Therapy that costs nothing……..



Camping within the woods of Mother Nature, is my idea of true relaxation, true happiness and true peace and serenity. Okay I am at the age that sleeping on the ground gets a bit rough, but with all the neat camping equipment out there, it makes for a better sleep, not too mention letting the sounds of Nature sing you a lullaby. I have a cot within my tent and a nice self blow up mat that my sleeping bag goes on top of, I do have a few luxuries that make it even more enjoyable, but nothing compares to being one with Nature and totally relaxing from the World around me.

Now most would rather go to an exotic place for their vacations or long weekends? But seriously you think these places bring you your true relaxation, peace and serenity? Being around others that are partying, drinking and simply being loud and obnoxious, are not my idea of relaxing, being one with Nature, listening to the birds sing, watching the fish jump, or maybe even seeing a Moose come to the water and bath himself, now this is true peace and  a kind of therapy that money can not buy. Plus if your in the right place, just maybe see one of the most majestic birds, known as the American Bald Eagle, this bird is huge and to watch him fly the sky with the greatest of ease, helps you relax in a way you will never get anywhere else, watching this bird swoop down in the water for it’s daily meal………… Well you have to see it, to see the true beauty of this bird.

Now I get that most are afraid to camp within the woods of Mother Nature, simply because of the unknown, or maybe the Moose, the Bear etc……. True these animals can be dangerous, but if you don’t provoke them and respect that now you are within their home, the chances of them coming at you are not as great, yes they can still come at you, so you need to know just what to do in that situation, you need to learn how to lessen the chances of them coming into your camp etc….. Always remember that you are the guest within their home and just like when you have a guest in your home, you would want them to respect you and your belongings, so you need to respect them and their home, so your stay can be peaceful, happy and with plenty of serenity.

We can all clearly see that within this broken Society of today, we all need to find that true peace and serenity. The drama brought to us by the Media today doesn’t help the fact that, there are a few that will do anything they can to bring harm to the rest of us, then the Media will report this to us, making the sick Individual look like a folk hero or something, which does nothing but, make the next sick Individual try to out do the last. We first have to fix the way the media brings us information and the way they create the drama of this ” Fake news”, simply because they want to line their pockets with money, instead of being a real Journalist and writing as a true Journalist writes. A true Journalist doesn’t take words of others and twists them for their agenda, they create their own words and writes the facts of their words, just like I am writing here to you now. Writing is a form of art, like a painter brings you his imagination with his brush on the canvas, a true Writer brings you real words from his imagination to his pen on to his writing tablet.

Camping within the woods of Mother Nature not only gives me free therapy, to truly relax in peace and serenity, it also helps me be more creative as a Writer, so I can bring you some great readings, from my fresh imagination and create real words, for you to enjoy. I also take plenty of pictures of many different kinds of landscape, then I can take those pictures, add them to my writing screen and create the perfect words to go with them. A true Journalist knows how to create real words and captivate their audience, instead of the so called Journalist within the Media of today, that do nothing but twist the words of others, to create more drama, so they can become more greedy, instead of being a true Journalist.


” Therapy isn’t just sitting in a room and paying someone to chat and unload on”

” Camping within the woods of Mother Nature is the real true peace and serenity”

” Lions, Tigers, Bears, Oh!! No!! Your within their home to respect as you would want others to respect your home”

” A true journalist creates real words to captivate their audience always”

” A journalist that has greed first before he writes, is not a true journalist”


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