ourselves, this will also help us in lessening the Burden we cast on ourselves also. We all walk a path through this journey of life, as we walk our paths we are part of a Society of many, to which makes it very easy to lose focus of our paths and focus on all the ugliness around us, not to mention, become engulfed in it as well. We also get absorbed by the life events that come to us, which will control every fiber of our being if we let it? Some of these events are self induced, while yet others are brought to us, as we grow into this Society and walk our paths of this journey.

We have all heard of the Burden of truth, well that burden will have us hide the truth and live a life of a lie, which will then complicate our journey so much more. This Burden will keep us from being truly of who we are, We are Burdened in so many ways, we then stop walking our paths for ourselves, so we then can please all that is around us. The Burden of our daily lives can become so overwhelming, that we then become out of touch with all that is around us, then we try to get back on track, so we try to fit into wherever we think we should be, which further complicates things throughout our journey.

Life is a Burden because we put so much pressure on ourselves to achieve so much and then only give ourselves so short of time to achieve everything we want to achieve, that instead of walking our paths in peace, we never get to enjoy the path for which we walk, simply because, the pressure has become so much. it has clouded our judgments and took us out of focus, for truly being of who we are. The pain of the pressure is also so great, that we then will do anything to ease the pain, so we lean on a substance to help ease the pain, or without realizing it, become an even bigger Burden on those around us, which then will not only make our pain greater in the future, but we now have supplied another with unnecessary pain as well.

when we become burdened and the pain becomes so strong, it takes us out of focus along our paths, our biggest mistake is, losing the faith in God and Jesus, as well as ourselves. The Church which is the house of God, is always open to us in our times of need, but yet we become so afraid to enter it, that we let the pain then consume us and turn us into someone we truly are not. If we always keep hold of the Faith, the house of God will never be a scary place, then we can sit in the house of God and pray for his forgiveness, so we than can forgive ourselves for letting the pain become so strong, that it took total control of who we truly are. True communication is another key for us to, lessen the burdens of life and the biggest communication that will help us greatly is, the communication we have with God and his son Jesus. This will help us communicate deeply with ourselves, as well as being more comfortable with communicating with each other. We all walk a path through this journey of life, it doesn’t have to be as complicated as we make it, all we need is the complete faith in Jesus Christ, God our father and the biggest faith of all……….. The faith in ourselves, so we then can walk in peace and happiness always.


” The burdens of life can be overwhelming, but they don’t have to control who we truly are”

” Tranquility, communication, serenity and peace are all the keys, for us walking this journey through life with great happiness”

” This journey through life really isn’t that complicated, it is ourselves that makes it complicated by our actions and losing all faith”

” The Church is the house of God and it is not a scary place to enter, it will help us greatly in keeping the faith in ourselves as we walk this journey”


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