The Colors of Nature


The many colors within Nature have a beauty all to their own,

There is so much of Nature we take for granted cause we don’t take the time,

Nature is there for us to explore and unwind from the daily struggle,

Each of the leaves in this picture may have a different color,

But they are also so alike as well, they have veins running through the leaf,

they bud from a tree, okay maybe a different kind of tree,

But a tree none the less as they coincide together in the harmony of Autumn,

These leaves show their true beauty as they come together with other leaves,

They don’t separate from one another as they go about their journey,

Natures beauty is so beautiful because all within it,

comes together in harmony, comes together in unity and,

never lets any ugliness enter within the confounds of Nature.


We within this ugly Society don’t take the time to even notice Nature,

Never mind of what is within Nature itself,

We are too consumed with the ugliness around us we don’t notice the beauty,

We are all so concerned with the attitude of I need it now,

That we don’t take the time to truly notice all that is around us,

We are so focused on the nine to five, that we forget there is more out there,

Truly we are in a broken Society today, but it can be fixed,

Just by all of us coming together in harmony, coming together in unity,

So we then can notice all the true beauty around us,

As we then can take the time to explore and take it all in,

Then we all can walk our paths of this journey in peace.


We all walk a path through a life within this journey,

Sometimes the path has many bumps that will bruise us,

Then as we become bruised we then hurt with real pain,

we try to deal with the pain but as the pain deepens,

We then get lost within the pain and try to bury it deep within,

When we try to bury the pain, we then get lost within the clouds of our judgments,

We become someone we truly are not and try to move forward as best we can,

Then before we know it, we are now caught up in the fake world we created,

Within this fake reality there is no true beauty of anything around us,

Not even Nature with it’s true beauty, will be beauty to us,

This fake reality we created will keep us from seeing deeply of what is around us,

It will keep us in a world of negativity instead of seeing any positive things,

There is a lot more to walking our paths of this journey,

Than just seeing all the negatives and forming our opinions from that,

True peace and true happiness will help us all in noticing all the beauty around us,

As we then can relax totally while we then look deeply within,

the true colors and beauty of all the leaves within Nature.


” The true colors of this journey through life are vibrant and beautiful”

” There are many colors all around us, just look deeply into what you see”

” Don’t be so negative and the colors will be at their brightest all around you”


It’s not so much the prize, as it is about walking peacefully throughout the journey



” The Kingdom of Heaven is like a treasure buried in a field, which a person finds and hides again and out of joy, goes and sells all that he has and buys that field”.

Mt 13:44


Your own little pond within the beauty of nature, we in this Society try to take ownership of everything around us, even though we have never bought what we think we own? There are some things that simply can not be bought, as it is there for all to enjoy and not just you yourself. Sometimes we come across a beauty such as this pond and sell everything we have to buy this hidden treasure and when we can’t buy this for ourselves, we then become negative of all that is around us. God has created all the beauty around us like this pond, so we than can go enjoy a piece of true peace and serenity, like that of which is within the Kingdom of Heaven. So as we walk our paths along this journey of life, we then can have a place to go and relax, pray to God peacefully and not get so consumed with all the ugliness around us.

Within this Society for which we all walk our paths through this journey, whenever we find the hidden treasure in the field of our dreams, we then want to sell all that we have, so we can have this treasure, but is this treasure really for sale? Or better yet is this treasure really worth having at the price of all we have now? There are things we need to survive within this Society like, health insurance, 401k, a car to get to our jobs, to earn money to pay our daily bills etc……. So when we find that treasure in the field, we have to ask ourselves if it is really worth giving up what we have, for what we think is a treasure now?

The only true treasure that should matter to each of us is, the treasure within us, the treasure that is our hearts and souls, that is the love of God within us, this is the real treasure that some have lost and have totally forgotten the true feeling of this treasure. This treasure we don’t have to sell away everything for, as all we need to do is, have faith in ourselves as well as in God, so we than can have the hope that all we do, will help us get back to truly feeling God’s love within our hearts and souls. When we feel this love within us, then we can truly see all the beauty around us and have our own piece of the kingdom of Heaven, right here on Earth.

When the Kingdom of Heaven gets buried in the fields around us, this is when we need to get back to truly being of who we are, this is when we need to refocus on what is truly important to us, this is when we need to take stock in our lives, so we than can get back to truly feeling the love of God, deep within our hearts and souls. God is always there, it is only we that push him away with our actions in this Society. God is the hidden treasure within the field for us to find and we don’t have to sell anything, only truly feel his love within our hearts and souls, so we than can move forward within the true peace and serenity of the Kingdom of Heaven, right here on Earth, as we walk our paths through this journey of life.


” The true treasures within this journey are not for sale and are within each of us deeply”

” We all have a real prize within our hearts and souls, the prize is the love of God deep within each of us”

” Some may not see this pond at first glance, only because they need to truly get back to who they truly are”

” The true treasures of life have nothing to do with the greed we see around us”

” When you think you have to sell everything for what you think is a treasure, time to take stock within your life along this journey”


The Broken Stump with no Roots……


Just as this stump became detached from it’s roots and looks aged with no signs of life, we to as Humans will become the same, if we don’t maintain  who we are, while we keep our roots nourished with nutrients and stay at their strongest always.

This stump over time has broken off from it’s roots, leaving it high and dry on the shores of the pond, without it’s strong roots now you have a, once vibrant tree, turned into a broken stump, simply because the tree has become separated  from what was the strongest part of the tree.

Within today’s Society you can clearly see that some, have totally become broken from their roots, leaving them like a fish out of water, with no roots to guide them as they walk their journey through life. Anything…… When you have no roots, there is no foundation, to which to build on and become better and stronger, moving forward.

The roots of anything will always branch out in many different directions, which then leads to much prosperity and health as you move forward along this journey, sometimes the roots may look like they go nowhere, but it is the roots that, guide us as we build a strong foundation and then, move forward with strength.

Before the roots take place, there is a seed that needs to be planted and get nourished with nutrients, so the roots can then become set, to build a strong foundation and then venture out, into many directions of prosperity.

Sometimes roots can become blocked from extending out, or develop a disease that causes it to become distorted, this can also bring much pain and hurt, much like a root canal in our mouths with our teeth, yes this pain can be great, which is why we visit a Dentist, so he can relieve us of the pain, but when we walk our paths of this journey and the pain becomes so great sometimes, we don’t have the luxury of a Dentist to deaden the pain,  so we either try to go around the obstruction, or we then go back and try another path, to continue setting our roots and building a strong foundation.

The old dried up stump, that has been cut off from it’s roots, is very much like this broken Society, as everything needs nutrients to survive and become strong moving forward, when we are not nourished properly and our roots haven’t had a chance to develop a strong foundation, we will then become like this stump and be within a broken Society in need of some major nutrients, with no growth moving forward, along our paths of this journey through life.



” The roots of life are what is needed to be vibrant and strong moving forward”

” Roots are planted from a seed, to be nourished with nutrients, to build a strong foundation, moving forward along a journey”

” The broken root like a broken Society needs some extra care and nutrients, fix what is needed, to move forward better and stronger”

” Not everything is perfect, not everything is forever, everything needs constant care, to move forward better and stronger”


As the seeds come to maturity, they become ripe for the Harvest

” Let them grow together until harvest, then at harvest time I will say to the Harvesters, ” first collect the weeds and tie them in a bundle for burning, but gather the wheat into my barn”.

Mt 13:30


Talking of all the Hate and the Good we see as we walk our paths through this journey of life, God says let them exist for a time together and hopefully we all can see the light of the path of righteousness, then follow that path, as all the Hate around us disappears from all of us, so we can walk further into peace and serenity.

Everything happens to us and around us for a reason, God gives us our space so we can find and understand that reason, before he himself sends us a sign, or sends us a person, to nudge us and push us along, as he wants nothing more than for all of us, to be within the peace and serenity that he wishes and prays  for each of us everyday.

Unfortunately within this broken Society of today, we are all so engulfed in the ugliness, that is hard to see any good of today, plus the way this ugliness is brought to us by the Media and the fact that the ugliness creates drama and the drama creates ratings, shows just where the priorities of the media lie and the fact that they stick to this agenda, so they can become rich, as we become more engulfed within the ugliness.

The good is out there, just that we have to look deeply into what we see, as opposed to looking shallow and seeing nothing but the ugliness around us. Instead of glancing at a person and forming an opinion from the glance of what we think that person is like? look deeply into their soul and really get to know that person, for which you are glaring at, before you form any kind of an opinion. We are so quick to judge one another today, that we totally miss out on seeing any kind of beauty, that the person holds deep within their soul. Trust is a big part in getting to know each one that walks a journey through life, this trust starts with actually getting to know the one for whom you want to place your trust, so we then can see the beauty instead of any ugliness at all. Without the trust you can forget about seeing clearly of anybody around us, as our sight becomes clouded with ugliness and so thick that we can not see anything of beauty anywhere.

The ugliness we see around us only seems to be everywhere, only for the way the media brings it too us, if only they changed their ways, just maybe we can actually see all the good truly around us? There is so much good around us, it is mind boggling that the Media will only bring us the ugliness, I can see that the Media is only interested in keeping their agenda alive, just so they can keep the drama flowing as well as, the money that fills their pockets daily, but you would think the rest of us in this Society would see right through the Media, so we than can eliminate the ugliness and let the true beauty around us grow, as the seeds grow to maturity, showing their fruits to all around them.

The weeds growing within the harvest may be the ugliness around the seeds, but as the seeds grow to maturity, the weeds then die off and become non existent, as the seeds grow tall and shine with the fruits of their growth. We to can shine and let the fruits of our growth outweigh any ugliness around us, just by being true to ourselves and all those around us, when we do this then the trust we so lack in this Society, will come back, while the distrust and the ugliness melt away, like a Snowman, on a humid summer day. The theory of us living in peace and serenity within this Society, may seem relevant at this time, but if we all walk our paths through this journey, as Jesus did and taught us, then the theory can become a reality, as we all walk peacefully with much happiness always.


”   As the seeds grow and become harvested, they truly shine from the fruits of the harvest showing their goodness always”

” There will always be hatred among the goodness, we just have to see through the hate, to truly see the goodness around us”

” Everything happens for a reason, God leaves it up to each of us to truly find the reason”

” Don’t hate the messenger, just see through him, in order to see all the true beauty that is around us everyday”

” The weeds are the hatred around the harvest, but when we see through the weeds, we then see the true beauty of the fruits from the harvest”


Inspiration is in front of you………


There is Inspiration everywhere around you, it could be staring you in the face right now, you just have to be able to look deeply into what you see and let the inspiration do what it is suppose to do, instead of you trying to force the inspiration when it is really not there.

A true Creative Writer let’s the inspiration inspire him, he let’s the inspiration create the words as he types onto the keyboard, a true Creative Writer will never look at the words of others and twist them, to make them seem as if he wrote them. The true Creative Writer when the mind is a blank, would rather leave the page blank, to come back another day, when the mind creates the words for which he wants to write, when the Inspiration comes and the fingers dance across the keyboard.

In today’s world of writing and those within the World of Journalism now, have totally let the power of greed control their fingers on the keyboard. Simply look no further than all the publications of the Media today, they will write anything in order to catch and reel in their Reader’s, plus to keep alive all the drama and keep going of their agendas. It is all about the power of greed, instead of letting the inspiration inspire them, just so they can try to move forward while they try to live within an exotic lifestyle.

Now those of us that do try to write while letting the inspiration inspire us, struggle to actually get paid for our craft, simply because of the ones that think and say they are a writer? They have stolen all the real jobs out there, with their lies and manipulation of their so called words. Me………. I would rather keep writing as I am and simply hold onto the fact that, maybe one day I will get the ” Reward” of actually being paid for my craft, while I keep letting my inspiration inspire me. Simply because I know all my words are real and there is nothing fake to the words that I write.

Also……… A true Writer when he looks at something, knows how to just let his mind wander with the thoughts, write down those thoughts, to later take those thoughts and turn them into a great writing article, that will captivate his reading Audience, so they will hang on his every word. You notice that there are some Author’s out there, that can use their words to do just that, someone like a Stephen King knows just how to captivate and grab their Audience, so they keep flipping the pages of their craft and struggle to put the book down without finishing it from cover to cover. Now some may not like the Horror he writes, but when you look past that part, he is a great writer, with a very vivid imagination, that knows just how to cast out, snag and reel in his Audience, so they become captivated and not wanting to put the book down, til they have read the entire book.

Writing is a craft and a true Writer knows how to use his craft to captivate an Audience, without trying to spread drama throughout a Society. a true writer don’t write words on a page, just to fill the page, a true Writer will sort out the thoughts in his head, then let the inspiration of the thoughts inspire him, so his fingers can dance across the keyboard with rhythm, just like a great dancer feels the rhythm of the music and glides across the dance floor. I like to go out and take many pictures of different landscapes, now some landscapes may not lead to an inspiration, or maybe lead to the wrong kind of inspiration, but I then download the camera full of pictures onto the computer and then let inspiration inspire my thoughts into the words I write, so I can then captivate my Audience who read my writings. I let the pictures start my thought process, which then leads to sorting out the thoughts and my fingers dancing across the keyboard. Yes sometimes I stare at a picture and there is nothing? When that happens, I simply shut down the computer and walk away, this is what they call writer’s block, when this happens, I would rather walk away from the keyboard, instead of writing something just to fill a page, because now your not using your craft to the fullest and this is when you write the wrong words, which then loses your Audience instead of captivating them.


” Writing is an art form that when used correctly, the inspiration will inspire all that read the words”

” A true Writer will never twist around other words just to fill a page, he will always let the inspiration of his thoughts inspire him so he can create the right words to fill a page that captivates his Audience”

” Journalism of today has changed drastically, as too many want to write just for the money, instead of writing to make himself and his Audience feel great inside”

” Inspiration is right in front of you, first you have to look deeply into the inspiration, to let it truly inspire you”


The road isn’t always smooth

Ever since President Trump has earned his way into 1600 Pennsylvania avenue, there have been way too many far left crack pots, doing and saying anything, just to discredit our President. When President Obama got elected not once,,,,,,,,,,, But twice, you never seen the right creating so much drama and chaos around us, not even us Independents went off the deep end, we accepted him even though we didn’t vote for him either time and moved forward, while we respected him as our President. The Democratic party is so screwed up, they don’t even trust each one of their fellow party members, some of them have gone so far to the left, that they have totally lost focus on the real job they are supposed to do. Then there are guys like a George Soros that spend big money in a country and totally try to take the economy down, so that country can fail and be taken over. Unless we the people wake up, smell the coffee of this country and see through all the drama and crap before us, not only will the Democrats keep doing as they are, but guys like a George Soros will achieve what they set out to achieve.

All this “Fake News” we are hearing from certain members within the media, taking certain words, twisting them around, so they can simply, not only keep their agendas going, but create way to much drama around us. The old school way of being a real Journalist are gone, as the so called Journalists of today think, they need to keep creating drama and keep their fake agendas going, instead of truly creating real words, like a true Journalist is supposed to be able to do. These so called Journalists also hide behind the first Amendment and scream that you are offending them, when you speak against them, not too mention that, they think that it is their right by the first amendment to continue bringing us the fake news. Here is a thought to put out there……….. Just maybe the first amendment needs some tweaking, like the far left tries to tweak all other amendments to fit their needs, cause seriously the first amendment is truly being taken advantage of, as the so called Journalists keep bringing us all this ” fake news”.

Our fore Fathers worked hard at creating the Declaration of Independence, so all the people of this great nation can be equal and walk their journey’s peacefully, throughout the history of these great words, they have been tweaked as the Societies have changed and the technology has become well advanced also, but the foundation of these words have worked throughout the test of time and why now, will some dare to try to change them or twist them, just to create their fake words, only to further the drama, so they can call themselves a Journalist. The Declaration of Independence starts out with, ” We the people, for the People”, it says nothing of a so called journalist calling himself a journalist, so he can create drama, by twisting around words spoken, then writing the words as if he wrote them themselves. I get the fact that we all want to make money in order to survive as we walk our paths throughout this journey of life, but to call yourself something that you are truly not, just so you can create fake news and drama, is not the right way of moving forward along your path of this journey.

We also have a bunch of Celebrities that think their ideas and ways are the right way and the only way we all should be doing along this journey, they think that because they have made their money acting out a part, is the way that real life should be? I got a news flash for you and yes it is ” Real news”, acting out a part in a movie is fake reality and you living within this society is reality, time you actually learn the difference between the two. Now we have a Celebrity who is actually a Rock star,  by the name of Kid Rock who wants to run for the office of senator plus a WWE wrestler and movie star by the name of ” The Rock”, that wants to run to be the next President? You freaking kidding me!!! Okay their has been an actor as President before in my lifetime, his name was President Ronald Reagan and was a pretty dam good President, but he never disrespected the office and never took away the respect and dignity that this office was and always will be about. There are some out there that think they can do anybody’s job better than the ones doing it? But until they actually try to do the job, they have no clue on what the job is all about. This Society is so screwed up that, nobody works with each other anymore, instead they will  do all they can to discredit each other, so they can try to make themselves look great? This is not how to walk your path of this journey peacefully, as all you are doing is adding to the crap and drama we see everyday.

Part of walking your path of this journey through life peacefully is, having true Empathy for each other and a lot of this true Empathy is, putting yourself in another persons shoes and walking within them. As much as we all think we can do another’s job, we actually can not simply because we can not even master our own first. Every person that walks this journey goes through many struggles and unless we are ready to show Empathy of each other, we will never be ready to step into their shoes, let alone even try to understand one another. We have lost all faith and respect of one another within this Society and through all this ” fake news”, you can actually see just how true this is, We are all so caught up in trying to create the next big thing, that we all have lost focus on what true reality really is, we all are caught up within the Fake World that Hollywood creates for us, that we have truly forgotten what real reality really is. You want to fix this broken Society of today, it all starts with each of us, getting back to really trusting, having faith in and showing respect for one another, as we all move forward along our paths of this journey through life.


” The road isn’t always smooth and their are plenty of bumps to knock you around, you have to learn to smooth out the bumps to make the road more passable”

” Trust, faith, dignity, respect, these are words, but when we truly know what these words are, we can walk this journey peacefully”

” Empathy is the putting yourself in another’s shoes so you can truly understand the pain that comes to us all throughout our journey”

”  a true Journalist creates real words, they do not take the words of another and twist them so they can create drama instead of words that actually mean something”


The Northern lights

Nature Hearts

The Northern Lights are a sight that is second to none, as Mother Nature shows you her true beauty. This is what I was hoping to see last night, as I went for a midnight hike up a mountain that is pretty much in my back yard, you can see from the picture, that this phenomenon is a spectacle that is second to none, not even the fourth of July fireworks can touch the beauty of this light show.

The Northern lights or another words known as the Aurora Borealis, these lights form when charged particles form from the sun during a solar flare, then  penetrate the Earth’s magnetic shield and collide with atoms and molecules within our atmosphere. These collisions result in countless little bursts of light, called Photons, which makes up the Aurora. When these charged particles form they stream from the sun at speeds of about one million miles an hour. These lights are most commonly seen from those who live in or visit high latitudes, which makes this a big spectacle for the rest of us, when they do happen in southern latitudes, only because it doesn’t happen all that often.

Mother Nature and the World outside of Earth, has such a pure beauty that unless you pay attention to it, you totally miss out of this beauty, which then has you becoming consumed with all the ugliness of a broken Society. We all today get so caught up in living our lives and making ends meet, that we then totally forget of all that is around us, there is a lot around us then just walking out the door and seeing your neighbor’s house or vehicle, there is a lot more than jumping into your vehicle and driving to work for your weekly check, there is a much bigger World out there, then the World we think we know? Simply go camping within nature, no not within a camper on wheels (which you are only parking not true camping), camp within a tent, deep within the forest of Nature, as you lay in your sleeping bag within your tent, stop and listen to the ground and see what Mother Nature is saying to you. During the day go out for a Nature walk and really pay attention to what is around you, not just what you see, but what you hear as you walk, some may walk in the woods and come back saying that, there is nothing of beauty and nothing that interest them? I say it is because they didn’t truly look deeply into what they were looking at and only saw what they wanted to see and nothing more. There is so much beauty within Mother Nature, each time you journey within it, you will see something totally different each and every time you venture within it.

Just like last night, those that trekked up to the top of the mountain to witness the Northern lights, some came back disappointed because they saw nothing, while some like myself knew there was a chance we wouldn’t see them as the haze rolled in, so I looked even deeper, while I listened to the birds sing, the owls chat, the heat bugs ramble on and even saw a Porcupine along my path. It is not about getting consumed with what the media tells you and then expecting to see what they tell you? It is all about being truly in tune with Mother Earth and understanding totally of how she operates, you can’t get in tune with Mother Earth if you totally rely on the media, as they also ( unless they understand) don’t truly know Mother Earth, you can see one thing in nature one day, the very next day see something totally different, which proves even further of just how beautiful this planet we walk really is. We all walk a path through this journey of life, part of the walking is truly looking deeply into what you see, so you can truly understand and see all the true beauty that is around you.


” The northern lights or the Aurora Borealis, are an awesome spectacle to see if you can, one of mother Earth’s true beauty for us to see”

” The most common area to view the northern lights is in a northern latitude place, making those in the southern latitude far and few sightings”

” Get outside and truly see the World around you within Mother Nature and Mother Earth”

” As you walk within Nature, don’t say anything, just open your ears wide and truly listen to everything around you, and it will relax you from the daily grind”


Plant a seed and watch it grow with it’s beautiful fruit……


” But the seed sown on rich soil is the one who hears the word and understands it, who indeed bears the fruit and yields a hundred, or sixty, or thirty fold”.

Mt 13:23


We all know that a Farmer sows his seeds, then cultivates these seeds into a successful crop, as he nourishes and spreads his love around the seeds, so he can watch them grow, to become better and stronger, while bearing their fruit throughout the journey of the seeds.

Every living thing starts as a seed, that needs love, cultivating and nourishment, even we the people of this Society start as a seed, then given life for which to grow and become stronger throughout our journey, like all other seeds. Not all seeds make it through to the end of it’s journey, some seeds get laid out along a path, that the birds swoop down and eat them, before they get a chance to sink into the soil, some seeds are spread a bit close to the other, which then chokes the seed never giving it a chance to spread, but the seeds that are spread on a rich soil and are nourished with love and nutrients, are the seeds that then grow to be quite healthy, that then flourish with their fruits, for us all to enjoy and be happy along our paths of this journey through life.

All seeds throughout this journey through life, need cultivating, nourishment and love, without these three things, then the seed will never set up it’s root system, that then sets it’s foundation for which to grow. Without the strong root system to help build  a strong foundation, now the seed is open to whatever that may come between it and the soil, leaving the seed vulnerable to all that may come before it. The seed of life may seem small and in need of much love, cultivating and nourishment, but when planted on the richest of soils, can become very big, while becoming better and stronger, so it can be free to share it’s fruit with all that is around it.

The journey of the seed may be a long one that takes time, but if you don’t rush the process, it is time well spent, so we all can share in all the fruit of the seed. When the process is altered and short cuts being taken, now you have a future of the seed that is unknown, a future that doesn’t truly grow to it’s potential, a seed that gets choked out before it can actually grow to it’s full potential, or even a seed that instead of bearing it’s true beautiful fruit, it then gets consumed with ugliness and fruit that is less than what it’s potential could of been.

A seed is a delicate commodity in this journey through life, it is how everything starts out and grows through this journey, so it than can bear it’s fruit for us all to enjoy. A seed………… any seed, is some kind of living and breathing form of life, showing that with the right soil and the right ingredients, like nutrients, love and the right cultivation, all seeds can grow healthy and happy, so they than can bear their fruit for all to enjoy.

Throughout this Society we all live, we can clearly see that there are some seeds that did not get the three big ingredients  of life, like the love, nutrients, or the right cultivation? With all the ugliness around us simply shows us that, we have to choose better of the soil for where to plant our seeds, we need to nourish better, cultivate better and spread our love better, so the seeds we plant, can and will grow better, to one day bear their fruits for all to enjoy, as we all walk our paths through this journey of life in peace and happiness always.


” Plant a seed………. love, cultivate and nourish that seed and one day watch it bear it’s fruit for all to enjoy”

” Every living thing that breathes, started as a seed that one day with the right cultivation can bear fruit for all to enjoy”

” In a Society of many there are many ways that a seed can become cut off from setting it’s roots, we need to respect better the seeds so they can grow healthy”

” Without the seed then this journey through life will be like a desert, with no color of any beautiful fruit”


The Journey’s journey


The swooshing of the paddle moving through the water, the bow of the kayak bouncing with every stroke of the paddle, the kayak gliding along the water each time the paddle cuts through the water beneath you, you can feel the water beneath your seat as you move forward along your journey, on such a beautiful day within Nature.

There are so many journey’s within this journey through life, it is hard to find the right journey for which to trek. It is always good to go outside your realm of comfort, just so you can explore and go trekking in places you normally would not go. To be one with Nature goes a lot deeper than just going for a walk, just to be outside. When you let yourself glide through the water without moving the paddles and just listen to the quietness of what’s around you, is so calming to the body, that now you can become in tune with Nature and truly here what Nature has to say? Nature does not speak as you and I do, for it gives you signs like Jesus does for us, in order to truly see these signs, we first have to be in total tune with Nature, so we than can hear just what it is saying.

The Birds singing their daily songs, the fish jumping from the water around us, an occasional Moose coming to waters edge for it’s daily splash, or maybe even an American Bald Eagle diving the water, for it’s daily meal. These are the signs that nature gives us along our journey of trekking through it, so we can than become one with Nature and totally enjoy all that is around us, without becoming so stressed out, that we then become someone we truly are not.

As we walk our paths through this Society, we get so consumed with all the crap, that we forget to and never get in tune with Nature, then we never see all the true beauty that is around us everyday, simply because we don’t allow ourselves the time to get out and not just go trekking outside, but go and explore fully, of what is around us.

There is so much more to the paths we walk through this journey of life, the real problem is we the people for not letting ourselves truly explore what is around us, instead we let ourselves become consumed with all the crap, which then leads to more crap which leads to, bringing much pain and hurt to our lives, instead of, being truly happy and peaceful as we walk our paths of this journey. When God created this Planet and all that is around us, he did so for good reason, time we focus on the reason and stop getting consumed with all the crap around us.

We all walk a path through this journey of life, when we become one with Nature, we then can truly see all the beauty in everything around us, instead of letting ourselves get consumed with all the crap, so we then only see crap and not the true beauty of everything. Even when you see a group of tree’s like along this shoreline in the picture, don’t just glance at the tree’s and the shoreline, look deeply into what you see and let yourself see the true beauty of what you are looking at.


” There is beauty in everything we see, we just have to look deep enough to truly see the beauty”

” When we get consumed with all the crap is when we let the pain and hurt of the crap affect of who we truly are”

” There are many journeys within this journey of life, we just have to get out and be one with nature to see the rest of the journeys”

” Let’s adjust our focus along this journey of life, to truly see all the beauty that is around us”


******Til Death do us part******


Death!! Just the sound of the word or the way we say it, we can hear the permanency that this word brings. We all walk a path through this journey of life, everything we see around us is also walking their paths through this  journey, the plant life, the animals etc… Are also breathing in the air to fill their lungs as we do, so they can move forward along the journey. True there are many ways that can strip us of our ability to walk through this journey unscathed, Diseases, natural disasters, are just a couple ways that can alter our way of walking our paths, even the plant life and the animals can be altered from moving forward as well. As much as we would like this journey to last, the reality of it is, everything comes to a close, which leaves the ones closest to us, grieving and feeling the pain of their loss.

” Til Death do us part”, these are the words that the Priest says the day you become one with your soul mate, but within the Society of today, we don’t really truly understand these words, til it becomes too late. Nobody wants to think of what is to come down the road, as we are too busy living in the now and to busy just trying to make our lives better moving forward, then we get consumed within the World around us, that we totally forget of living our lives to be comfortable, instead we get stuck with the idea that, we need to be better than all that is around us, not too mention, we also get consumed that it’s all about me, which we then forget about the we’s that are walking their paths, of this same journey we are on. When the Priest says these words, we don’t even let the thought of these words sink in, so we than can truly understand the true meaning of the words, ” Til Death do us part”.

Death is a very powerful word, that comes to each one of us at some point along this journey. Whether it comes to us, or whether it comes to a loved one, or even maybe someone within our circle along our paths. Death is the end of something or someone and when Death comes, it brings much pain and hurt as well. It is this pain and hurt that can change us drastically if we don’t truly understand the word of death,

Is Death really permanent? How do we truly know we are at peace when Death comes? We do know that when Death comes, those around us grieve with much pain and hurt, but is our pain and hurt really gone? We can not truly say what Death is like because for us when it comes, it is permanent for which our ending is truly and ending from walking our path through this journey of life. There are so many questions surrounding the word of Death, but until death comes knocking at our door and enters into our lives, we can not truly answer these questions surrounding the word of Death and when Death takes us from this journey, now it is too late for us to understand the word, as our ending has come.

Everything around us as well as we ourselves are full of life as we walk our paths through this journey, everything we do along our paths, helps us survive and become stronger along our journey. we start out this journey frail and tiny, as we depend on another to help us survive and grow, then we become strong enough to walk our paths alone, til we get much older and once again, become frail and depend on another for our survival. Some may be taken into Death a bit earlier than others, again we truly don’t understand why, as the rest of us that are left, get torn between the pain, the hurt and the why’s. ” everything happens for a reason”, until we truly understand the reason, we will never understand the true power of the word of Death.


” Til Death do us part are just words, but the word of Death is permanent and our final point along our path of this journey”

” Until we except the word Death we may never understand the true power of the word Death”

” Look deeply into the World of Nature and not just into the beauty, as there is also much Death that keeps everything changing in front of your eyes”

” We may never truly understand the word of Death and never get the answers of it’s many questions, which keeps us in the now and moving forward to be better”

” Death is a powerful word that brings us great pain and hurt”

” Everything around us and we ourselves are full of life, til that day that Death comes knocking at our door”